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Lemon Haze Seeds

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Auto Lemon Haze Feminized Seeds


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Auto Lemon Haze was created crossing Lemon Skunk, Super Silver Haze and original Lowryder and has given us one of the most exciting autoflowering strains in ages.
  • Autoflowering
  • Feminized
  • Flowering Time
  • Sativa
  • Short Height
  • High THC
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Auto Lemon Haze was created crossing Lemon Skunk, Super Silver Haze Automatic creating one of the most exciting autoflowering strains in recent years. The Lemon Skunk father is a multi cup winning strain and that pedigree breeds true in this variety. But, with the addition of the ruderalis genetics from the silver haze mother has meant that these outstanding qualities are now delivered in an autoflowering form.

Strain Effects

Known for its intense "up" high which comes on fast and lasts, the buzz soon fills your mind and body yet keeps your head clear and functioning. As you would expect from its sativa dominance it will promote energy and motivation when smoked. A sense of wellbeing and calm set in almost immediately making this a great choice for users that are prone to anxiety, depression and fatigue. If used extensively this can bring on a serious case of the munchies so have plenty of snacks on hand if you want to get involved with Auto Lemon haze.

Growing info

One of the greatest qualities of this strain is her reliability. 80 days from seed with only a minimum of input will produce very healthy plants easily yielding 150gm2 per plant. A mid sized plant that is quite bushy without being too squat, a little training is recommended if you want to allow lights to penetrate to their fullest. Auto Lemon haze will take slightly higher than normal feeding but avoid over feeding in the early stages of development. The additional of perlite or coco to your soil mix to aid with drainage and root development can also be beneficial.

Appearance and Aroma

Because Auto Lemon is a sativa dominant hybrid the leaf structure will be on the more narrow side, but the plant itself tends more towards the typical Christmas tree shape of its indica father. The buds are a pale silvery green and will be well coated in glittering crystals of THC. Heady scents of spice, sandalwood and cinnamon all blend together with a pungent citrus tang.

MSNL Editors Verdict

One of the most enjoyable Autos in our catalogue in terms of flavour and high. It's great to smoke during the day or if you want to get up and party. A small amount will last for 2-3 hours so used sparingly you can still really enjoy it.

YIELD 300-400 g/m2
Tasting Notes

Sweet Citrus Lemons and Limes blend perfectly with spice spices on the inhale, with a more earthy tone on the exhale.

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Lemon Haze Seeds
  • "Speedy and discreet"

    Review by

    Arrived in less that a week, so discreet I thought I'd been ripped off until I opened the cd case up and there they were lol. Nice 1 guys, let you know how they turn out

  • "A must have! "

    Review by

    Consistently popped. Shinny and Sticky every time. An AMAZING smell and taste. This is by far my favorite daytime / social strain. Great for depression, anxiety, and getting things done. Short height and quick to grow. Hardy as well. Give this one a try!

  • "Quality seeds"

    Review by

    Got 10 seeds, planted 10 seeds, all 10 seeds are producing. I am about two weeks away from harvest and the majority of them will provide some quality smoke. This is the first time I've gone the auto flower route, and based solely on appearance, they look just as good as the photo period I've grown in the past. Thank you MSNL for making my new hobby a fruitful one.

  • "Holy smokes! "

    Review by

    Just cured and smoked my first ALH from msnl! Holy smokes is this good bud. Probably the stickiest auto I've ever grown. Hats off on this strain. 58 dried cured grams. 71 daya from seed!

  • "Vigorous !"

    Review by

    10 out of 10 seeds popped. I planted them right into 3 gallon pots and within 3 days they all broke the surface. Lightning fast up against autoflowers from Seedsman that I started along side them. Two weeks in and they already filled my 4x4 tent I am not exaggerating when I say I’ve started a lot of seeds from a lot of company’s And I have never seen a two week plant so bushy!! These girls love light right out of starting blocks don’t miss a single day with them or they will stretch to the sky. The tallest plant is extra stretchy so Im training her but for the most part the plants have a compact structure. First noticed flowering around day 17.. wish I could post pictures these genetics are legit and the proof is in the pudding. Five Stars for sure.

  • ""Great genetics""

    Review by

    These are a good mixture of Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis. Grown indoors they became a smaller crop than some others. Easy to germinate and grow, they are very bushy and short, but produced a solid yield of citrus flavoured weed. Well worth a try, as with all Msnl seed, quality all the way.

  • "Largest colas I’ve grown! Great taste!"

    Review by

    Hands down the favorite amongst the inner circle. I started 3 autos and while this was close to being the biggest yield, it did have the largest colas by far. Started 2 and both ended up a very lemony sweet/tart smoke that gave a great cerebral buzz without any burnout. Both ended up purple phenos too so they turned heads before elevating them. I will be growing this strain perpetually.

  • "Easiest Site To Deal With & Recieve Your Seeds Hassle Free"

    Review by

    Take it from me who has tried several other seed banks before coming across this one. The seeds all arrived in a reasonable time frame during a pandemic. Can’t complain whatsoever just popped the seeds in yesterday will update with another review further into process. Thank you guys so much Happy Growing!

  • "Nice seeds"

    Review by

    All five of the auto lemon haze germed and grew. A little disappointed that all 5 of the free seeds sent were duds

  • "*TH€[email protected]$©|€πT!$T*"

    Review by

    I usually Brees my own but after seeing the black Friday deals a year ago I decided to try a few of your selections out, and BOY you guys hit it out the park with this one. About 3 weeks in I k ew I had received something sort of special. I only wish.i would have reversed one of the plants to save for my own library. But will be getting more if I can ever get your site to accept another payment. If you are a fan of anything haze and all things lemon you ha e t lived u til uve grown this bad boy. Thnk u guys keep an eye out for my reviews with pictures...
    U til next time.... *TMS...

  • "Lemon Haze auto female"

    Review by

    I have big great looking buds in 2 1/2 months. It was easy to germinate and plants are great great. Love your seeds

  • "Alh "

    Review by

    Thanks for great service and responses so far I germed 2 these and 2 of your old skool reg freebies. 100% geem rate. They don't like a lot of nutes in early life but very adaptive and pleased overall. Thank u

  • "Nice looking "

    Review by

    Nice looking plant I'm feeling real excited about this. My first time growing hydroponic.

  • "Great"

    Review by

    This auto is great the best yield I have ever got from an auto

  • "Lemon Power"

    Review by

    I am on my 3rd grow with Auto lemon haze, and it is awesome. First off, the Awesome, creative, and energetic high AND the lemon taste is real strong, and very long lasting (hours, not minutes), and the yields are around 70 - 90 grams per plant dry.
    Stats.... Out of 15 seeds, 14 germinated, but 2 were dwarfs (9 grams, and 17 grams dry, the rest were 80+ grams dry each). I also took 6 clones, and 4 of them took root and produced an average of 45 grams per plant, dry from the clones...this is Second only to Auto white widow max.
    And lastly, this is an easy grow. I've learned that with an even 50/50 split of Fox farms', Ocean Forest potting soil, and the Strawberry Fields potting soil, in 5 gallon fabric pots, from tap root to harvest you don't even need nuts, to get these results mentioned above, in less than 70 days.
    How.... drop the seeds in 79 degree water for 2 days, by then the tap root will be sticking out the seed. Then drop the seed 1 inch deep in the wet soil mix, and water when pot is light/soil is dry. I run my led lights 24 hours a day, and keep the temps at 76 - 79 degrees. and maintain humidity around 55%. Also, they take well to training if space is an issue, but if not, my best yielding plants were the ones I did not train, or defoliate. With this Auto Lemon Haze, it seems to me that the less you touch it, the better it grows.

  • "love the buzz"

    Review by

    average a little over 15gr. p/p. easy to grow. great taste and smell. the haze comes through. buzz lasted me hour and half or more but seems to leave you with a slight lingering a lot longer which helps fight off the cbd effect that every auto seems to have. easy to grow, you get a much larger plant in some sort of hydro, but didn't seem to get much more weight. really enjoying what I harvested and being a mostly sativa 60 days or so isn't a long wait. I let one go longer and more weight but the buzz was more indicia like and under a microscope I could see why. although still producing trichromes a lot had turned brown/amber which is degraded. going to try some outside this summer just b/c I really love the speed and the buzz> fairly strong, all in the head, instantly took me from down in the dumps to a happy feeling. vape it and you'll get the most taste and effect.


    Review by

    Everyone loves this strain! Even the Indica ONLY lovers! Its citrusy for sure and can have you laughing for hours. I`ve grown it 4 times now and each time, 1 of 4 plants will remain small while the others reach 2ft to 3ft tall with multiple branches that all produce. Each plant yielding from 56g to 84g, and sometimes more. It doesn't lack in production, power or taste! I grow in soil only and use HPS on 24 hours from start to finish and it works on all my auto`s "bar none! I use just a normal nutrient program but really hit them hard with molasses the last 2 weeks, then its water only "for a good flush" from there on out. The crystal production on these girls is fantastic! This is a real winner. When you have 60 yr old stoners asking for a sativa, you know its a great one!

  • "melt your tongue with this lemony taste"

    Review by

    you will melt your tongue with this lemony taste ..good head buzz

  • "Chilled energetic happy high"

    Review by

    The Grow:
    Top soil, perlite, FoxFarm nuts in MH light 20 hours

    Plant 1:
    Dead from seed :(

    Plant 2:
    Yield: 4.8 grams
    Smell: very light citrus but mostly a musty smell
    This plant tapped bottom and grew QUICK! Total grow time from seed to harvest was 61 days.

    Plant 3:
    Yield: 6.5 grams
    Smell: very lemony citrus smell
    This plant was more bushy and had to be harvested two different days. The extra day was to give the cannabis' stigmas another day to amber up just a bit. Total grow time from seed to harvest was 68 days.

    The smoke:
    Flavor is a bright lemony citrus, while my first plant is a light random citrus followed up by a mostly musty smell.

    The High:
    The high is amazing!! It's a very strong sativa, so give yourself a few mins to check how high you are before you continue to smoke. I'm sorta new to marijuana (hemp oil is my thing). I became way too stoned from A HALF OF ONE BUD! I was stoned for about 15 hours and also a touch of paranoia. No munchies for me! :) Great if you wanna smoke before work! Matter of fact my mother accidentally got high on the oatmeal cranberry cannabutter cookies I made. hehe :)

    Pain - inflammation, nerve, arthritis, sore muscles
    Chill - helps calm social anxiety, makes you talkative
    Happies - euphoric, uplifted, positive and enhanced laughter

    THIS IS A MUST GROW! Happy high and thanks for reading. :)

    (Shout out to Stitches who got me to try weed)

  • "Nice lemon taste"

    Review by

    The flavor starts out tasting just like lemon sherbert, then moves to a peppery spicy finish. Not bad production for an auto flowering. Quality buzz.

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