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CBD For Pets: Should You Treat Your Pet with CBD?

Orginally posted on 5th March, Updated on the 24th January 2019

People have been using CBD for the many health benefits it has to offer for many years now. Science has proven that this cannabinoid can help with anxiety, pain, nausea, inflammation, and loss of appetite, to name just a few ailments that CBD has been found to help. But what about using CBD for pets?

The Internet is heavy with stories about people that have used CBD for dogs and cats and have had great success doing so. But with very little research being done in this area, is it really safe? It turns out, it might be. And it’s definitely an area that deserves more attention, and more research.

Dogs and cats, along with all mammals as a matter of fact, have an endocannabinoid system, which is a group of receptors in the body that match those in marijuana, namely CBD and THC. And while THC could be very dangerous for dogs and cats, using CBD oil for dogs can actually help them with the conditions they suffer from. And many vets are arguing for legislation to be relaxed around CBD so that more research can be done to discover if CBD for pets really is beneficial.

Is it safe to give your pet CBD?


While THC should never be given to pets, CBD for pets is an entirely different matter. Unlike THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana that gets people (and pets) high, CBD oil for dogs has proven to have great benefits. And Jamie Peyton, a veterinarian at the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, has been discovering just what those benefits are.

Peyton reached out to 1,300 pet owners who treated their pets with CBD and found that the cannabinoid greatly helped the pets with conditions such as anxiety, pain, and nausea – many of the same conditions that CBD helps humans with. The full results of this study have been published by NEWStat. But even with these results, cannabis remains illegal for veterinarians to prescribe to animals in California. But that may be changing soon.

CCurrently there is a proposed bill, named AB 2215, that would protect veterinarians if they prescribed CBD for pets. The pending legislation was sponsored by the California Veterinary Medical Association, and many veterinarians are in support of it. Australian veterinarian Edward Bassingthwaighte has seen the work CBD for dogs can do himself. After treating a dog with a heart murmur with CBD oil, and seeing the murmur improve when they’re typically incurable, he now also believes that CBD for dogs can be very effective. That research can be found in this study.

Because CBD is still considered a Schedule 1 drug in the United States, and is illegal in many parts of the world, there is unfortunately little research that can be done on. And when humans can’t gain access to the cannabinoid, CBD oil for dogs seems like a long way away.

What could CBD help to treat in pets?


But should it ever become legal, CBD for dogs will likely be very effective at treating many different ailments in them.

Should CBD for pets ever become legal, it will likely help the five percent of dogs that suffer from seizures. And, for those dogs that suffer from separation anxiety when their owners are gone for extended periods of time, CBD oil for dogs could help as well.

CBD has been shown to be very effective at treating conditions such as ALS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease in people. This has been backed up by this study, and this study. For this reason, it’s also thought that it would be very effective at preventing the death of brain cells in older dogs. And, as those older dogs start to have joints and bones suffer from degeneration, especially larger dogs, CBD oil for dogs may also help, as it helps humans suffering from these same conditions.

Why THC should never be given to pets

The laws surrounding CBD for pets, and for people, may be changing after initial research shows that CBD for pets is quite safe. But THC is a different story and is something no pets should ever be given.

Firstly, it’s important for pet owners to understand that pets will not enjoy getting high the same way people do. Not being able to understand what’s happening to them, pets may become scared and even aggressive, causing them to lash out and injure themselves or those around them. It’s also important to note that dogs have more cannabinoids than humans do, meaning that they will experience the high even more intensely than people. And the smaller the dog, the greater risk for problems.


And it turns out, it’s more than just the stress that could cause harm to pets that are given THC. According to experts, giving THC to a pet could lower their blood pressure, as well as their heart rate, which could cause serious health complications. And while giving your pet likely would not be fatal for them, it is definitely a risk.

There is a lot of evidence pointing to the fact that CBD for pets could be very beneficial, and help them with many of the same ailments that CBD has proven to help in humans. It’s this evidence that is making way for new laws and legislation to be passed so that more research can be done on it and so that veterinarians can prescribe CBD to animals without fear of repercussion.

But one thing remains certain. Dogs, cats, and other animals should never be given THC, as it could greatly harm their health. The simple fact is that pets do not want to get high, and humans should never force them to. The results could spell disaster for both the pet and those around them.

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