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Skunk #1 Seeds

Skunk #1 was one of the first strains developed specifically for indoor growing. In 1998 it took first place in the High Times Cannabis Cup under the category Cultivator’s Choice. Overall, it’s an easy strain to grow, has a quick flowering cycle, and offers a diverse flavour profile. It’s favored by many cannabis growers and smokers around the world.

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The lineage of Skunk #1 is a combination of genetics from three parent strains. The first is Afghani, from which Skunk gets many of its traits. Also, it was crossed with Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold. As an Indica-dominant strain it has a medium-strength potency ranging from 15 to 18% THC.

Strain Effects

The Indica dominant genetics of Skunk #1 brings a deep sense of relaxation that can eliminate stress of all kinds. With each additional hit or bowl you smoke, the stone turns into a powerful body buzz that can relieve pesky pains, making it a great option for chronic pain sufferers. Also, this is a strain that can make your eyes heavy and help you drift off into sleep.

Growing info

Skunk #1 is a durable and resistant strain making it suitable for first-time growers. Also, because it only reaches medium heights of 100 to 150 cm, it’s manageable in an indoor space, like a grow tent or small greenhouse. There’s an average flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks with an outdoor harvest taking place in late September. Only grow outdoors in a warm climate and if the strong aroma won’t be a problem. When growing inside the pungent aroma can be better hidden with various types of odour elimination equipment. Yields are decent on this strain. You can anticipate harvesting 300 to 400 grams per M2.

Appearance and Aroma

In true Indica fashion, the buds on Skunk #1 are dense and chunky. During the flowering cycle the aroma is a pungent skunk smell. But, the aroma after the buds are cured is much different. The first wave of aromas is a sharp citrus tang that happily greets your nostrils. As you smoke the strain you'll smell a similar fragrance in the air as well as earthy aromas that combine perfectly with the spicy and musky skunk smell.

MSNL Editors Verdict

It’s not hard to tell why Skunk #1 is a highly admired strain that’s as famous now as it was when it debuted decades ago. It has a calming body buzz that melts away stress and pain while providing some uplifting cerebral effects. Besides its fantastic stone, it has delicious and varied tastes. Plus, we love it for its nice sized yields and ease of growing.

YIELD 300-400 g/m2
Tasting Notes

Surprisingly, Skunk #1 varies in tastes and flavours. Your taste buds are initially met with citrusy notes when you first inhale. That flavour is then followed by subtle fruity notes along with sour undertones. The sour tones become more prominent after several pulls from your joint or bong. It’s a classic and a delightful skunk strain to smoke.

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  • "My review is for reg super skunk #1 and reg og kush freebies "

    Review by

    I was very sceptical about ordering but I said what the hell and IM GLAD I DID I ordered when they was running buy 1 get 1 free and got 5 free og kush a bunch of mixed reviews oh the seeds didnt pop all this and that first run is 7 super skunk #1 and 3 og kush I did the glass of water mixed with a tiny bit of root max rooting hormone mix in and placed on a heating pad for exactly 24 hours then removed and put straight in the soil in tiny cups in a some on a heating pad for another 24 hours just placed them in the tent and every bean poped with vigorous growth I would say money well spent fast shipping customer support was on point!!!!!!! Very very low waiting time one response and very friendly usa shipped usa received very nice quality and so far I'm super impressed cant beat the price at all now stop reading reviews to see if it's legit and place you a order I can 100% say worth it happy growing

  • "Massive, fat buds in week 8 of flower."

    Review by

    Grew 4 of these, got lucky with all 4 being females (regular seeds). All 4 are in week 8 of flower, with two specific pheno's being apparent from the start. One is a smaller, more indica like plant that's producing huge flowers at week 8. The other is a lanky sativa, closer to either the Mexican or Colombian parents she is stretching like a beanstalk. Have had to use a SCROG net to manage the two sativa pheno's. Overall, the smell is noticeable but it is very pleasant. Final review to follow, but they look AMAZING already.

  • "Easy for a beginner "

    Review by

    Nice big fat chunky buds with heaps of frost easy to grow for a novice

  • "very nice strain "

    Review by

    very nice strain defantly a clasic cant wait to try super skunk

  • "Perfect medicinal strain."

    Review by

    The name that everyone knows, any form of Skunk is worth a try for anyone wanting to relax and have some pain relief. If done indoors, plenty of fresh air is a must to keep mould away. That earthy Skunk aroma that is known across the globe, smells great, and tastes better than ever.

  • "Always good"

    Review by

    Some grow bug long buds and others small colorful buds, no matter it's always great

  • ""Very stoney!""

    Review by

    Very forgiving strain to cultivate. Does well with selective breeding. Has varying phenotype characteristics from tight bud structure, to having purple buds on others. A very well rounded buzz, with old school feels! Very pleased.

  • "Total munchies"

    Review by

    seeing as im fried out of my mind because of skunk # one i really enjoy this strain. i feel very very euphoric, energized, creative, and hungry!!!! over all image of this strain is very nice not to leafy at all but very tight nugs.

  • "Mmmmmm, skunky!"

    Review by

    Mm, skunk is my absolute fave, number one all the time. it says it's one of the most popular still and there's good reason for it.

  • "Best skunk there is"

    Review by

    I gotta say, I try not to smoke skunks anymore, just cuz they put me out and make me quite useless. I would recommend this skunk to anyone though if they smoke it, as it's the best one there is.

  • "Perfect"

    Review by

    Great strain great for a beginner like me awesome structure great smell and taste!!

  • "Cured my insomnia"

    Review by

    I hadn't slept in years it seemed when a friend recommended I pick up a good skunk strain, so I opted for the original. Woah man! Now I know I'll never suffer from insomnia again!

  • "taste unique, did well outdoors in rainforest climate, no mold when others did"

    Review by

    my medical site is in a Hawaiian rainforest been trying some bagseed lately and while veg is fine bud rot sets in fast. this skunk no 1 is easier and hardier she can really handle rainforest elements, in a greenhouse she would thrive even more. the taste is super green I can't explain, will do another round for sure

  • "These seeds"

    Review by

    I receive this Seeds that look great from the start then started them off and they're looking great thanks a lot

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Skunk #1 Seeds Video

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