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Monthly Archives: April 2018

  • Sativa Strains: Old World vs New World

    The marijuana plant has been around for centuries, but the strains we’ve become familiar with today were nowhere to be found back in marijuana’s early days. This is due to the fact that once upon a time, marijuana simply grew in the wild, making its own home wherever the wind took it. And that was mainly in central Asia. Today of course, cultivators can be found in all corners of the globe. And with different growing techniques and cross-breeding, now thousands of strains have been developed, with new ones being marketed and created every day. They still fall into the three main types of cannabis - indica, sativa, and ruderalis - but these strains are very different from the pot that was once smoked. Continue reading

  • Make Your Own Cannabis-Infused Lubricant with our Easy Guide

    Many people love smoking a bowl or sharing a joint and then making love. Even certain strains have been known to enhance the act. But what if you don’t smoke your weed first, but instead use it while you’re making love? It’s possible, when you make your own cannabis-infused lubricant. But, before you head into the kitchen to whip up your own big batch, there are a few things you should know about what it can do, and what it can’t. Continue reading

  • How to Make Cannabis-Infused Bath Bombs

    Have you ever had a toke off a bowl or pipe that was so good, you wanted to swim in it? Soak in it? Bathe in it? After all, what could be more relaxing than simply smoking or eating cannabis than having the entire sensation surround you? There’s very little that could take you to that place of contented bliss. And up until now, you may have thought it impossible. But it’s not. By making your own cannabis-infused bath bombs, you can truly enjoy the marijuana plant in a way you may have never thought possible before. Continue reading

  • Optimum light cycles for an Autoflowering Marijuana Strain

    One of the best things about growing an autoflowering marijuana strain (or several) is that they are not dependent on light cycles for growth. Plants like Grand Daddy Purp Auto or Blue Dream Auto will start to flower when they reach a certain age or maturity. So as a grower, you don’t need to worry about always turning the lights on or off at a certain time. But still, a cannabis plant is still a plant, and so it’s going to need some type of light in order to thrive. So what light cycles will these plants need to get the best results? Continue reading

  • Best Landrace Sativa Strains

    Sativa strains are known for their uplifting and energetic effects. Unlike indicas, which are best for lazing around on the couch while watching Netflix and chilling, sativas are known for the opposite. If you need the motivation to clean your house from top to bottom, run around town on errands, or just want to get into that super creative head space, a sativa is going to help you do it. But what if you want to increase those effects by partaking of some of the most pure sativas available? Those are hard to come by, as most sativas today come from a hybrid marijuana plant that include properties of sativas and indicas. So those looking for super pure sativas have to find a landrace sativa. Continue reading

  • 10 Best Indoor Sativa Strains

    Sativa strains are some of the most sought after in the cannabis world. Giving people an energetic high that lets them get on with their day and not turn into a zombie on the couch, sativas are often noted as some of the best marijuana strains around. But they present a problem for those that want to grow an indoor sativa. Sativa s are known for reaching up as they grow and getting very tall. And those with small spaces or those that don’t have high ceilings can find this problematic. So are growers really limited to only growing indicas that are known for growing shorter and expanding out rather than up? Continue reading

  • How to make Cannabis-infused Coffee

    Cannabis edibles are becoming ever more popular and now there is increasing interest in cannabis drinkables.  Although cannabis-infused tea has been around for a while, there has been nothing like the range of choice available these days and those interested in herbal healing have really been working hard to harness the power of cannabis with the power of other healing plants.  Now cannabis-infused coffee is gaining popularity with people who want to combine the stimulating effects of caffeine with the stimulating effects of cannabis and the internet is filling up with coffee recipes and debates about which, exactly, is the best cannabis coffee. Continue reading

  • Cannabis Teas (Nutrient Mix or Drinkable)

    The term cannabis tea can either mean a compost tea which you give to your beloved plants to make them grow big and strong or cannabis-infused tea which you drink yourself for its health benefits.  The good news is that both compost tea and cannabis-infused tea are very easy to make and we have a recipe for each.  Continue reading

  • Weed is not what it used to be

    How did a plant as amazing as marijuana ever get to be known by a name like weed?  The answer to that question, as well as so much else to do with the history of marijuana will probably stay forever lost in the mists of time, but it’s clear that these days, weed definitely isn’t what it used to be. Continue reading

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