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  • What to do With Sugar Leaves

    A marijuana plant has many parts. Of these, people are often most familiar with the buds and the large fan leaves that are the trademark of a cannabis plant. Once a plant has grown though and is ready to be dried, growers will notice much smaller leaves emerging from the buds. These are sugar leaves. They get their name from the many trichomes found all over them.

    So, what are these leaves? Should you trim them? Can you smoke them? Read on to find out! Continue reading

  • The Best Things to Do While Stoned

    Being stoned is really fun all in itself. However, that doesn’t mean smokers don’t sometimes find themselves in a rut. If you’ve binge-watched way too many series recently, it might be time to get up off the couch. While lazy days are fun, doing other activities while high can enhance the entire experience. Listed below are several different ways to pass the time when high, and enjoy that high even more. Continue reading

  • Marijuana Use Linked to Higher Sperm Count

    It was once thought that men that used marijuana would also have a lower sperm count. Studies were even conducted to back up the belief. Now however, the latest study conducted in Massachusetts has blown that theory out of the water. More while more research needs to be done. This current study though, provide good news for men that enjoy cannabis use, and are worried about their fertility and reproductive health. Continue reading

  • Sustainable Growing Methods

    The marijuana industry has exploded in recent years. With legalisation continuing in different areas all over the world, more grow spaces are being created all the time. That places greater pressure on natural resources. However, there are sustainable growing practices that will prevent the depletion of those resources. Using these tips, marijuana can be grown in a way that benefits the plant, and all other life on Earth.  Continue reading

  • What is considered a medical amount of CBD?

    Originally posted on 13th November 2017, Updated 31st January 2019

    Medical marijuana can be extremely effective at treating a variety of conditions and ailments. But venturing into this world, particularly for those who don’t have a lot of experience with marijuana in the past can be quite overwhelming. The different forms of consumptions, dosages, and terms like THC and CBD can all make it very confusing for those that just want to get effective medicine. Continue reading

  • 5 Medical uses for CBD

    Originally posted on 12th October 2017, Updated on 30th January 2019

    While there are hundreds of cannabinoids present in marijuana, those who use it are generally after just two – THC and CBD. THC is the cannabinoid that produces the psychoactive effects including giddiness, a feeling of relaxation, and increased creativity. But the other popular cannabinoid, CBD, has many properties that can help with illness and certain conditions, and it doesn’t come with any of the psychoactive effects. It’s for this reason that so many medical marijuana strains contain more CBD than they do THC.
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  • Has Colorado kept its promises to schools since legalising marijuana?

    Originally posted on 2nd October 2017, Updated on 30th January 2019

    If we’re honest, pot has long been associated with students and their dormitories, so it was arguably rather appropriate that Colorado promised to use some of the money it earned in marijuana tax to invest in education in general and schools in particular.

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  • What are the benefits of legalising Marijuana?

    There can be little argument that legalising marijuana is of benefit to marijuana users and serious growers.  To begin with, the simple fact of making marijuana legal would mean that they were no longer classed as criminals.  This in and of itself will reduce crime figures and presumably free up police resources to deal with other matters. Continue reading

  • What is the Elizabeth Brice Bill, and What Will It Mean to the UK?

    On October 10, 2017, Cannabis (Medicinal Purposes) Bill 2017-19, known as the Elizabeth Brice Bill was introduced to the U.K.’s House of Commons. The bill, which was read under the Ten Minute Rule by its sponsor, MP Paul Flynn of Newport West. If passed it’s a bill that could mean greater health and relief for anyone suffering from several medical conditions in United Kingdom.
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  • How Medical Marijuana Can Help with Epilepsy

    Medical marijuana has been becoming more popular and legalized in places across the world. Studies are constantly being done on how it can help people with certain ailments and conditions. One of those conditions that has been highly studied in just the last few years is epilepsy. So how does marijuana help control it? Well keep reading and you'll find out.

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