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  • What is a Cannabis Tincture, and How do You Make One?

    A cannabis tincture is extract made from cannabis that is stored in a glass jar with a dropper for application. Continue reading

  • Growing Magic Mushrooms

    Psilocybin mushrooms, more commonly known as ‘magic mushrooms’ are a type of fungi that contains psychedelic properties. Today, many people use these mushrooms to transform their mind and become high. Historically, it’s thought they were used in religious rites and ceremonies. Continue reading

  • Bongs and Bowls: How to Pack a Bowl of Weed

    To ‘pack a bowl’ means to pack weed into the bowl of a pipe or bong before smoking it. So, how do you do it? Continue reading

  • How to clean glass smoking pipes or bowls

    After you have used your glass bowl pipe several times, it’s going to become very dirty. Resin will start to cake up the inside of it, giving anything you smoke an unpleasant taste and smell. Additionally, resin is full of carbon and carcinogens, so it’s best if you’re not smoking residue all the time. What is the best way to clean a glass smoking pipes, though? It turns out you have several options when it’s time to clean yours. Continue reading

  • Veganic Gardening in Cannabis Cultivation

    Veganic gardening is a type of growing technique places a focus on organic, natural, plant-based growing methods. It does not allow the use of chemicals or unnatural substances.   Continue reading

  • Aeroponic Grow Systems

    Marijuana growers are often concerned about the amount of space they have to grow their crops. The more plants they can grow, the more cannabis they can yield. However, room for those plants is limited. This is true for the home grower, and particularly true for commercial operations. Continue reading

  • What to do With Sugar Leaves

    A marijuana plant has many parts. Of these, people are often most familiar with the buds and the large fan leaves that are the trademark of a cannabis plant. Once a plant has grown though and is ready to be dried, growers will notice much smaller leaves emerging from the buds. These are sugar leaves. They get their name from the many trichomes found all over them.

    So, what are these leaves? Should you trim them? Can you smoke them? Read on to find out! Continue reading

  • Sustainable Growing Methods

    The marijuana industry has exploded in recent years. With legalisation continuing in different areas all over the world, more grow spaces are being created all the time. That places greater pressure on natural resources. However, there are sustainable growing practices that will prevent the depletion of those resources. Using these tips, marijuana can be grown in a way that benefits the plant, and all other life on Earth.  Continue reading

  • 5 Ways to come down from a high

    It’s all very well saying “don’t overdo it”, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. Especially when you’re new to cannabis.  Even though the standard advice is to start low and go slow, you can still find yourself getting a bit too high for your liking.  The good news is that if this happens to you, there are ways to bring yourself down off your high. Continue reading

  • How to get a medical marijuana licence

    Originally posted on 9th October 2017, Updated on 25th January

    Having a medical licence enables the holder to buy medical marijuana from dispensaries (both real world and online) and/or grow their own medicinal cannabis.  Cards are issued at state level and hence only valid in that state.  The basic principles behind the application process are much the same, but the specifics will vary from location to location.

    Continue reading

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