Runtz Autoflower Seeds

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Runtz Autoflower is a cross between Zkittlez, Gelato and Ruderalis. A slightly Indica-dominant autoflower that is both energizing and relaxing, offering a stimulating and uplifting high. With each puff, you'll notice a distinct flavor profile reminiscent of sweet, fruity, berry undertones.

  • THC High - Up to 24%
  • Massive Yield - Up to 500gsm
  • Indica Dominant Ruderalis: 55% Indica / 45% Sativa
  • Flowering Time - 6-8 Weeks
  • Autoflowering variant of the award-winning and deliciously tasting Runtz
  • A fantastic allrounder thanks to its high THC, ease of growth, classic lineage and potent uplifting effects
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THC %20%-24%
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Outdoor harvestJune, October
Indica/SativaIndica Dominant Ruderalis
HeightShort: 60cm-100cm
CBD Content<1%
ClimateWarm, Mediterranean
Medical ConditionsArthritis, Nausea, Pain, Stress
Seed TypeAutoflower Feminized
GeneticsZkittlez x Gelato x Ruderalis
EffectsArousing, Energising, Relaxing, Uplifting
TasteSweet, Fruity, Berry
TerpeneCaryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene


Runtz Autoflower strain information

We all love Runtz for the candy’s variety of flavors, which is the same type of love you’ll have for this variety too. One of the strain’s biggest perks is its wide variety of fruity flavors that come from its sugar-fueled cross. Runtz Auto is the outcome of crossing Gelato x Zkittlez x Ruderalis for an autoflowering version of one of the most beloved Indica-dominant hybrids. But don’t worry, this variety doesn’t cut corners when it comes to potency or yields. The strain still easily reaches 20-24% THC and up to 500gr/m². The only difference is you’ll be ready to enjoy the ‘fruits’ of your minimal labor in almost half the time, at just 6-8 weeks.  

How do you grow Runtz Autoflower?

Runtz Autoflower can easily be grown indoors or outdoors, making it versatile for any type of grower too. Keep in mind that the strain will thrive in warm, Mediterranean-like climates. This means that, for most regions, you can prepare for outdoor harvests in June and October with its shorter life cycles of just 6-8 weeks. One reason why growers love the strain is its short stature and ability to conceal it from neighbors or contain it in small spaces. The plants typically grow from 60-100cm (2-3 ft) but pack on the weight to still produce maximized yields of 400-500gr/m².

During the vegetative stage:

In the vegetative stage, Runtz will begin to develop an Indica-esque shape with a squat and bushy structure. You should begin implementing some light training methods such as “tie-and-bend" to help open up the plant. Because it’s an autoflower, it’s not recommended you top or High Stress Train this plant as it can have negative impacts on final yield. You should begin nutrient feeding after your plant has established its first few sets of leaves. Nitrogen is imperative during the vegetative stage. When flowering approaches, begin to reduce nitrogen levels and increase bloom nutrients.

During the flowering stage:

Preflowers on Runtz Autoflower can be expected around the end of week 1-2 of the flowering phase. Given this is an autoflowering strain, there is no need for a change in light schedule or seasons to trigger flowering. The Indica dominance influences the bud structure which can be described as dense, medium-sized and tightly structured. The buds will begin to showcase rich green hues. During the flowering stage, you should begin feeding higher levels of phosphorus and potassium. Runtz tends to be a moderate feeder, so avoid overfertilization. The plant emits a sweet, fruity aroma that intensifies as it matures. Regular monitoring for pests and mold is essential due to the plant's dense foliage. Toward the end of the flowering cycle, check the color of the trichomes. A milky white with hints of amber indicates your buds are ready for harvest.

Is Runtz Autoflower Suitable for Beginners?

Runtz Autoflower is a great strain for beginners to grow mainly because it stays below 100cm in height, doesn't require a change of light cycle to flower and thanks to its ruderalis genetics it is a relatively robust strain that can handle more adverse weather conditions that most photoperiods.

Is Runtz Autoflower Indica or Sativa?

Runtz Autoflower is an Indica-dominant ruderalis with a ratio of 55/45 Indica/Sativa. The Indica genetics influences the plant’s short, bushy structure and thick, broad leaves. Both Indica and Sativa traits are noticeable in the strain’s effects, offering users a well-balanced high that is stimulating and relaxing.

What are the effects of Runtz Autoflower?

One thing about Runtz the candy is that it can be tart and sweet. For Runtz Auto its slightly Indica-dominant effects are just as balanced. At times, you’ll feel completely relaxed with its uplifting, blissful effects, and sometimes you’ll feel energized and even aroused. Overall, the nearly equal Sativa to Indica characteristics produce a buzz that’s pleasurable and euphoric. Consumers prefer the strain to relieve pain, stress, and nausea, and to alleviate symptoms of arthritis. Since this variety tends to produce up to 24% THC, you can always count on the variety for an intense and enjoyable high when you need it the most.

Does Runtz Autoflower have any medical applications?

The high THC content of Runtz Autoflower has been reported to help relieve symptoms of stress, pain and nausea. Some even suggest it may help with more severe conditions like arthritis.

Does Runtz Make You Sleepy?

While Runtz Autoflower carries relaxing properties due to its Indica lineage, it doesn't necessarily induce drowsiness. Users often report a sense of calm and relaxation, making it suitable for evening relaxation, but it might not always lead to immediate sleep.

What is Runtz Autoflower like to smoke?

Smoking Runtz is a delightful treat for the senses. The smoke is smooth, with a gentle hint of sweetness and without a harsh throat hit, making it a pleasurable experience for consumers.

What Does Runtz Autoflower Taste And Smell Like?

It’s hard to believe one small plant can produce such big flavors, but Runtz Auto does so with ease. The fruity and candy-like tastes linger on your tongue with each hit. You’ll experience refreshing notes of tropical and citrus, with robust and sweet notes of berries, too.  

As harvested buds, the nugs are just as pretty, with a golden hue and a heavy coating of icy trichomes. Adding to the strain’s appeal is its overpoweringly delectable aroma. Auto Runtz boasts an eclectic terpene profile that produces a pungent scent of mixed fruit—including sweet and refreshing tropical, citrus, and berry notes you’ll soon crave to taste.   

What Are The Terpenes In Runtz Autoflower?

The dominant terpenes found in Runtz are Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene. These terpenes contribute to its sweet, fruity profile and enhance its aroma. Caryophyllene influences a spicy kick, Myrcene adds a touch of earthiness, and Limonene infuses a citrusy zest, collectively creating a complex and delightful sensory experience.

MSNL editors verdict

Let’s get real—Runtz might not be your favorite candy, but Runtz Auto may quickly become your favorite strain. This variety is the real deal from start to finish, with its easy growth, manageable heights, and gorgeous buds that pack on weight, fast. At MSNL, our editors agree—there’s nothing more appetizing than the strain’s fruity good taste, and its effects are just as pleasing.