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Monthly Archives: June 2016

  • 5 Tips for Sexing Your Plants

    For any grower, knowing the sex of your marijuana plants is extremely important. But what does each sex mean? And how do you tell whether you have a male or female plant? With these 5 tips, figuring out the sex of your plant is easy and from there, you can grow the best plants and get the most buds possible. Continue reading

  • Crazy and Amazing ways to roll a joint

    Creating funny and weird joints can not only add a touch of entertainment when enjoying a smoke with your friends, but they can also showcase just how well you know your way around a joint. Practice your hand at these five funniest joints we’ve found for you, and you’ll be surprised at just how easy it can be! Continue reading

  • How to make a nutrient solution to feed your Marijuana

    Marijuana plants have voracious appetites and devour nutrients. During the vegetative period they generally have a great need for nitrogen (N) and during flowering they often need extra phosphorous (P). The other key nutrient is potassium (K), which is required at both stages of growth. Feeding solutions deliver the goodness your plants need in an effective and convenient way. Here's how to make one. Continue reading

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