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Monthly Archives: December 2015

  • Growing in soil v hydro, which is better?

    In simple terms, soil is the standard growing material in which all plants grow naturally.  Although the name hydro suggests growing plants in water, which can be the case, it is used as a generic term for growing plants in fluid or liquid medium.
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  • Drying 101

    Growing terrific marijuana is only part of the story (although it's a very important one).  The next step is to dry it well.  Here are the main options for drying marijuana.


    If this sounds rather like hanging clothes out to dry, that's because it's essentially what it is.  Old-school drip-drying takes the longest, but it's this long, gentle drying process which gives the best marijuana its smooth taste. Continue reading

  • Storage of seeds and buds

    Every cannabis grower starts as a beginner but once you have your own stock of plants, storing your own seeds is a logical next step.  Like many aspects of cannabis growth, it can take a bit of practice to get it right, but there are some established guidelines which can help. Continue reading

  • How to maximise colour

    In an ideal world, the perfect weed would look, smell and taste great as well as doing you good.  That’s the standard for which serious growers aim.  With this in mind, some people look to grow purple weed, as they see it as more attractive. Continue reading

  • Getting the best cure

    The best way to explain to someone why a good cure is so important is to have them smoke uncured buds, passably-cured buds and well-cured buds.  If this is not possible then the best explanation we can give is this - whatever good qualities your uncured buds have will be made even better by curing them correctly. Continue reading

  • Europe Vs North America - most popular marijuana strains

    While there are, literally, countless strains of marijuana, some have established themselves as popular favourites, usually with good reason.

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  • Tasty Treats - Marijuana Edibles

    Marijuana brownies Marijuana brownies

    When thinking of consuming marijuana, it’s a pretty safe bet that these days most people will think first of smoking it and then, perhaps, of vaping it.  Another, very tasty alternative, is to eat it.  Sweet and savoury, there’s something to suit all tastes.  Continue reading

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