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  • What is the Elizabeth Brice Bill, and What Will It Mean to the UK?

    On October 10, 2017, Cannabis (Medicinal Purposes) Bill 2017-19, known as the Elizabeth Brice Bill was introduced to the U.K.’s House of Commons. The bill, which was read under the Ten Minute Rule by its sponsor, MP Paul Flynn of Newport West. If passed it’s a bill that could mean greater health and relief for anyone suffering from several medical conditions in United Kingdom. Continue reading

  • How to Control Humidity in Your Grow Room

    Humidity is really just the amount of moisture in the air, turned into a percentage. Among cannabis growers, it’s one of the most talked-about subjects. This is because it can truly make or break plants, letting them thrive or potentially destroying an entire crop. So why does it matter so much? What can you do to control it? And what exactly are the right levels of humidity you should have in your grow room?

    Continue reading

  • How can Marijuana help Depression?

    Depression is a condition which is hard to define but can be devastating in impact.  At a mild level, depression is a long-term low mood.  At a serious level, depression can make people feel so unhappy that they self-harm in some way or even commit suicide.

    The fact that the symptoms of depression can be so wide-ranging means that we can probably all identify with them to some point.  We have probably all experienced low moods and negative feelings.  The point at which these feelings become formally identifiable as depression, is the point at which they start having a meaningful, negative impact on your life. Continue reading

  • What causes a Marijuana plant to hermie?

    If you’ve been researching cannabis online, you might have heard people talking about “hermies” and the frustration and problems they can cause.  “Hermie” is convenient shorthand for “hermaphrodite marijuana plant”. All growers should be alert to the possibility that their plants may hermie and that they should take steps to prevent this, if possible. If not and due to genetics, then to take remedial action as soon as possible. Continue reading

  • How does marijuana help Fibromyalgia?

    Fibromyalgia (or Fibromyalgia Syndrome) is a medically-recognized condition about which relatively little is known.  It has been observed that Fibromyalgia tends to be triggered by a stressful event, even if it's a positive one such as giving birth.  Mental symptoms include fatigue, insomnia and difficulty focusing. Physical symptoms include stiffness, headaches and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Also people suffering from Fibromyalgia tend to experience increased sensitivity to pain. Continue reading

  • Top 10 Strains for Sleep and Insomnia

    It’s been said that as many as 10 to 30 percent of adults have suffered from insomnia from time to time. For some, it’s a chronic condition that keeps them feeling lethargic, unfocused, and irritable for the day that lies before them. Prescriptions or even over-the-counter sleeping pills are often used to treat the condition, but these can leave a person feeling as though they just can’t wake up for as many as 12 hours after they’ve taken the medication. Continue reading

  • Everything you need to know about Chocolope

    The taste of chocolate without the calories, sugar or fat together with plenty of pain-relieving THC.  What’s not to love about Chocolope? Continue reading

  • What is THCV and what are its benefits?

    Anyone that’s been around weed for any amount of time knows that there are two main cannabinoids regular smokers are after. Those are THC, the cannabinoid known for getting you high and giggly or sleepy, depending on the strain. And CBD, the cannabinoid that is used mostly for medicinal purposes. But  more people are starting to learn about a new cannabinoid - THCV. So what is this compound that may be able to contribute to your high? And what are the possible benefits of it? Continue reading

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