• How to Choose the Best Weed Seeds Online

    For any cannabis cultivator, the best plants start with quality seeds. Although this statement may sound simple, choosing the right seeds online for your lifestyle and determining which ones are top grade can be complex and even overwhelming in reality. Thankfully, with experience, and by incorporating the tips below, you can improve the likelihood of getting the best weed seeds online.

    Start by Deciding What You Want to Grow

    To begin the seed selection process, you must decide what type of plant you want to grow, depending on what you wish to get out of the marijuana experience. Ask yourself what is your intended purpose; is it for medical purposes, a commercial pursuit, or are you a recreational user looking for a particular high? Depending on your intention, you can then begin to sort through the many strains of weed available online and immediately eliminate the ones that do not meet your needs.

    The types of strains available are numerous in the modern marijuana market because of the creativity of today’s breeders; they design plants that grow bigger, have faster flowering times, grow well indoors, or have bigger yields outdoors. Depending on what you are looking for in a plant, you will select your seeds accordingly. For example, if you intend to harvest indoors, you would be wise to choose seeds designed for an indoor growing environment rather than for outdoors. But, how do you know which seeds are bred to have the characteristics you want?

    Fortunately, this seed information is conveniently available on their description pages online at MSNL. The details come from the breeders themselves and include the proper growing location, length of flowering time, yield, and more. This info is useful not only for selecting the right seeds for your needs but also to learn the proper conditions to get the best plants possible. For example, Blue Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds, which come from California, can grow indoors and outdoors, have a medium plant height, 10-12 week flowering time, and deliver a yield of 400-500g/m2. This type of seed would appeal to a person looking for a versatile plant that can grow indoors or outdoors and offers a high yield, provided this individual has the space for the plant’s height of 100-180cm. Of course, another primary consideration is the mental and physical effects of the strain on the user, physically and mentally.

    Indica or Sativa?

    Weed seeds can be Indica, Sativa, or a hybrid of the two, with the different types affecting the user’s mind and body differently. By learning the qualities associated with Indica, and the characteristics of Sativas, you can decide which one is best for you, or if you want seeds that have a bit of both in them.

    Indica tends to be good for relieving stress and providing an overall calmness. As for Sativa, it has more of an energetic, elevating result on the user. For this reason, Sativa medical cannabis seeds are often grown by patients looking to treat their depression. Meanwhile, Indica-dominant medical strains focus on relieving pain.

    As you may have surmised by now, the effects of Sativas are usually cerebral, while Indica strains typically have physical effects. Given this information, it is best to decide which effect you are looking for to help narrow down what to buy.

    Interestingly, your Sativa-dominant plants will look different than the Indicas. For example, Indica plants are often shorter than Sativas, and they usually flower before Sativas. Also, Indica buds are typically more compressed than Sativas.

    But, you ask, how do you get a marijuana strain that is more potent than another in its mind-altering ingredients? The answer relates to its THC levels.

    Check the THC Content

    The THC level is another detail to pay attention to on MSNL’s seed description pages before purchase. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the psychoactive component of a strain. To assist you, MSNL clearly shows THC levels on each seed’s online page, expressed as a percentage, such as 10-12 percent.

    While the seeds obviously do not have any THC content, every strain is created to grow a plant that has that specific THC level. Sativa-dominant strains have higher THC levels than Indicas. For this reason, smoking Sativa buds produces a high that boosts your energy levels, uplifts you, and encourages creativity. For example, the Girl Scout Cookies strain has THC levels of +22 percent, making it a very strong strain that delivers a distinct head high that comes on quickly. A body buzz comes soon after the cerebral elation, provided you get your seeds from a reputable seed shop.

    Choose a Quality Provider Online

    Unfortunately, not every online shop offers high-quality cannabis strains, and, if they do have good stock, the prices can be outrageous. Thankfully MSNL provides the best of both worlds.

    Plus, MSNL delivers what they say they will, unlike some less-than-honest companies that take your money and then don’t send the seeds or send a different variety than what you ordered. If it is feminized seeds that you want, then it’s feminized seeds that you get with this seed bank. Plus, the prices are competitive, so you never feel like you’re being taken advantage of. With worldwide shipping, as well as payment options of credit and debit cards, getting the weed seeds you want is simple and fast.

    MSNL offers a range of seeds too, including medical weed seeds, in regular and feminized varieties. Easily sort through the cannabis seeds online by flowering time, height, THC level, yield, and price. You will even find cannabis cup winning strains there; some people choose their seeds solely based on the genuine awards won, using the wins as a sign of strain quality.

    Another Factor: Your Growing Experience

    In the selection process, another important consideration is how familiar you are with growing marijuana seeds. As some weed strains are more difficult to grow than others, you want to choose ones that fit with your experience level.

    For a beginner, stick with strains that are engineered to be easy to grow and do well under stressful conditions. An example of a novice variety is Master Kush. The plant performs well in a range of environments, whether indoor or outdoor, making it a strong variety. Master Kush has a sizeable yield of 500-600 g/m2 and high THC levels of 19-22 percent. When you gain more experience, you can then explore strains that are more challenging to grow.

    By now you may be wondering about flowering time, which we mentioned earlier. Master Kush has a flowering time of 8-10 weeks, for example. How does this characteristic affect your choice of seeds?

    Understanding Flowering Time

    The flowering times of seeds differ, with some plants taking longer than others. The flowering stage follows the stage when your plant reveals its sex. Generally speaking, the harvest begins in the last few days of the flowering period.

    This means that if you were to choose Master Kush, with its flowering time of 8-10 weeks, your plant would be ready for harvest at 8-10 weeks after the flowers begin on it. A mix with a higher Sativa component will take longer to harvest than a variety with less Sativa. If time is an important factor, then you will want to sort MSNL seeds by flowering time. Of course, the budget is likely another consideration.

    Staying Within Your Price Range

    Obviously, your final decision will be affected to some degree by what you can afford to spend on your cannabis lifestyle. At MSNL, you will find great prices online in addition to a big range of seeds, all without having to compromise on quality.

    MSNL can afford to sell their seeds at low prices because they buy directly from Dutch producers in bulk, passing on the savings to you as the consumer. There is even an entire page devoted to seed discounts. The extent of the savings varies, with regular discounts of 20, 25, and 40 percent off regular prices. Also, check out the “Buy 1 Get One Free” deals and value packs (sold in 10 seeds per pack) too for excellent value. With every order, expect at least five free seeds to ship to you too.

    Shipping Options

    When selecting cannabis seeds online, another consideration is the company’s shipping policies. Does your order arrive fast and is it reliable? Also, what are the stealth methods available, if any?

    MSNL dispatches orders the same day, provided the order is made before 2 pm GMT on a business day or next business day. Enjoy three shipping choices, depending on how discreetly you want it to ship to you. Select from Standard, Stealth, and Guaranteed Stealth options to ensure your package arrives the way you would like it to and that your activities remain private. Free and discounted shipping is available too, depending on the size of your order and destination location.

    Now you have at your disposal all of the factors to take into account when determining the right marijuana seeds for your cannabis lifestyle. From growing environment to THC level, price, and shipping, there are many components to take into account before making a purchase. Use this guide to help make smart choices and elevate your cannabis-using experience even more.

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    • Get shorter plants. Shorter plants can be useful for a number of reasons. Indoors they allow you to plant more, while giving your plants more oxygen, and outdoors shortness helps marijuana plants blend easily into surrounding foliage.
    • Use as much space as you want. Grows have spaces of all different sizes. Some might need to make due with a small closet space, while others might want to make the most out of their greenhouse. Autoflowering plants don’t only automatically flower when they’re supposed to, they also typically grow to whatever size their container allows.
    • Good night, light leaks. Growing outdoors has many advantages but one of its biggest downfalls is that it will never be completely dark. Moonlight, city lights, and home and vehicle lights all add to the light that’s around the plant, even at night. These small light leaks can wreak havoc on photoperiod plants, but autoflowering plants seem immune to them.
    • Get more than one harvest per season. Regular seeds are planted in the spring, take an entire season to grow, and are ready for harvest in the fall. On the other hand, autoflowering plants take only about 10 weeks before giving you nice-looking buds and so, you can get two harvests per season out of one plant.
    • Stealthier plants. Because at least one of your harvests can be as early as July, law
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      enforcement officials aren’t yet on the lookout because they’re waiting until the usual fall harvest. This can give autoflowering plants the edge in the security department.


    • Smaller size. What is one grower’s pro will be another grower’s con, and the small size of autoflowering plants is one of those things. Smaller plants can benefit for a lot of growers but yes, there is still that group that just likes big plants that come with big buds.
    • Smaller yields. Along with their smaller size, autoflowering plants do generally produce smaller yields than photoperiod plants. But one must also consider that there will be two harvests, which might make up for the amount of bud produced.

    Just like any other aspect of growing, what type of seed one uses is a matter of personal preference. Autoflowering seeds however, do bring a lot of unique benefits that open up the possibility of growing to those who might not have considered it before.

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