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Big Bud Auto Feminized

Big Bud Auto Feminized Seeds

Big Bud Automatic is a Super auto flowering variety with massive yields. It was achieved by crossing Big Bud with another high yielding auto strain. The result is an incredible yielding auto ideal for sea of green and any commercial garden.
  • Autoflowering
  • Feminized
  • Hydroponic
  • Indica
  • Short Height
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As well as yield Big Bud Auto achieves a sweet fruity skunk taste and strong physical stone. The Plant will get much larger than standard autos and buds will be tight and compact. The strain will resist disease and pests well. Allow 9-11 weeks from seed. May be of medical interest.

YIELD 400-500g/sm
Tasting Notes

Although Big Bud should be all about size there is no reason to lose out if you want to grow an auto. The taste is maintained as a classic skunk mixed with earthy wet forest floor. The ruderalis line that is crossed to the big bud have deepened the body stone a little, but otherwise has done little to negatively effect the photo period original.

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Big Bud Auto Feminized
  • "My tent is full of fruity desserts "

    Review by

    I got a 4 x 8 indoor grow tent and I use fox farms medium along with there nutrients 3 led grow lights at a 1000 w each a humidifyr a heater fans all the good stuff and I keep it at 78 degrees and 50 percent R.H. and lighting is 18. 6 everything I grow is the kind and always a good yield. I only use your seeds and maybe 1 out 10 won't germinat. And I germinat them in the medium. The girls at 58 days and starting to smell fabulous. I got 3 pineapple kush, 3 lemon haze 3 ak47's, 3 big bud s that are autos and started flowering in less than 30 days plus I have 3 G 13's regular plants I'm guna clone for a while before I put them on 12. 12. In my 3 x3 tent and those are med. I have no complaints on your products. After harvest I'm going to start a new grow of Auto blue dreams, purple Hulk, white widows and white until my next review happy growing.

  • "Plan on changing plans/layouts of plants."

    Review by

    Got 3 going now out of 5 with 2 more coming right behind em.
    I set my lights at just short of a meter no where near done vegging and they are only 10 to 15 centimeters away from the lights.
    The span of the branches is just shy of a meter each plant.
    Big Bud is definately BIG/HUGE for an auto.
    I hope the yields are great if i get in between a 500-1000 grams i will be ecstatic with the low end but not surprised if they out put on the higher end. In which case i will prolly nut about the yields.
    So if you were not planning on doing a SOG with only a few plants think again they will fill a good size space with only 5 plants. Plus get some height to the plants.
    The genetics of the seeds from MSNL is pretty darn good compared to most places that charge double what MSNL does.
    If you are a light smoker 1 crop will get you through most of the year with 5 plants. Heavy smokers might need 2 sets or one big grow.

  • "So far so good "

    Review by

    It took a while to get my seeds but they got planted dec 2 and the are looking really good they all are thriving and have thick stems I just stated to put them under lst and they are bushing out pretty well

  • "Just started"

    Review by

    Just popped 3 of these in a 2x3 closet in some 5 gal fabric pots I didn’t see a lot of people growing this strain on YouTube I hope the yields are massive

  • "Good start "

    Review by

    I started 5 of these they all came up in 4 to 5 days it’s 1st week but I’m happy they all sprouted so so far so good I’ll write another when there further along but look good so far

  • "Big"

    Review by

    The size of these buds are awesome no wonder they have it this name . Great bud.

  • "Impressed"

    Review by

    This plant grew just over 3 feet. Buds are nice and dense. Smells really fruity. It's curing now but I tested a bud and to be honest it's killer. I have been smoking 25 plus years and this little auto with its 10 to 14% THC knocks me out lol. Great strain. 1/4 nutes.

  • "Marijuana Engineer"

    Review by

    I am growing this now and it is turning out to be a massive auto. Please follow my grow here!

  • "Fat Nugs"

    Review by

    Fat tasty nugs with plenty of crystals.very sweet

  • "DENSE"

    Review by

    Very impressive. nice hardy dense fruits. and extremely easy to grow.

  • "Very high yield"

    Review by

    This gets very very big!

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