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Top Rated Regular Marijuana Seeds

10 Strains
  • OG Kush Seeds
    OG Kush Seeds
    OG Kush is a highly sought after connoisseurs strain from California
    A medical dispensary favourite
    OG kush is must for collector
    New indoor marijuana seeds More Info
  • Afghan
    Afghan Out of Stock

    Originally taken from Afghanistan
    Afghan seeds produce fat buds and leaves
    Highly resistant to disease & pests
    Always one of the most popular strains

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    Out of stock

  • THC Bomb
    THC Bomb
    Massive Yielder
    Very strong
    Fast Finishing
    High THC level
    Outstanding All rounder More Info
  • Big Bud
    Big Bud

    Best seller and winner of Cannabis Cup '99
    Engineered to be a super high yielder
    Big Bud has a high flower to leaf ratio

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  • Mango

    Save 10%

    Mango Out of Stock
    Mango has a sweet and fruity taste
    Grows well indoor or out
    Produces big fat buds, similar to Big Bud More Info

    Out of stock

  • Lemon Skunk
    Lemon Skunk
    Lemon Skunk has old school Dutch genetics
    Lemon / Citrus flavour & scent
    High yielding (1-2 kg per plant outdoors)
    Initial almost Psychedelic high
    Becomes a deep body cough lock

    More Info
  • White Widow Max
    White Widow Max
    White Widow Max is a new improved version of White Widow with a THC content of well over 20%
    Engineered to produce more consistent plants with greater yield than the original
    A must for every lover of White Widow. More Info
  • Thai Stick
    Thai Stick
    Thai Stick brings you a classic mix of Californian Skunk and Thai genetic
    Thai adds flavour and slightly tropical taste while maintaining some of the classic skunk smell and hit
    Gives a stoned and an up high! More Info
  • Nitro Lemon Haze

    Save 20%

    Nitro Lemon Haze


    Was $35.40

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    Turbo charged sativa dominant hybrid
    8-10 week flowering time
    Amazing citrus lemon flavour
    Good mix of cerebral and body stone More Info
  • Durban Poison
    Durban Poison
    Durban Poison is an original African strain crossed with potent early Dutch Skunk
    Perfect for outdoor or hotter climates, it produces solid, dense buds
    It is easy to grow and grows well even in poor conditions More Info