Highest Yield Seeds

Our collection of the highest yielding strains will allow you to produce big yielding cannabis plants without making a compromise on the quality of the weed.

Everyone wants bigger plants, but which strains truly deliver those monster harvests? Well fortunately you're in good hands because our team of expert breeders have put together a collection of the biggest and best high yield strains that you can grow at home both indoors and outdoors. From long-limbed Sativas to short, chunky Indicas, we've got a strain to suit every grower.

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The highest yielding strains around

Our collection of high yield cannabis seeds have been carefully bred over generations to ensure that each and every strain is stable, high yielding and potent. These strains are almost all hybrids, and this is because they have cross bred with other genetics that are known to produce big yields every time.

Grow the best high yield seeds

There are lots of high yield strains, but if you want to produce consistently high yields then try growing one of our best rated high yielding marijuana seeds. These strains really are the cream of the crop and will guarantee the biggest possible harvests for your garden.

Big Bud

The clue is in the name with this strain, you guessed it, Big Bud produces big yields and even bigger buds. With yields of over 600gr/m² Big Bud is a great strain for cash croppers or commercial growers and will consistently deliver results which is why it has been listed as our highest yielding strain for over 10 years.

Amnesia Haze

For any growers that prefer Sativas, Amnesia Haze is one of the highest yielding strains. With 80 percent Sativa, 20 percent Indica genetics this weed takes a little longer to flower at 12 weeks but produces bumper crops of up to 600 grams per square metre. To take full advantage of the size of this Sativa, grow it outdoors and you could produce plants with 1-2 pounds of weed.

Gorilla Glue

If neither of these strains was potent enough for you then try Gorilla Glue. Listed as one of the most high yielding and high THC strains of all time, Gorilla Glue also known as GG4 can produce yields of up to 600g/m2 of 25% THC weed. If you want to grow a truly top shelf strain, then you can't go wrong with Gorilla Glue.

Acapulco Gold Autoflower

Finally, if what you want is big yields in a short time, then grow Acapulco Gold Autoflower. This Sativa-dominant auto has been crossed with ruderalis genetics to give you a high-yielding Sativa strain that grows from seed to harvest in as little as 12 weeks. Producing up to 600gr/m², Acapulco Gold Autoflower is the perfect cannabis strain to grow indoors for anyone who wants quick results.

Why you should grow high yield seeds

Growing cannabis takes a lot of dedication, so why not try and get the most you can out of each and every grow? High yield weed seeds give you the best bang for your buck and produce consistently big harvests. Growing cannabis isn't cheap, with the cost of the equipment and the electricity bills involved with indoor growing, so it makes sense to try and produce as much bud from each grow cycle, and the easiest way to do this is by cultivating high yield cannabis seeds.

What do you need to consider before growing high yield strains

Unfortunately growing big cannabis plants isn't as simple as choosing one of our high yield strains and then popping it in some soil. You also need to consider your grow set-up, equipment, soil, nutrients and climate to get the most out of your grow. Let's take a closer look at how you can achieve the best possible results from your crop of plants.

Indoors or outdoors - What is best for yield?

Growing indoors gives you full control over your grow, the climate and soil, and you don't have to worry about bad weather or pests hindering your results and you can comfortably produce around 500-600 grams per square meter of plant. However, the drawbacks to indoor cultivation are that you are normally limited on space and pot size, plus you also have to use grow lights which can be expensive when you consider the cost of electricity.

Outdoor growing is generally better for yields, it’s cheaper and more environmentally friendly, and if grown in ideal conditions with good soil the biggest yielding strains can harvest between 1-3 pounds of weed from a single plant. That being said, it really depends on the climate and if you live somewhere with less-than-ideal conditions then indoor growing maybe your only option.

How to maximize yield with training techniques

To fully take advantage of the great genetics that high-yielding cannabis has to offer, it's important to plant in advance the training techniques that you will be using on your plants. Methods such as LST training, Scrogging, topping and fimming are all designed to increase the amount of flower that a cannabis plant produces helping you to harvest even more bud from each plant.

Choose the right equipment for the biggest yielding plants

When you grow indoors you need to effectively replicate the ideal climate and environment that cannabis plants like outdoors. This involves manipulating the temperature, humidity and even the airflow within your grow space. Without sunlight you also need to invest in some high quality grow lights that will feed your plants with energy throughout the grow.

With space being such a big factor in yield, you also need to consider the size of the tent and the pots that you use for your indoor grow. Cannabis plants are similar to goldfish in that they grow as big as their surroundings allow for, if kept in a small pot they will stay small.

Use the right nutrients for bigger yield potential

To truly thrive, cannabis plants require a precise set of nutrients given to them on a schedule based around the stage of growth they are in. The three main macronutrients required are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, normally abbreviated as NPK. Give your cannabis plants the right NPK ratio throughout the vegetative and flowering stage and you will be on the right track to producing even bigger yields.

What strain has the highest yield?

The highest yielding strains are Big Bud and Critical, these plants have been genetically engineered with just one thing in mind, producing as much weed as possible. Both strains can produce over 600 grams per square meter when grown indoors and over 2 pounds per plant if grown outdoors.

How much can you expect to harvest?

A good crop yield from a high yield strain grown indoors could be as much as 700 grams per square meter. When grown outdoors an experienced grower can expect their crops to produce 2-3 pounds per plant.

Does sativa or indica yield more?

Many people think that Indicas yield more because they are more compact and have fatter buds. However, if grown outdoors Sativa cannabis plants can produce huge yields. Outdoors Sativas can reach over 3 meters tall and produce yields of up to 3 pounds growing into what can only be described as a cannabis tree.

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