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Purple Kush Feminized marijuana

Purple Kush Feminized Seeds

Purple Kush is one of the finest additions to the kush line of genetics available today. A rich blend of blueberry and classic kush flavours, high thc over 20% and a deep relaxing stone that has made it popular with cannabis users worldwide.
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Developed initially in California, recreational users and patients alike are big fans of this strain thanks to its strong body stone and pain relieving effects. THC is very high +20%. Purple Kush seeds are Indica and are a potent cross of Hindu Kush and purple Afghani.

Strain Effects

As this is an almost pure indica strain it’s definitely best used for relaxation and relief. The stone is heavy without being intense, more of a slow melt rather than a straight couch lock. The cerebral effect are calming and soothing without being too full on so it is less likely to bring on paranoia than some heavy hitting Indicas.

Growing info

The plant stays fairly short and gets very bushy producing very dense rock hard buds with hues of purple and covered in crystals. Leaves are a deep green and grow wide as you would expect from an indica. In later stages of vegetation and early flower, you may want to consider some light defoliation to allow maximum light penetration. Purple Kush is very easy to grow and will work well indoors or out in a Sea of Green, flowering in as little as 55 days and producing a bumper yield of up to 500g/m2

Appearance and Aroma

The taste and smell are very strong offering rich and sweet flavours with a hint of grape. The smoke is equally enjoyable; it offers a distinctive sweet grape taste with hints of pine and earth. Purple Kush is very popular with connoisseurs and novices alike.

MSNL Editors Verdict

If you are looking to add a splash of colour into your grow and ease away your troubles Purple Kush is definitely a great strain to try. Its fast and powerful, and with only a little bit of care, you will reap a very satisfying harvest of beautiful purple buds.

YIELD 400-500 g/m2
Tasting Notes

The sweet fruity aroma of Purple kush will hit your nose first, as you take your first draw the more earthy undertones will come through complementing the overall flavour perfectly. On the exhale the slight skunk tastes increase but they don’t overtake the sweet blueberry fruit which prevail on the aftertaste.

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Purple Kush Feminized marijuana
  • "Just makes me hungry and tired"

    Review by

    I gotta find something a bit less potent or something. All I do is sleep. And if I'm not sleeping, I'm eating.

  • "Couch Magnet"

    Review by

    I'm always so excited by Purple Kush, but then it just leaves me on the couch. Real couch magnet, this one. Suppose it would be great for insomnia or anxiety.

  • "special occasion weed"

    Review by

    I love Purple Kush - a lot, but even I have to save it for special occasions, namely chillin on the couch binge-watching, cuz I'm not capable of much more than that when I smoke it.

  • "great for pain relief"

    Review by

    I know that with just a little Purple Kush, I can smoke away the pain. Sure it puts me on the couch all day, but I'm there anyway cuz the pain is so bad most times I can't move anyways. Might as well enjoy myself.

  • "Purple look to go with purple taste"

    Review by

    Most people are most impressed with the look of purple buds, but Purple Kush has the added benefit of even tasting purple - very grapey flavour. Love it, and it's still got that iconic kush taste too.

  • "Everyone's got the kush"

    Review by

    A strain that can be found at any dispensary in Colorado, no matter when you go. And you know when they're stockin up, they've got something good!

  • "Love the Purple!"

    Review by

    Seriously, is there anyone that doesn't have Purple Kush listed as their #1 strain? This stuff is so popular, and so great. Yummy taste too!

  • "Love it "

    Review by

    The purple is awesome so beautiful great structure and super sweet buds love it

  • "Have a bed and snacks handy!"

    Review by

    Crushing indica high - it's not long before I'm ready to lay down and take a nap. Great relaxing high though, comes with a lot of munchies!

  • "Great for Insomnia"

    Review by

    I'v always found it difficult to sleep at night and I don't like taking sleeping tablets.
    I'v started smoking some purple kush and I'v been getting a nice sleep each night. I don't have a lot, only a couple of tokes and it's not long before my eyes are closing and I'm gone until the morning.

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Purple Kush Feminized Seeds Video

Check out this video to learn more about Purple Kush strain