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green crack feminized seeds


Green Crack feminized Seeds



One of the most notorious strains on the market, Green Crack was named by none other than Snoop Dogg himself. Don't let the name fool you though. Green Crack is all natural and provides one of the cleanest feeling highs of any hybrid. These wonderful sativa effects will have you smiling for hours and the good times wont end soon thanks to the large yields and fast flowering.
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Originally known as Cush, Green Crack’s (GC) origins are shrouded in mystery with the rumour going that it was first grown in Athens, Georgia during the 1970s. Bred from a combo of Sensi Skunk #1 and an unknown indica, GC has become a byword for powerful sativa cannabis. THC levels regularly measure between 15-20% though have been known to hit heights of over 25%! CBD and CBN levels are practically non existent.

Strain Effects

Green Crack produces one of the purest and most intense sativa style highs available. The powerful and fast acting head rush will have your mind soaring and the supreme boost in energy will leave you motivated and ready to accomplish any task. The high will last some time before gently easing off to leave you feeling refreshed rather than tired. This makes Green Crack an excellent daytime strain and a good option for relieving fatigue and depression.

Growing info

Green Crack seeds are a fantastic option for any grower. Suited for growing both inside and out these resilient plants are quite easy to raise and forgiving of mistakes. Indoors the plants will reach heights of 90-150cm and deliver solid yields of 450-500g/m2 in a flowering time of just 7-10 weeks. Outside the plants can stretch up to 4m and will yield over 500g per plant, ready to harvest in early autumn.

Appearance and Aroma

Green Crack has a traditional indica style appearance. The dense plants are covered in pale green and yellow leaves with purple streaks appearing if the plants are grown in colder climates. The frosty green buds are compact and covered with metallic orange hairs. The aroma starts with fresh pops of citrus and earthy pine, with subtle herbal and peppery undertones noticeable when you break open one of the gorgeous buds.

MSNL Editors Verdict

It’s easy to see why Snoop felt the need to put his own stamp on this strain. The strong sativa effects are as dreamy as any marijuana out there and the flavour and aroma are totally unique. The fact that this strain produces large yields with a minimum of fuss is the icing on the cake.

  THC CONTENT 18-21%
  YIELD 400 - 500g/m2
Tasting Notes

One of the most amazing aspects of Green Crack is its incredible fruity flavour. From the very first puff you will be stunned with a mixture of sweet ripe mangoes and mellow yet tangy citrus. The sweetness is joined by a mild spiciness and a distinct hash flavour when exhaling to create a wonderfully balanced smoking experience that always feels fresh.

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green crack feminized seeds
  • "Strong and fast "

    Review by

    Got 2 of these free, & with free beans this good why would you even think of looking everywhere? These girls are so vigorous they look twice the age they are and they clone very easily!

  • "My personal favorite!"

    Review by

    I am very new at this and I didn't manage to ruin anything thus far. It was a very fun process watching these ladies along the way. Great quality seeds to say the least. This is by far my favorite strain. I'm glad I put faith in msnl. It proved to be a good choice for stealth and quality at a reasonable price.

  • "one of my favorites"

    Review by

    what i like about this company is that they sell a superior seed that is very stable. their feminized version of green crack yielded zero males and zero hermies from 60 seeds. the results had great taste, aroma, and, on a whole, were relatively consistent from one plant to another. high germination rate and a short veg, coupled with less than 8 weeks of flowering resulted in a very resinous, high calyx to leaf ratio with rock hard density. good yields and good overall great working strain that does not disappoint. i would would order seeds from msnl again, in fact, i already have.

  • "100% germinated!"

    Review by

    20 seeds, 20 sprouted. I’m impressed so far.
    Looking strong and healthy.
    Will update later.

  • "update, even bigger heavier stems and branches"

    Review by

    I geminated 5 seeds, I used 4 and gave the extra away for outdoor grow. What a monster, buddy had a bud rot problem, and had to cut the top off, 2 month before it was done. Still got over 3 lbs. Without the rot I bet this was a 5 lb plant. There's to much humidity here in KY for GC outdoors, trying Holland Hope next year for outside. Smoke was OK, his stuff is always harsher. But some big fat greasy buds.

  • "OK Big heavy steam and branches"

    Review by

    my 4th grow 4x4 tent with 400 watt HID. DWCR with 4 5gal buckets. Had two runts 1.5 oz for both, next was 2.5 oz and 4.2 oz from the best one. Huge stems and big branches. I FIM all but missed on 2. Toped them early and keep them short at about 3 ft. Came out all pop corn no real big buds. Good high. I need more light. setting up new room. Growing GSC now 1000 w on mover 10 buckets.

  • "Happy days, mind blowing and uplifting."

    Review by

    Indoor grow, they were big plants. Fresh seed, they germinated fast, a good water flush at the end brought out the smooth flavours. Loved to be able to grow some of the worlds best strains.

  • "Fantastic First Time Grow Experience"

    Review by

    Grew these indoors, for my effort each plant produced 4 + ozzies, pleasure to look after , and stone was euphoric and buzzy, this is an A grade plant for sure!

  • "All mine"

    Review by

    I grew these in '17 and they were insane! High bud to leaf ratio. All they were, were buds. Amazing high, just love it. I kept most of it for myself! It was too good to even share behind the tincture I made. It's hard to find the happier or giggly strains these days. This is one, and so is amnesia haze. I'm indica lover too.
    Now that g.c. is BOGOF, I'm going to grow them again outdoors. This time I am keeping a mother plant. I had already ordered 4 seeds of green crack from another breeder, but I know these genetics, so I am buying more! That should be enough to get anyone to try these green crack seeds.
    Great work!

  • "Great strike rate"

    Review by

    Cracked 4 seeds and got 3 beautiful babies. Not bad for my first seed grow. Can't wait to smoke up.

  • "Green Crack"

    Review by

    We have 6 on the go and I can say we'll impressed
    Bud's every were
    We are trying different ways of growing them and all are producing thick sticky Bud's

  • "wow"

    Review by

    The most awesome strain that a person can grow! tastes great! smells great! grows great!

  • "Good healthy plants "

    Review by

    I have about 15 different strains some auto most not
    The strike rate has been 100% every one has sprouted . I have 10 different type on the go the autos not far off done and the normal ones well living in Australia the season has just started and things are looking good

  • "First Grow"

    Review by

    I just finished building a double ended grow unit in my basement yesterday. I received my first shipment of genetics today. Wow, what timing. Green Crack-F, Northern Storm-F & Sour Diesel-F seeds germinating at writing. I'm so excited, I don't know if I can make it to harvest. I'll let ya know.

  • "Very good quality"

    Review by

    Very good. Dr Heisenbud is impressed with the beans she has received thus far. Three strains thus far and all from you are excellent and yielded quite heavily,

  • "Beautiful"

    Review by

    Love Green Crack, it's always been one of my favorite strains and typically one I choose over any other

  • "The best ever"

    Review by

    Couldnt ask for a better strain super dense bud structure and just a beautiful plant buzz is amazing! This is one you want to have for years to come never gets old!!

  • "green crack"

    Review by

    amazeing is a true summary of the strain .I was gifted this strain as a clone, took a clone in veg then let it flower .repeated this cycle 5 times/after a 60 day cure the results are word class perfect daytime choice .coco medium/nutrifield nutrient program,indoors.yeilds are impressive.with every gc grow I included the original kryptonite from a clone ,I believe kryptonite is the perfect nitetime strain also a long awaited strain to be available ....hopefully

  • "Good enough for Snoop, good enough for me"

    Review by

    I have to admit, I'd been looking for Green Crack for some time and it was worth the wait. A high like no other, you'll be soaring for hours after just one bong hit.

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