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White Widow seeds

White Widow Seeds


White Widow is probably the world's favourite weed. Winner of the 1995 Cannabis Cup, it is among the most popular varieties on coffeeshop menus in Holland.

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Cup Winner

Strains that have won one or more awards at major cannabis events, these include the Cannabis Cup, High Times Cup, Hempfest Cup, Spannabis Cup and others.

High Yield

Seeds that will develop into plants that produce in excess of 500g/sm are classed as high yield


Therapeutic seeds are specifically identified as having additional or increased benefits when grown as a well-being focused plant. They can be strains that are particularly high in CBD or THC, or alternatively are known to produce higher amounts of resin for use in oils and canna products.


Beginner seeds are ideal for people just starting out at growing your own marijuana. They are strains that have been chosen because they are hardy, require little experience and the minimum of support to get a very satisfying crop.


Seeds that will develop into plants that produce in excess of 18% THC are classed as high in THC


Marijuana plants that, in the final stages of flowering, are so covered in frosty trichomes they look covered with freshly fallen snow. Typically very strong and exceptionally high in THC levels.

  • Cup Winner
  • High Yield
  • Medical
  • Novice
  • THC
  • White
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White Widow Buds are fairly compact to support its massive amounts of white resin. White Widow gives a powerful buzz, being both energetic and very social. With THC levels at approximately 20%, White Widow weed seeds are one of the strongest strains in the world. Also try White Widow Feminized Seeds.

  THC CONTENT 15%-18%
  PLANT HEIGHT TALL 180cm-220cm
  YIELD 400-500g/m2
Tasting Notes

White Widow weed has classic citrus skunk flavour. The aroma is a beautiful mix of pine,lemon lime candies with a distinctive earthy undertone. With a smooth smoke that comes on fast and is very long lasting white widow truly deserves its legendary status as the worlds most popular weed.

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White Widow seeds
  • "beautifull"

    Review by Bum

    beatifull plant to watch grow amazing tricomb production and resonable yeilds

    (Posted on 28/11/2019)

  • "Mmmm.....great!"

    Review by Grandma Heidi

    Nice smooth smoke in my bong. Grows well, sticky and beautiful. Good for pain, tension, and anxiety. I want to get up and go do something! Not so much couch lock. Great stuff!

    (Posted on 03/06/2019)

  • "orders"

    Review by Harlie

    Love this strain so far the best.. Have been looking for something to toke when I retire. Have been buying small amounts of seeds from these folks and have been REAL happy with the seeds and the service from MSNL!! I highly recommend them!

    (Posted on 01/02/2019)

  • "The hype is real"

    Review by Spacy Stacy

    Everything you've heard about this is true - it's an outrageous strain. Makes me feel super spacy.

    (Posted on 19/05/2017)

  • "Death by Widow"

    Review by Super Stoner

    Don't know bout the reviews saying this is uplifting. gives me serious couch lock, can't move for hours. really stoned, but can't get anything done.

    (Posted on 05/05/2017)

  • "Need to vaporize"

    Review by Joker

    This can be a seriously choky strain, even if you don't feel that with the first few hits. I highly recommend vaping this stuff. Great strain, but choky.

    (Posted on 22/04/2017)

  • "I can't stop talking!"

    Review by Bud

    I raelly like WW, but I can't sto ptalking on it! I don't mind a whole ton, but sometimes I do say things I later regret

    (Posted on 31/03/2017)

  • "Been around for years, will keep stickin around"

    Review by Classic Carl

    White Widow is a classic strain that has been around for a long time and will continue to be around. There are some stoners you just have to mention the name and they won't leave ya alone til ya fess up where ya found it.

    (Posted on 13/03/2017)

  • "Loves it"

    Review by Widower

    This has got to be my favorite strain that I ever smoked. It gets me moving.. I'm not too lazy, I feel happy. I can get things done for sure.. I'm not paranoid AT ALL.. I actually feel NORMAL! Smoking White Widow is like taking a medication for me. It's the perfect weed. Seriously

    (Posted on 04/03/2017)

  • "The original!"

    Review by Bowie

    This one is legendary for all the very right reasons! Won't drag you down, but still brings that classic high - and taste - that widow is known for.

    (Posted on 24/02/2017)

  • "It'll make ya feel better!"

    Review by StrainLife

    Oh yeah, it'll make you feel better alright, And after awhile it won't make you feel anything at all lol

    (Posted on 05/02/2017)

  • "The original widow!"

    Review by Essence

    Got a couple jars of White Widow right now, they look real tasty, can't wait to try em! Have had White Widow before and have to say, none of the cross strains even come close.

    (Posted on 19/09/2016)

  • "Great for anxiety"

    Review by Tanya

    I have an anxiety disorder and White Widow has always been able to calm me down. Also great for aches and pains, and sleeplessness, things that I've also suffered from. A great medicinal smoke.

    (Posted on 26/08/2016)

  • "Nice indoor grow"

    Review by Pat

    This girl did great for me indoors. I did have a couple that turned hermaphrodite, but those ones were bag seeds so who knows what happened there. Great for first-time growers too, she doesn't need a ton of maintenance.

    (Posted on 26/08/2016)

  • "Nice mix of a high"

    Review by Derek

    Find that I can get into my head quite a bit when I first smoke, but it settles into a nice relaxing couch lock. A nice mix, the best of both worlds, definitely why it's always a favorite.

    (Posted on 26/08/2016)

  • "best smoke of the dam"

    Review by walter widow

    look for this every time i go to the dam and it's always readily available. one of my all time favorite smokes, easy to see why it's so popular.

    (Posted on 26/08/2016)

  • "Still as great a smoke as ever"

    Review by Wicked Widow

    Been smokin this stuff since the 90s, and even remember when it won the Cup. Cross strains are nice too, but there's nuthin like the original.

    (Posted on 26/08/2016)

  • "Chatty high, gorgeous buds"

    Review by Jim

    I paid a little more for this but it was worth it once I saw those incredible white buds! I love smoking White Widow but those around me may not appreciate it as much, as I just talk and talk and talk LOL

    (Posted on 06/07/2016)

  • "Still one of the best..."

    Review by widow-lover

    Still one of the best seed genetics. Stable and a serious resin producer.

    (Posted on 30/03/2015)

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