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Fruit and Veg that Increase Your High

Fruit and Veg that Increase Your High

Sure, edibles – or rather, food that’s been cooked or baked with cannabis – will get you high. But did you know that eating certain foods will increase your high, without adding anything to them? It’s true! Check out these five foods before you fire up your next bowl, and just see for yourself how they will make you higher for longer.

    • Mangoes. Among all the foods that will increase your high, mangoes easily rank at the top of the list. Mangoes have myrcene terpenes, the same compound behind the incredible aroma of marijuana. When the terpenes from the mango mix with the terpenes in marijuana, it increases the high, and because you’re getting a “double dose” so to speak, the high will also last longer. Mangoes bring another phenomenon when smoking weed too. marijuana-beer_resultWhen the terpenes enter the bloodstream after eating a mango, it breaks down the brain barrier the THC typically has to work through before a high is felt. Eat a mango just before
      you smoke, and you’ll never again wonder whether you’ve had enough, have had too much, or need a little more.


    • Beer. If there’s anything that’s going to rival mangoes when it comes to increasing a high, it’s
      got to be beer. Mixing beer with marijuana can really mess a person up, and in a way that won’t happen with other kinds of alcohol. It’s no wonder why. A study done by Clinical Chemistry found that people who smoked marijuana while drunk on beer had much higher levels of THC in their system.


    • Herbs. Herbs such as thyme, sage and bay also contain terpene, this time those called “pinenes”, which are natural bronchodilators. After consuming herbs_resultthese herbs the lung passages open up, increasing the amount available for cannabinoid absorption and allowing them to pass between the blood and brain more
      quickly, making the high last longer. Other herbs such as Lemon Thyme, Lemon Basil or Lemongrass have also been shown to counter the sometimes negative side effects that come from smoking weed, such as anxiety, depression and stress. This is because they contain the terpene limonene. So next time, have a little herb before your herb!


    • Sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are thought to make one happier when high, due to the high amount of mood-boosting Vitamin E and Vitamin B. These increase the amount of sweet-potatoes_resultserotonin – or the happy hormone – in one’s brain, making them feel happier overall. For
      those who tend to experience a bit of depression when high, or those that just want to get a little gigglier, sweet potato fries are a must!


  • Nuts can be a great way to increase a high, especially when that high is obtained through edibles. The stone from edibles can take quite some time to set in, but when nuts are marijauan-and-nuts_resultthrown into the mix, that time can be significantly reduced. This is because nuts have healthy omega-3s, which attach to cannabinoids and help them move through the blood
    brain barrier more quickly. And they’re super healthy too!

The next time you have the munchies, reach past the bag of chips and instead have a helping of one of these five foods that will actually increase your high!

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