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Purple Hulk Auto Marijuana seeds

Purple Hulk Auto Feminized Seeds


Purple Hulk uses one of the greatest strains of recent years, the awesome Grandaddy Purps which we gave the full auto treatment to release Auto GDP. This packed all of the flavour and colour of the original in a fast flowering automatic strain. We have taken this little purple beauty and boosted it to Heroic proportions while still maintaining the traits that made the original great.

Low Odour

These are strains that have minimal or low odour compared to other strains. This could be during vegetation, flowering or both.


An ‘auto-flowering’ seed develops into the flowering state without the need to change light cycles or wait for autumn. Auto-flowering seeds grow to be short in stature, and are usually ready to harvest approximately 8-10 weeks from seed.


Feminized seeds are specifically bred and treated so that they will only grow in to female plants when grown in the correct conditions. Only Female plants will produce flowers or “buds”.

Short Height

Plants that finish below one meter tall are considered short height


Strong flavour strains have a very distinctive taste outside the ordinary skunky, marijuana flavour when used. These can be citrus, blueberries, bubblegum even chocolate or cheese.


These strains contain the genetic mutation that will make the buds on the plant Purple, without having to alter the temperature during flowering. They are rare strains that ooze bag appeal and also have that distinctive "purple" taste (can purple be a taste? we think so!)

  • Aroma
  • Auto flowering
  • Feminized
  • Short Height
  • Taste
  • Purple
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We really wanted to make sure it kept that the crystal clear stone, sweet fruity taste and of course its legendary purple colour; but we also wanted more in the way of yield. To do this we took the massive yielding Big Bud Auto, crossed it with the original GDP and then crossed the result with an Auto GDP Mother. Once stabilised the finished plant uniformly produced bulky and dense multiple colas of purple deliciousness. The low broad leaves and short internodal distance will also mean that if you are short on space this strain is a great way of really filling up every last corner.

The flavour profile has stayed true, as the sweet grape flavour immediately floods your taste buds as soon as you inhale. Although this can be a little harsh if smoked pure, when you exhale it becomes a much more delicate and pleasing experience as the slight overtones of pine and spice are beautifully blended in to the mix.

The stone is exactly what you would expect from a GDP offspring: a deeply relaxing and dreamy body buzz that won’t leave you couchlocked or comatose. An excellent and soothing pain reliever that can really help you relax and drift off in to a comfortable night’s rest. This strain really will allow you to experience the most of the great genetics without having to make ANY sacrifices on size strength or taste, what more could you ask for?

YIELD 300 - 400g/m2
Tasting Notes

A Smooth Sweet berry flavour with delightful spiciness. A little harsh when smoked pure or if it isn't cured fully, but when Vaped or taken through a bong it is an outstanding strain.

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Purple Hulk Auto Marijuana seeds
  • "Best online seed bank period."

    Review by Nizam

    I ordered 5 seeds got 5 for free. The seeds germinated quickly and were all viable germination rate is 100%. I loved the stealth shipment option came very discreetly and was on time aswell. The customer service is great and very responsive. Prices are fair as compared to store bought seeds. I had a great experience with MSNL will order again in the future.

    (Posted on 08/11/2019)

  • "Very nice"

    Review by Adam

    Very hulky and beautiful purple

    (Posted on 05/08/2019)

  • "Love the purple"

    Review by Julie

    If for nothing else, get this strain for the purple alone. Seriously the most vibrant I've ever seen.

    (Posted on 05/05/2017)

  • "Called the hulk for a reason"

    Review by Michael

    You can definitely see where it gets its name from - this stuff is strong, but definitley won't make you angry. Still search for Bruce Banner though.

    (Posted on 22/04/2017)

  • "Finally a Big Bud I can get on board with"

    Review by Happy Smoker

    I almost hate the straight Big Bud strain. It barely gets me high and I have to smoke a lot of it just to do that. This though, crossing it with one of the strongest strains out there? Perfect!

    (Posted on 13/03/2017)

  • "will try another strain"

    Review by Ted

    It ended up being the most hermie plant ever, didn't even make it out of veg. oh well..

    (Posted on 04/03/2017)

  • "New to it and love it"

    Review by Bishop

    I'm new to this strain, but I love it. But I'm also a sucker for purple weed of just about any kind. Grows quick though, gotta love those autos

    (Posted on 27/01/2017)

  • "the bomb diggity "

    Review by garrett

    plants are 40 days old and all 4 of mine are def going to be over 100g, i grew some big bud auto out from you guys and got 280g from one plant, and yes that is dry haha :)

    (Posted on 04/01/2017)

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