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Strawberry Banana Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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THC Content20%-24%
Flowering Time 8-10 Weeks
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor & Outdoor
Yield 400-500gr/m²
A classic combination of flavors comes from a perfect blend  of sweet and fruity strains. Strawberry Banana feminized will be the fruit of your eye in no time, with moderate yields and high levels of THC. Easy for beginners to grow, and ideal for outdoor or indoor environments, the strain is just as versatile in growth as it is in effects. The indica dominant hybrid is quickly becoming a worldwide favorite for its uplifting, euphoric buzz that boosts creativity and banishes stress.
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THC Content20%-24%
Flowering Time 8-10 Weeks
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor & Outdoor
  • Outdoor harvest: October
  • Yield: 400-500gr/m²
  • Indica/Sativa: Indica Dominant
  • Height: Medium: 100cm-180cm
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • CBD Content: <1%
  • Climate: Temperate Warm Mediterranean
  • Medical Conditions: Pain Stress Depression Insomnia
  • Seed Type: Feminized
  • Genetics: Banana Kush x Bubblegum
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Strain Traits


Straight off the shelves of a candy store, this variety comes to us from a cross of Banana Kush x Bubble Gum. The end result is a reliable Strawberry Banana hybrid that has a life cycle of 8-10 weeks, and produces yields up to 500 gr/m², indoors or outdoors. Also known as ‘Strawnana’, the indica dominant hybrid is trending amongst recreational and medical consumers alike for its dreamy and inspiring effects. The strain’s easy-going and well-rounded effects have made it one of the most popular strains on the west coast for good reason. For an all-around pleasurable experience from seed to harvest, Strawberry Banana is a new classic you can depend on.


The Strawberry Banana strain starts off with a buzz that’s slow-building and takes a few minutes for its effects to fully kick in. Once it does, you’ll be whisked off into a dreamy euphoria with unique sensations that are said to be slightly psychedelic. Uplifting for the mood, the strain is also well-known for amplifying creativity making it ideal for artists, musicians, or others who can benefit from the effect. Medically, the indica dominant hybrid is ideal for alleviating symptoms of pain, stress, depression, and insomnia.


Indoors, or outdoors, Strawberry Banana is a forgiving strain that’s ideal for first-time or beginner growers. The indica dominant hybrid reaches just medium heights of 100 cm - 180 (3-6 ft) while still producing hefty yields from 400-500gr/m². Moreover, the strain is ready to harvest in 8-10 weeks which means you won’t have to wait to enjoy the fruits of your labor. This variety can benefit from temperate to warm environments or a Mediterranean climate and should be ready to harvest outdoors anytime in October. With a heavy coating of resin be sure you’re ready for a sticky harvest and ensure proper drying and curing for the most optimal flavor and taste.

Appearance & Aroma

True to its name, Strawberry Banana weed is unique with light green buds that have a yellow tint. When dropping the temperatures in your environment, the strain is capable of producing hints of purple for even more of an appealing appearance. The tight dense buds radiate with a milky coating of trichomes, that emits its fruity, sweet, creamy, and berry-like aromas. Be fully aware - Strawberry Banana is quite pungent in its delectable scents, for discretion purposes.

MSNL Editors Verdict

Strawberry Banana is by far one of the freshest, and most satisfying indica hybrids to hit the market as of late. From its alluring appearance to its overwhelmingly sweet scent, you’ll be drooling to get this one harvested to try it for yourself. Its easy-to-manage nature and satisfying yields make it a universal go-to for veteran, and beginner growers alike.

Tasting Notes

The sweet, fruity flavors of Strawberry Banana weed are like a refreshing sip of a summer smoothie. The strain starts off with earthy and natural flavors with exhales that have luscious notes of strawberry and tropical fruits. With each puff, the flavors will transcend you to a warm, relaxing vacay full of flavor and bliss.


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