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How to flush cannabis compounds out of your body?

You are what you eat – and also what you drink and smoke. When you ingest something into your body, there are three basic ways in which the body can deal with it. Your body can use it as fuel, store it as fat or expel it in one way or another. How long it takes to expel a substance from your body depends on a number of factors. In terms of cannabis compounds the key factors are time and potency. There are, however, a number of lifestyle factors, which also influence how long cannabis compounds stick around your body.

Originally posted on 14th October 2016, Updated on 29th January 2019

1. How much healthy liquid you drink

Drinking water to flush cannabis compoundsStandard advice is at least 2 litres of water per day. While there are many advantages to drinking pure water, as it is arguably the ultimate, natural cleanser, some people prefer liquids which have a taste and that’s fine too as long as they’re healthy. Cranberry juice and green tea are both natural detox drinks and there are non-organic health drinks too.

2. How much fat you have on your body

To be clear, a certain amount of fat is healthy. It protects us from both cold and injury. Excess fat is, however, unhealthy. This is partly because of the extra strain it puts on the body, particularly the heart and joints and also because it stores toxins and thereby extends the amount of time they spend in the body. Excess fat is produced when the body consumes more calories than it needs for fuel so dealing with it involves making changes to your diet and/or the amount of exercise you take. It’s fine to consume fatty and carbohydrate-rich foods in moderation, but make sure you have plenty of protein and fibre from whole grains and healthy fruit and vegetables, in particular look for foods which are known to be cleansers such as green, leafy vegetables, garlic and coriander. Start upping the amount of exercise you take, this will not only get rid of fat, working up a sweat will also help to expel some toxins. If you have health issues, swimming is gentle on the joints or, as a minimum, you could try visiting a sauna.

3. Get a massage

MassageA good massage helps to speed up the body’s metabolism (and hence the detoxifying process) and also to create a feeling of relaxation, which assists the detoxifying process (stress, by contrast, can slow it down). If massage isn’t for you, try other relaxation methods, such as yoga or even just deep breathing.

MSNL Team MSNL Team / 29th January 2019

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