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  • What are moon rocks and how do you make them?

    Now that the marijuana plant is moving into the mainstream, there’s a lot more open research into how to use it most effectively.  As a result of this, while the traditional method of smoking the bud of the marijuana plant is still very popular, there are lots of more “new school” approaches on the scene such as cannabis concentrates.  Moon Rocks are a technique for blending bud with concentrate to give a unique and potentially very beneficial experience. Continue reading

  • Cannabis Plant Training: A guide to help improve your cannabis grow

    Outdoor marijuana growers can let their plants grow as nature intended. But indoor marijuana growers may need to resort to cannabis plant training for various reasons, such as to keep a tall plant to a more reasonable height. Or they may choose to do so to optimize their yield.  Here are 8 cannabis plant training techniques you can use to get the best from your marijuana. Continue reading

  • 5 Ways to come down from a high

    It’s all very well saying “don’t overdo it”, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. Especially when you’re new to cannabis.  Even though the standard advice is to start low and go slow, you can still find yourself getting a bit too high for your liking.  The good news is that if this happens to you, there are ways to bring yourself down off your high. Continue reading

  • How to get a medical marijuana license

    Having a medical licence enables the holder to buy medical marijuana from dispensaries (both real world and online) and/or grow their own medicinal cannabis.  Cards are issued at state level and hence only valid in that state.  The basic principles behind the application process are much the same, but the specifics will vary from location to location. Continue reading

  • How to flush marijuana out of your system

    The words ‘marijuana’ and ‘weed’ often bring a smile to the face of smokers, vapers and lovers of edibles out there. That is, until it comes time to take a drug test, whether an employer has asked for it or a law enforcement official has said they’ll need to administer one during a roadside test. The first question that comes to mind in these instances is usually ‘how long does marijuana stay in the system?’ and that’s often followed by ‘how can I flush my system quickly?’ Continue reading

  • Decarboxylating Cannabis - Why and How.

    Many people, especially those that have dabbled in making edibles from cannabis, know that before a batch of weed can be thrown into brownie or cookie batter, it first needs to be cooked softly in some type of fat, such as butter. This is because marijuana is fat-soluble, meaning that the extracts from it can only be dissolved when they are placed into fat. So simply placing an ounce of unaltered weed into batter will only result in very expensive cookies that don’t get you high. Continue reading

  • What is Dabbing and How to Dab

    A few years ago, the practice of dabbing cannabis popped up in Colorado. At the time, other areas of the world and even the rest of the United States hadn’t yet caught on with the trend. But, as marijuana becomes legal around more and more regions around the world, dabbing has become one of the hottest trends in the world of cannabis. Continue reading

  • How to Grow Marijuana in Colder Climates

    When people say that marijuana can be grown just about anywhere in the world, they’re right. And this is even true when talking about growing outdoors, even if your corner of the world happens to be a bit cooler and experience shorter days. Continue reading

  • How to Grow Marijuana in Arid and Dry Climates

    Growing in a hot and dry climate might seem like a grower’s dream. After all, it makes for the perfect conditions to grow marijuana plants free of mould and rot, and that can be grown all year long. Continue reading

  • Which Marijuana Strains Grow in Tropical and Wet Climates

    Marijuana is called ‘weed’ for a reason; it can grow and thrive just about anywhere on earth. However, some climates are better suited for growing than others, and growing weed in the tropics presents unique challenges that growers in other parts of the world simply don’t face. Continue reading

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