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Monthly Archives: January 2018

  • When will the UK Legalise Marijuana?

    The debate raging across parts of the world concerning the legalisation of marijuana has not escaped the UK. With a number of countries already having taken steps towards legalising its medicinal and recreational use, the UK must now look at the precedents set by the US, Spain and other places on how to move forward. Continue reading

  • Top 5 Tips to make the most of your LED Grow room Setup

    While HIDs have long since been the preferred choice for cannabis growers, LEDs are quickly starting to take over. Undoubtedly this is due to the fact that they are more efficient, smaller, and have a longer life span. Many of those factors translate to lower utility costs for growers, as these lights simply do not have the light and heat output of other grow lights. However, it’s these features that growers need to take into consideration when it’s time to set up their grow room. So, what things should growers be thinking about when they introduce these new lights to their plants? Continue reading

  • Top 3 Dry Herb Vapes Reviewed

    The vape scene is alive and well throughout the world, and it’s no wonder why. Vaping is a cleaner way to enjoy marijuana, is more convenient, and allows smokers to be more discreet in areas where weed is not yet legal. And as the trend continues, dry herb vapes are coming to the forefront. These types of vaporizers make vaping even more convenient, as vapers no longer have to hunt down some oil, but they can simply fill their device with chopped dry herb. Continue reading

  • What States are Most Likely to Go Legal This Year?

    It was big news when California legalized medical marijuana back in 1996 but at the time, it still looked as though recreational marijuana would never happen in the United States. Then, in 2014, Colorado and Washington both legalized marijuana for recreational purposes and in 2016, four more states followed suit. Now, it looks like 2018 may be the year that legal weed blazes across much of the country, as a number of states are either ready to go ahead with legislation, or take it to the voters. Continue reading

  • Everything you need to know about Headband OG

    Headband OG takes its name from the fact that its effect starts with a powerful head high, felt clearly in the temples.  This is then followed by the classic Indica stone, making this strain a real all-rounder and robust with it. Continue reading

  • Top 3 Nutrients Reviewed

    While cannabis may not be the hardest plant on earth to grow, there are a few things needed in the grow room in order to let cannabis thrive. One of those things is the proper nutrients. All plants need nutrients to survive. Some get them naturally from the soil while others use a supplement to make sure their plants are getting what they need. Others make their own nutrients whether they come from household items, compost, or another homemade solution. In fact, this is a very popular option for those growing cannabis. Continue reading

  • Top 3 LED Systems Reviewed

    Lights are one of the most important aspects of any grow room. And when it comes time to choose them, growers can’t go wrong choosing LED systems. LED lights offer a lot of benefits to growers, but the biggest benefit is that they can save a grower up to 50 percent in electrical bills. Continue reading

  • Psychedelic Plants that Get You High that are Not Cannabis

    Cannabis has long been the preferred plant to get high of many, but there are many other plants that will do largely the same thing – or even more. Nature has a lot to offer when it comes to offering a way to completely escape and revert back into yourself, or just provide a calming effect when you’re a little stressed out. From legal highs to psychedelic plants that have had sanctions placed on them, here are ten plants found around the world that will indeed get you high. Continue reading

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