Pure Power Plant Cannabis Seeds

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  • THC High - Up to 24%
  • Massive Yield - Over 600gsm
  • Sativa Dominant: 30% Indica / 70% Sativa
  • Flowering Time - 8-10 Weeks
  • A super potent strain producing enormous yields of sticky buds with skunk and citrus aromas
  • The uplifting high energizes your brain and body, sparking creativity and boosting overall energy
Price: US$30.00
  • Outdoor harvest: End Of September
  • Yield: Over 600gr/m²
  • Indica/Sativa: Sativa Dominant
  • Height: Medium: 100cm-180cm
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • CBD Content: <1%
  • Climate: Warm
  • Medical Conditions: Stress
  • Seed Type: Regular
  • Genetics: North American Indica x African Landrace
  • Effects: Relaxing

Strain Traits


This Pure Power Plant strain is a cross of two South African strains that were well-known during the 1990s. It may also have a three way cross with an unknown Indica strain. Given this potential lineage, the strain is presumed to have a 70/30 ratio of Sativa to Indica.


The THC levels of this strain range from 18 to 22%, giving its some potent effects. Because of its strong Sativa genetics, the effects are heady and cerebral in nature. So, after taking your first hit, you may feel uplifted, creative, with a clear-headedness, and a slight body tingle. The more you smoke this plant, there higher the chances of staying glued to the couch, or heading to bed a bit earlier than planned. Medical users smoke this Power Plant strain to lower stress and pain levels and ease symptoms of depression.


Pure Power Plant grows well in an indoor or outdoor environment. But, if growing outdoors, this plant prefers a warm, Mediterranean climate and is ready for harvest around late September. When grown in the outdoor sun it can reach heights of 220 cm or slightly smaller heights of 180cm when grown indoors. Because of its tall structure and abundant bud production, yields measure out to 600 grams or more, making this a highly desirable strain for commercial growers. It does take a moderate level of knowledge to grow this stain to its fullest potential.

Appearance & Aroma

The Sativa nature of this plant likes to climb upwards, making it a necessity to have ample growing space. Although it takes some skill to grow, she will produce huge, resin-thick buds that look gigantic in comparison to its leaves. 

 Pure Power Plant has a spicy and skunky aroma with hints of citrus, sweet fruits. Even with this diverse flavor profile and dominating scents, the overall smell is not overpowering. 


MSNL Editors Verdict

The epic yields on this plant is one of the top reasons we love the Pure Power Plant strain. Also, it has a high potency with long-lasting euphoric effects but can also provide an intense body buzz when you a lot at once. Overall, you’ll need a bit of growing experience to cultivate it, but on the upside, it has a fairly quick flowering cycle for a Sativa-dominant strain.

Tasting Notes

Even though this strain was bred to generate massive harvests, it manages to maintain a nice set of aromas and tasting notes. The first flavour you’ll discover on your inhale is one of sweet pine, which later becomes a more spicy floral flavour. You may also experience a faint skunky taste at the back of your mouth but it doesn’t take away from the other delicious notes.