Creating funny and weird joints can not only add a touch of entertainment when enjoying a smoke with your friends, but they can also showcase just how well you know your way around a joint. Practice your hand at these five funniest joints we’ve found for you, and you’ll be surprised at just how easy it can be!

The Braided Joint

This joint will impress anyone you’re smoking with, and is pretty simple to pull together. Simply roll three small joints and bring them together at the top with a rubber band. Use another rolling paper to wrap around the ends of the three joints. Place a roach in there, as this will be your smoking end. Then, just carefully braid the three joints together. When finished, twist the ends of all three joints together (you can use a rubber band to hold them together while you do this, but remove it afterwards).

The Cross Joint

Cannabis Cross joint

This joint was featured in the movie “Pineapple Express” and is easier than it looks to make. Start by rolling one large joint and one significantly smaller joint. About halfway down the larger joint, poke a straight hole through using a pin or tweezers. Work the hole slightly and then gently push the smaller joint through. Poke a small hole in the smaller joint to allow air through. Roll up all the ends of the cross joint that you will not be smoking from. Lastly, cut the adhesive only from another piece of rolling paper and wrap it around the center of the joint, making sure to wrap both joints. This will ensure it’s air-tight and that it will work when you smoke it!

The Trident Joint

Cannabis trident joint

Now that you’ve tried your hand at poking joints through each other, the trident joint will be a cinch. Start with one thick, medium-length joint. This will be the one that lies horizontal to all the other joints. Then roll one very long joint, using two papers if you need to. This will be the joint in the very center. Then, roll two smaller joints that will be placed along the ends. Poke each joint into and through the horizontal joint as shown in the picture above. Then just twist both ends of the horizontal joint and light it up!

The Scorpion Joint

Want to make those multiple joints pushed through each other even more impressive? Create this scorpion joint that is really easy to make. Start by creating one long joint, inserting a roach, and bending the joint just behind the roach. This will create the scorpion’s tail. Then create one joint that’s fairly large, but smaller than the first joint that was made. Then create two small joints. These three joints will create the arms. Using the same technique you did with the cross joint, push the arms through the scorpion’s body and bend the ends before twisting them to seal.

The Tulip Joint

Glue two large rolling papers together. Take one corner and fold it over to the corner diagonal it to form a triangle. Make sure you leave the strip with the adhesive uncovered so that after folding the triangle you can glue and seal it to create a flat paper cone. Into the cone, tightly pack marijuana and then twist the ends of the cone to seal. Place a roach into the centre of the cone and then use a thread or rubber band to wrap around the crimped paper to hold it together. Now you have a beautiful tulip to smoke from!

When smoking, don’t think you have to get by with the same old joint you’ve been rolling for years. Experiment, try new shapes, and be creative in making your own to liven up your smoke!