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Monthly Archives: June 2017

  • CBD Queen Strain Scope

    Over recent years many growers have worked hard to create strains which deliver medium to high doses of THC, while staying at a size which is compact enough to be practical for home growers.  Given that the pain-relieving and mood-lifting properties of THC are excellent for dealing with many of today’s widespread conditions (such as stress and headaches), that’s completely understandable.  Sometimes, however, you want less of a THC high and more of that mellow, CBD relaxation, which eases and soothes away pain and stress and induces sleep.  If that’s you, you’re going to love CBD Queen. Continue reading

  • Everything You Need to Know About Trainwreck

    Upon first seeing Trainwreck, particularly if you’re looking at a plant still in the ground, you may think you’re looking at a pure indica. Continue reading

  • What is a Cannabis Topical?

    While smoking, vaping and edibles are now all mainstream methods of benefiting from medical marijuana, topical applications are still something of a niche area, so much so that they may need a little explanation. Continue reading

  • Are Edibles a more effective way of consuming Marijuana?

    For many years, smoking has been the most common way of consuming marijuana and it probably still is, but over recent years vaping and edibles have both been gaining ground.  Continue reading

  • Five classics to watch with a bag of weed

    Sometimes you just want to Netflix and chill – literally.  Your body’s had enough, your brain’s had enough and you just know that a decent film, a decent bag of weed and a decent bowl of stoner munchies is what any good doctor would order.  Here’s our guide to putting it together. Continue reading

  • Is Marijuana Legal in Australia?

    The laws surrounding cannabis in Australia are many, and they are confusing. Until very recently marijuana fell under the country’s strictest drug schedule, essentially placing a prohibition on the substance. Continue reading

  • Beneficial Bugs for Growing Marijuana

    There are many methods cultivators can employ to protect their crops, and for marijuana growers it’s no different. And for every problem, there are many different solutions for growers to choose from. Continue reading

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