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Flavouring Your Weed

Ask any smoker and they’ll tell you that they love the taste of weed. There’s something about it that’s just not like anything else, and it’s so satisfying. But lots of smokers and growers also like to play around with their pot and sometimes, that includes trying to flavour it. Flavouring weed can be done, and it can be done at either the growing stage or the smoking stage, after the bud has already been dried and cured. Ultimately it’s best to flavour any marijuana during the growing stage, simply because it’s easier and requires less maintenance.

During the growth stage
There are lots of strains that are especially known for their delicious flavours. Blueberry 420, Carmelicious, Lemon Haze, and Pineapple are strains that are known for being some of the most sought after simply because they smell and taste so good. But if you have other strains that you want to flavour, or you simply want to switch things up in a crop, there is something you can do.

Start by starving your plants for a few days before harvest; do not give them any water or nutrients (you shouldn’t be giving them nutrients at this point anyway). Then, choose your flavouring element. This can be in the form of essential oils,

which is easiest, but you can use whatever you’d like – spices, fruit that’s been pureed into liquid form, and just about anything else that can be mixed with water.

Combine that flavouring element with water – a lot of water, as you’ll need it to water your plants. Once the water is mixed, add it to the plant or plants that you want to try and flavour and wait about one day. This will give the plant enough time to absorb the flavoured water, in turn flavouring the entire plant.

Flavouring buds
If you haven’t grown your weed, or you decided during the curing stage that you want to flavour your weed, it can still be done and there are actually several things you can use to do it.

Place a flavouring element such as essences, fruit, flowers, and spices inside a bag or jar that contains the weed. In order to keep the flavouring component from touching the weed and possibly harming it, it’s a good idea to tie the flavouring element up in pantyhose or a small mesh bag before placing it inside the bag.

Flavouring marijuana can be a fun way to play with your weed, but if you’re going to do it after the growing stage, be very careful and never use any sugar components. These will cause the weed to burn while it’s being smoked. You’ll also need to watch it carefully to make sure that it doesn’t develop mold or do anything to damage the marijuana.

MSNL Team MSNL Team / 20th February 2017

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