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Are High CBD strains with low THC the new big thing in Europe?

When most people think about cannabis, they most often think of THC, the cannabinoid in marijuana that provides the psychoactive effect that lets users feel energetic, happy, and maybe even slightly unfocused while bringing on paranoia. But there’s another main cannabinoid in cannabis known as CBD, and it’s becoming extremely popular in Europe. But with CBD providing no psychoactive effect, why is CBD suddenly becoming the cannabinoid everyone’s after?

Originally posted on 8th January 2018, Updated on 24th January 2019

Why are high CBD strains becoming more popular in Europe?


One of the reasons high CBD strains of cannabis have become so popular in Europe is due to the fact that THC, the psychoactive component, has largely been outlawed. There is really no European country that has completely legalized cannabis in its full form just yet.

Some areas such as Germany and the Netherlands have decriminalized marijuana, meaning that small amounts can be carried by citizens and dispensaries and coffee shops can sell small amounts in one transaction. Some European countries also allow residents to grow up to one cannabis plant for personal use, but not all European countries have that same law.

In fact, it’s difficult to find two European countries that do have the same laws regarding cannabis. Some countries have decriminalized the drug, while others, such as Poland, are well on their way to legalizing it. Other countries yet, strictly forbid marijuana but law enforcement will likely look the other way if they happen across someone who is violating those laws. In the majority of countries in Europe however, cannabis is still largely outlawed; and those laws are strictly enforced. And it’s not surprising to find that it’s in these countries that CBD is becoming the hot trend.


Even countries that outlaw recreational cannabis still allow for medicinal marijuana, or for products that contain a very low amount of THC. And those are the products that often have a very high CBD content, the cannabinoid that is completely legal in Europe (except for Slovakia, the one European country where it is still forbidden). Europe has legalized CBD because it’s recognized the many therapeutic benefits this cannabinoid contains. As such, farmers that once grew hemp for seeds and fiber have realized the missed opportunity of growing strains high in CBD, and are now making this cannabinoid widely available through Europe.

And thankfully so, as CBD holds many benefits. Those benefits include: relief from pain and inflammation, reducing anxiety, relief from nausea, ability to treat seizures and other neurological disorders, helping prevent diabetes, and promoting cardiovascular health. In fact, CBD has even been shown to help reduce incidences of cancer, and help destroy cancer cells once they’re found in the body. In addition to all of these benefits, CBD has also been proven to help fight insomnia, clear up acne, treat asthma, and even fight addictions such as smoking cigarettes.

These benefits have been backed up in this study, published in Neurotherapeutics, and in this study, published by the American Epilepsy Society.

With benefits like that (and more!), it’s not difficult to see why Europe makes CBD so readily available. But, even with these benefits and the insurgence of CBD in Europe, some companies have still found loopholes that allow them to sell both CBD and THC to interested consumers.

CBD regulations in Europe

But while CBD may be legal in Europe, THC is still very much illegal for the most part. But even this illegal substance still has some relaxations around it where the law is concerned. And some companies are starting to pounce on opportunities that include these relaxations as well.


For instance, a Swiss company known as CBD420, started by Jonas Duclos, a former banker, has now found a way to sell both THC and CBD to consumers. The company is selling what they call ‘legal weed’ because it does not exceed the THC limits of 1 percent. And, in other countries such as France, where the legal limit of THC is even lower, CBD420 is selling its legal weed that contains less than 0.2 percent of THC.

Other Swiss companies are hopping on board this trend too. A major supermarket chain in Switzerland, Coop, has recently announced that they will be selling the world’s first hemp cigarette. These cigarettes don’t contain tobacco, just 20 percent CBD with a very low THC content that complies with the law’s 0.2 percent limit. They too are making allowances for other European countries that have the lower THC limit of 0.2 percent.


Of course with such a low THC content, the cigarettes Coop is selling and the hemp CBD420 is selling won’t produce a noticeable psychoactive high. But that doesn’t mean it’s worthless. With the high CBD content, users will still be able to reap all the benefits CBD brings including relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, and epilepsy, to name just a few.

CBD is becoming so prevalent in Europe that with the gain in popularity, many are calling for new laws and legislation to be instated to regulate them. But with more countries around the world, and even around Europe, starting to legalize and decriminalize cannabis, the chances are that legalization of cannabis will happen before new rules are set out for CBD. And the chances are also good that just as companies have seized the opportunity to provide relief to users under Europe’s lenient laws surrounding CBD that more will continue to do so, making it more readily available for users throughout Europe.

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MSNL Team MSNL Team / 24th January 2019

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2 thoughts on “Are High CBD strains with low THC the new big thing in Europe?”

  • kevin barr

    hi i was looking for information on seeds that have less than 3 percent thc was wondering if yous stock such seeds ?

    • John Doe

      Hi There,
      Unfortunately we do not currently stock seeds that contain that low a THC Percentage. However we are able to to order in Dinafem CBD feminized strain which has 0.5% THC and 10-14% CBD.

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