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Auto Widow Feminized Seeds

White Widow quality genetics crossed with a ruderalis created a white strain that is short, dense, and quick to flower. For an auto strain, it has an exceptionally high potency with THC levels ranging from 15 to 18%. It’s a relaxing, calming, and soothing body buzz that you can feel and enjoy without it being too powerful. With that said, it’s a strain you can smoke day or night and still function as you’d like.
  • Autoflowering
  • Feminized
  • Indica
  • Short Height
  • White
  • Easy

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Auto Widow was bred in Amsterdam in what is called a White Widow style cross. It doesn’t have the same type of auto dwarf genetics as most other auto-flowering strains, so it’s able to maintain a strong potency. Another reason that it’s able to produce high THC levels has to do with its parent being the potent, White Widow. As an Indica dominant strain, there are more physical than cerebral effects, but they won’t likely sedate or keep you glued to the couch cushions.

Strain Effects

The stone begins with a light cerebral, heady buzz, but soon moves down throughout the body creating an overall body buzz that keeps you grounded as opposed to having your head in the clouds. Some medical users like this strain to help reduce or eliminate their stress load, high anxiety, depression, PTSD, or ADD/ADHD. In general, auto White is a great strain to use in the daytime or during the evening. If you’re using it to help you sleep, take a few more hits than you would during the day.

Growing info

If you want a fast-finishing strain, it doesn’t get much quicker than auto White. This incredible plant has a short 60-day cycle from seed to harvest. Not only that, but it doesn’t grow very tall which makes it perfect for an indoor grow or for outdoor grows that need to stay discrete. For all the indoor growers, make note that this strain will flower automatically with up to 24 hours light, although 20/4 is recommended, so no need to change the light cycle. As mentioned earlier, this is a short plant that will only reach heights of 60 to 100 cm. Growing outdoors will generate larger harvests, but either way, you can plan on yielding 200 to 300 grams per M2.

Appearance and Aroma

The physical appearance of these plants during growth and at maturity is bushy and low to the ground. Even though it’s not large in stature, it still has lots of dense nugs and has loads of trichomes. This is why the buds are often covered in white frost.

The aroma is similar to that of White Widow with earthy and spicy aromas as the prominent notes. But, you also get subtle hints of sweetness and wood.

MSNL Editors Verdict

For such a small plant, Auto Widow is potent and puts out some surprising yields. It’s a strain we recommend to those who want growing experience while also boosting their confidence and skill level. The fast flowering time, ease of growth, and high yields, all make this possible. Finally, the potency and intense yet gentle physical stone make this a strain for those looking to unwind, de-stress, and feel whole again.

YIELD 200-300 g/m2
Tasting Notes

The taste is a perfect blend of Indica and Sativa sharpness and skunk. However, it also packs a sweet, candy-like taste that adds to its special flavor combination. Each inhale you take of this strain is smooth and it matches the ‘good vibes’ type of buzz that shines through.

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  • "1 monster "

    Review by

    3 0f these for free and 2 are growing nicely, but the other girl took a little longer to start flowering but now she is at least 3x bigger than her sisters. I don't even like autos, but dam it I knew that there were more like this big one I would buy more. Thanks for always keeping me smiling MSNL!

  • "Excited"

    Review by

    I just got my order and I can’t wait to start growing my babies. I’m still learning because I’m a newbie. Back in the day before the 9/11 attack the prices for a q of what they called fire or ganja was the price you pay for a 8th. There wasn’t any names of different strands. If you would ask they would look at you like a deer looking at headlights. We went by the smell and texture to decide if it was good shit or not. Back then I was so young and a beginner at buying it too. Once I learned more and more about it. I learned not all good smoke has that skunky smell. It could smell like dirt weed but knock you on your ass. So Once I started my side business and would get my “inventory” and go through it and repackage the different size items I would always find at least a couple of seeds in the bottom of the packages. So a couple of times I threw the seeds in the flower bed and they grew but not like The plants I have seen. Now with the legalization of marijuana in most states and there is so many different strands that you actually can find out everything about the strand I decide to try again. I haven’t smoked that shit we use to call fire in years. That’s consider dirt weed now. So thinking that I might get a seed out of my bag today is 1 in a million chance. Then I went to Cali and seen all the shops it was like going to Disney land. I thought I knew all about weed but found out I didn’t know shit. I know about the old strains not the new ones. I didn’t know there was auto grow. I was taught if the seed floats its male, if it sinks it’s female. I learned by reading more and more on it when I decide to buy seeds that it was bs. Some seeds don’t sink right away and unless you buy female seeds. You don’t know if it’s male or female until it starts to grow. I’m still learning though. So stay tuned for a

  • "Excited"

    Review by

    I just got my order in of ww fem. auto and I’m so excited to start growing my babies. Stay tuned for a update.

  • "Easy to grow"

    Review by

    Excellent high, great for ptsd, super easy to grow, short, bushy and discrete

  • "Yummy nugs."

    Review by

    I grew 2 seeds out of WWM auto. First time growing indoors, made a few mistakes but learned a lot. I'm still fine tuning my process, and ironing out wrinkles in my setup.

    I have a 200 watt Spider farmer lamp, and 2x4 tent. Growing in organic soil using Down to Earth organic nutrients in 5 gallon buckets.

    These autos were rather tiny for me, because I neglected to do low stress training (LST) which would have improved my final yield. Both plants were about 18 inches tall at final harvest. First plant was my "initial burnt pancake" learning run, but second one turned out with a yield of approx, 30-40 grams.

    First plant I messed up by harvesting a month early (argh!) So it was completely premature (I have regretted that!) But I learned and let the second one fatten up longer on the vine.
    My second plant has 2 more weeks curing and smells amazing! My yield for plant 2 was dinky because of my error, no LST, but the quality is looking and smelling really good. The terpene profiles are rich and complex, a fresh spice scent with floral sweet tones, with really nice resin density. I'm waiting on a scale from amazon, so I dont know exact weight but it all fits into a 16 oz. glass jar. (I am growing a couple more autos of diff strains from this site, both with LST this time, and their yield looks triple to the WWM that got no LST! So top early and do your LST, it makes a big difference!)

    I am so excited to be smoking this White Widow Max come december 2020! I crack the jars and do a big inhale every day. I like this strain, I'm considering getting the photoperiod version so I can grow out a nice long term stash. Would definitely grow WWM auto again!

  • "Auto widow"

    Review by

    I grew 4 out of 5 from seed to harvest. Each plant, grown regularly outside produce 200 grams or more. Each plant harvested at different times. One was in 64 days, 72, 80, and 81. Decent stone for an auto. I'll buy it again.

  • "Yield "

    Review by

    This was my first time growing, all 5 seeds germinated. One took a few days longer than the others. I didn’t yield nearly as much as some other reviews are saying but all five plants did flower. All and all it was a success and my yield discrepancy may be because I strictly grew with water and light no grow nutrients.

  • "Nice"

    Review by

    All five germinated with one runt. Do far so good she looks healthy. About a month in tight now. Can't wait for harvest.

  • "100% germ, so far so good"

    Review by

    All 15 seeds sprouted. Only 1 runt. So far so good, very low maintenance and easy

  • "Excellent"

    Review by

    I've had 100% germ rate as well as amazing results so far highly recommended

  • "Great Product"

    Review by


  • "I'm newbie "

    Review by

    I also just placed order and waiting for it to get delivered, it's. my first time ever. want to try growing my own

  • "Waiting"

    Review by

    Ordering was almost too easy..
    But Currently awaiting auto widow seeds will update rating at the time of receiving and harvest also im super excited!!

  • "First time ordering can’t wait to it get here "

    Review by

    First time ordering can’t wait to it get here

  • "Very good."

    Review by

    Potent and surprising yield for such a small plant. Plus the customer service was fast and honest. They had to re-send twice and it still didn’t take too long to receive.

  • "Great smoke and an easy grow!"

    Review by

    First time grower here.
    Pulled 4 ounces dry from one plant in a tiny 4L pot. This plant exploded late in the flowering stretch with lots of big colas. Used 600W Mh and hps lights in coco perlite mix. Ran her for 11 weeks - nice smooth smoke. Gives a nice feeling of well being and doesn't put you on your ass :)

  • "good overall buzz"

    Review by

    great all round buzz, thoroughly enjoyed this smoke! MSNL great customer service as usual and love the price of the beans!

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