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Canna Infused Easy Almond Cake

Light, moist, fluffy and totally delicious. This alternative take on the Victoria sponge will make afternoon Tea a very enjoyable pass time....


300g canna butter
600g sugar
2 eggs
1 generous teaspoon almond paste
1 tablespoon almond extract
600g flour
Pinch salt

If necessary preheat your oven to 180C/gas mark 4. Line and/or grease a cake tin.

Combine the butter and sugar. You will find this massively easier if you take the butter out of the fridge and allow it to soften beforehand. Electric mixers are great for this job, but if you don’t have one, hand-whisking is fine. The key is that the mixture needs to be smooth.

Add the other ingredients and mix to blend well.

Pour into the cake tin. If you wish, sprinkle with extra sugar and sliced almonds.

Bake until a knife comes out clean. This is usually around 20 minutes, but all ovens are individual. Allow to cool before cutting (or at least wait 10 minutes).

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