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pineapple kush auto seeds

Pineapple Kush Automatic Feminized Seeds


Pineapple Kush Automatic blends Pineapple Kush with a hand selected Siberian Ruderalis to create an exciting new autoflowering strain which will flower under any light cycle.

  • Autoflowering
  • Feminized
  • Therapeutic
  • Short Height
  • Tasty
  • Kush

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Pineapple Kush Auto is a compact and fast autoflowering version of the delicious Pineapple Kush strain.

Crossing this fruity lady with a Siberian Ruderalis resulted in a significant decrease in height, allowing any one to find a place for this delightful strain in their tent or garden. As Pineapple Kush auto grows to a maximum height of 120cm indoors, it’s more than ideal for stealth grows or limited space.

This variety has comfortable potency with THC levels between 15-18%. It is considered medium in THC and CBN. If you are looking for a variety you can enjoy on every level than this is it. As an indica dominant strain, the smoke is moderately strong with a powerful head stone and both a relaxing and calming effect all over the body.

By crossing it with ruderalis, the plant has developed an additional dimension to the high with a more calm and buzzy feeling at the start. The Kush genetics still dominate though and that classic kush head feeling is still very much evident.

The plants will be ready from flowering time indoors or out in as little as 60 days. That’s an average of 8 weeks and a definite improvement on the photoperiod, Pineapple Kush. Outdoors the plants can be harvested from May to October, depending on when the seeds were planted. This auto variety is very similar in many ways to its photoperiod version, as it carries all the best traits of its mother and maintains that heavenly tropical, pineapple taste.

Yields are in the moderate region of 200g-300g/m2, making an acceptable harvest for its incredibly compact structure. Pineapple Kush Auto is the perfect strain for beginners to grow. Although the harvest is moderate compared to other autoflowers, this strains truly remarkable flavor is what really separates it from the rest.

The key benefit of turning this gorgeous tasting plant into an autoflower is that now any one can grow it and enjoy this strain for themselves.

YIELD 200-300 g/m2
Tasting Notes

Smoking Pineapple Kush Auto is just like smoking paradise! The tropical taste is very pleasing and is felt more on the exhale. Like Pineapple Kush, this variety has a very fruity pineapple taste and aroma, as well as abundant resin production.

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pineapple kush auto seeds

    Review by

    Just sprouted 1of 5 about a week ago and so far so good

  • "Twin"

    Review by

    This pineapple kush taste and looks very similar to a pineapple express I grew . Grows very well and a ton of leaves

  • "Pre Harvest Pineapple"

    Review by

    1 week from harvest and most dominant plant is crystal laden, sticky and pungent in smell. Out of 5 seeds, 3 germinated easily and only 2 made it to maturity without issue (I attribute this to grower error). Very fast flowering and bone leafed. Ideal for beginner, indoor and/or nostalgic.

  • "Very impressed "

    Review by

    I can't believe how well this turned out. It took longer then expected, 86 days from seed but it produced a whopping 167 grams. It's was very leafy and a pain to trim but the frost, flavor and effects surprised the crap out of me. I grew in a 3 gallon fabric pot with amended soil on a 20-4 light schedule for those who want to know. Highly recommend and can't wait till I start me next one

  • "High leaf-to-flower ratio"

    Review by

    The smoke is very thick and flavorful. Intense pineapple flavour and scent. Low yield. High potency. Expect to trim longer than normal as it is a very leafy strain.

  • "Great smell, great smoke"

    Review by

    Love this smoke! It has a nice smell - kind of buttery, caramely, and of course, pineappley. But it's a nice smoke that won't put ya on yer butt, and will let you get some stuff done.

  • "love the pineapple"

    Review by

    love this stuff, could smoke it all day every day. love it love it love it

  • "don't miss it"

    Review by

    anyone who has a chance to smoke pineapple kush should. might not be the best pot maybe, but it's so unique when compared to its parents plants, it's something u just gotta see

  • "loves the taste"

    Review by

    there's just no other weed that tastes like pineapple kush - it's so sweet and just as you expect, super pineapply. I love the stuff

  • "great for pain"

    Review by

    I toke on pineapple kush to relax me and get rid of the pain and man, does it work! great strain, also gives me the munchies, which is great when I have no appetite and don't want to cook.

  • "Not bad"

    Review by

    not a bad smoke, but not my favorite either. i prefer og to this, but i love the true couch lock that i find only og brings

  • "Happy, happy, great smell!"

    Review by

    I love the pineapple smell this strain gives off, it makes me happy, happy - as does the buzz! I was very energetic after even a small sesh.

  • "good buzzz"

    Review by

    grown by deep water culture. harvest 15gm average yield for me. taste and smell great, thc effect lasted a little over a hour of a "up" buzz, then left you with the cbd like effect that all autos seem to have and smoking more just seems to add to the cbd effect. probably will not order more in the auto from, but may try in non-auto just b/c of $ and time invested would be so much better spent on non-auto

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