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Grow Your Own VS Unknown Weed

Whether you decide to grow your own weed or purchase it from another person or dispensary, there are benefits to both. What you ultimately decide will depend on your own preferences, how much time you have and ultimately, who you trust.

What are the benefits of growing your own weed?

Growing your own weed has a multitude of benefits and if it’s something you haven’t considered before, it’s something you should think about.

The biggest benefit of course, is that it’s cheaper. When you buy weed from someone else, they’re going to include the cost of labour with the price of a gram or an ounce. There’s a lot that goes into growing weed, and they’re going to want to be compensated for the time they spent putting care and attention into the plants that ultimately, you’re going to consume. Setups for a grow space can range from very affordable to a bit expensive, depending on the size of the crop you want to have. Either way, in the end it’s still going to be cheaper than buying a little at a time from someone else.

One of the reasons it’s cheaper to grow your own weed is because you’ll have total control over the yield you get. Whether you buy a high-yielding strain such as Big Bud or Durban Poison, or just use higher-yielding techniques such as trimming and/or training, you can do certain things to increase your yield.

Getting a bigger yield out of your crop will not only give you more weed, but also more trimmings that you can turn into marijuana by-products such as hash, edibles or topical ointments. Trimmings include the leaves and stems; in other words, the part of the plant that’s not typically sold or smoked. While the trimmings won’t have nearly the THC levels of the buds that are smoked, they still contain some. And even when those amounts are low, you’ll still be getting a slew of other cannabinoids that can reap major health benefits.

Perhaps the biggest reason to grow your own weed though, is so that you have complete control over the crop and know exactly what has gone into it. Want to only consume organic weed? You can do that just by making sure you only give the plants organic substances.

And even if you don’t mind chemicals being used on the plants you ultimately smoke, when you grow your own you can ensure that they’ve been flushed properly so you’re not ingesting those chemicals once they’re ready to consume.

What are the benefits of buying your weed?

Just about every smoker has purchased their weed at some point. Whether it was their first time imbibing, or they’ve been a smoker for years and just have never considered growing their own, at one time or another, every smoker buys weed from someone else. And while doing so, they may have also been berated by growers who regularly ask them why they’re handing their money over to someone else when they could just simply grow their own.

Truthfully, while many avid smokers choose to grow their own, there are many benefits to be gained by purchasing it from someone else.

The biggest benefit of course, is that when buying weed, you don’t have to worry about tending to the crop and ensuring that everything is going just right. Marijuana plants can be finicky at times, especially if a high-maintenance strain is chosen, and one little thing gone wrong can destroy an entire plant; and in the worst cases, an entire crop.

When buying it from someone else, none of this matters to you. You can be fairly certain that you’re getting the best end product they produced without having to worry about germinating, trimming, training, drying or curing. Yes, there’s a lot that goes into growing weed and when you’re not the one growing it, these are things you simply don’t have to worry about.

When growing weed, the smell is another thing growers have to worry about. Sure, the aroma isn’t going to hurt their plants, but it could attract law enforcement or nosy neighbours, particularly in areas where marijuana is still illegal. When you purchase your weed from someone else, you’ll still have to worry about smell somewhat, but only when trying to find a place to actually smoke it. The months spent throughout its smelly growing phase will not be a concern to you.

There are also hundreds (and probably more) stories online of growers that were simply too impatient for their harvest and so, they ended up wrecking their yield by picking too early. It’s true; waiting is often the hardest part for growers. But when you purchase your weed from someone else, there is no wait. You simply walk into a dispensary or call up that friend you know, and you’ll have weed in hand within minutes.

What are the dangers of buying your weed from others?grit-weed-grow-your-own-vs-unknown-weed-

Perhaps the biggest reason to grow your own weed is simply because it can be dangers to buy it from other people. Those who sell weed might not be aware that it wasn’t flushed properly, meaning that when you smoke it, you’ll not only be consuming the THC you’re after, but also possible chemicals and pesticides that are toxic to humans and have been applied to the plant.

In the worst of cases, those who sell it know exactly what they’re doing, and have actually placed dangerous products onto it. This can be for many reasons. Some sellers will sell laced weed by adding things to it. They may roll the weed in glass or spray hairspray onto it in order to make it look more appealing, giving the appearance that it’s of higher quality than it actually is. This is often called grit weed because it will feel grittier than unaltered marijuana.

And in some cases, it might not even be weed that’s being smoked. Some sellers may try to add oregano or other substances that look like weed, but actually aren’t. This of course, is so that the weight is greater and so that the consumer will pay more for it, while the grower or seller hangs on to more of their weed that they can then sell to someone else.

Laced weed is not usually a concern with dispensaries, but it’s a different story when purchasing your weed from someone you don’t know, or don’t know as well as you think you do. If this is a concern for you, there are some signs of laced weed you can look for.

  • Rubbing a bud that seems super shiny on a CD. Regular marijuana buds will not scratch the readable side of the CD, but glass definitely will.
  • Placing a small bud in a glass of water and sloshing it around a bit. If the soap suds come out of the bud, there’s a good chance it’s laced weed that’s had detergent or soap added to it. This is sometimes done to improve the smell of the marijuana.
  • Other things are sometimes done to enhance the smell of buds. These include adding perfumes or other chemicals. If your weed simply doesn’t smell like weed, or it starts to pop or spark while you’re lighting it, it may have additives in it that shouldn’t be there.
  • If the bud you just received looks a little off in colour, or simply looks too good to be true, crack a bud open and see if it’s the same colour inside. If food colouring or another dye has been used, it will only coat the outside of the bud and won’t penetrate deep enough to colour the inside of the bud.
  • Buds that have trichomes that also look too good to be true might also be a sign of laced weed. Sellers will sometimes add other adulterants to bud in order to make it look like it’s loaded with trichomes. And while these can come off with certain processes, it’s not an easy thing to do. Shake the bud or tap it onto a surface. If the ‘trichomes’ fall off like dust, they’re not actual trichomes.

There are many reasons to grow your own weed. But if your circumstances just won’t allow it, you’ll have to rely on the honesty and good faith of others. Know what to look for when it comes to signs of laced weed that could be dangerous but ultimately, growing your own is really the only way to ensure you’re keeping yourself completely safe.

MSNL Team MSNL Team / 31st July 2017

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