Oh, the horror of opening your stash to find it as dry as the Sahara! The simple fix? Use an airtight mason jar and store them in a cool, dark place. But let’s pop the hood and get under the bonnet of weed preservation. This article we’ll cover the ins and outs of keeping your green in tip-top shape. We’ll look at why glass containers trump plastic ones, how humidity packs can be a game-changer, and why temperature is a big deal. You’ll also get the lowdown on the role of light and air in the quality of your stash. It’s everything you need to make sure your cannabis stays fresh and potent. Let’s get started!

Why is it important to store weed properly?

Properly storing your weed is crucial if you want to maintain its potency and flavor. Whenever weed is exposed to air, light or moisture, it begins to break down the terpenes and cannabinoids which degrades the taste, smell and potency until your bud is past its best.

Storing weed properly is important because...

  • It keeps weed fresher for longer.
  • It prevents mold and bacteria from developing.
  • It allows weed to retain its potency.
  • It allows weed to retain its flavor and aroma for longer.

How to store your weed for freshness?

Keep it in glass Mason Jars

One of the most important aspects to keeping your weed fresh is proper storage. Mason jars are a great option because they seal tightly and keep air and moisture out. Avoid storing your weed in ordinary plastic bags or containers with loose lids. They allow air to seep in and dry out your bud.

Temperature control

Another key factor is temperature control. Make sure you store your bud in a cool, dark place such as a closet or drawer, away from sunlight or any other heat sources. High temperatures can cause your weed to lose  potency and flavor.

Regulate moisture

It's also important to avoid exposing your weed to excess moisture. While some people recommend storing your herb with humidity packs, others argue that these can add unwanted flavors to your cannabis. Instead, you can try adding small pieces of orange peel or bread to your container to help regulate moisture levels naturally.

  • Keep weed in Mason Jars.
  • Store in cool, dark, dry environments.
  • Avoid areas where there could be temperature fluctuations.
  • Avoid areas that may have direct sunlight.
  • Use humidity packs when storing for long durations.

Use humidity packs when storing for longer durations

When it comes to storing weed, probably the most important factor is humidity. If your weed gets too dry, it can lose potency and flavor. On the other hand, if it's too moist, it can develop mold or mildew.

That's where humidity packs come in. These small packets contain a special gel that helps regulate the moisture level inside your storage container. They're easy to use - just drop one or two into your jar or baggie with your weed and let them do their job.

Which humidity packs are best for weed?

But not all humidity packs are created equal. Ideally you should use humidity packs that have been specifically designed for storing cannabis. Look for packs that have a humidity range between 58% and 62%, which is ideal for keeping weed fresh without risking mold growth.

It's also important to follow the manufacturer's instructions when using humidity packs. Don't overdo it - using too many packs can make your weed too moist, which defeats the purpose. And be sure to replace them regularly - once they start to feel hard and crunchy, it's time for a new one.

Vacuum seal for longer storage with very little smell

When it comes to storing weed for long periods, vacuum sealing is another great option. This method involves removing all the air from the storage container using a vacuum. By doing so, you can prevent oxygen and moisture from getting in contact with your cannabis buds.

To vacuum seal your weed, start by placing your dried buds in an airtight bag or jar. Then, use a vacuum sealer or just a household vacuum to suck out all the air from the container. Once the process is complete, store your vacuum-sealed weed in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

How does vacuum sealing weed work?

Vacuum sealing sucks most of the air slowing down oxidization. This preserves the cannabinoids in your weed keeping it fresh and potent for longer. It also reduces the amount of moisture in the air surrounding the weed which greatly reduces the risk of mold developing.

What is the ideal temperature for storing dried cannabis buds?

To keep cannabis fresher for longer it should be stored between 60°F to 70°F (15.5°C to 21°C).

Temperatures above this range can lead to mold growth, while temperatures below it can cause the trichomes on your buds to dry out and become brittle, reducing their potency and flavor.

It's also important to avoid exposing your bud to extreme temperature changes. Don't store it near windows or heat sources like ovens or heaters, and don't refrigerate or freeze it. Following these simple guidelines will help you preserve the freshness, potency, and flavor of your beloved cannabis stash.

What is the ideal humidity for storing dried weed?

Along with proper temperature, maintaining the right humidity level is essential for keeping your weed fresh and potent. The ideal humidity range for storing dried cannabis bud is between 59% to 63%. Too much moisture can lead to mold growth, while too little can cause the trichomes to dry out, making your buds lose their potency and flavor.

To maintain the ideal humidity level, use a hygrometer to measure the humidity in your storage container. If it's too high, you can add some silica gel packets or an oxygen absorber to absorb excess moisture. On the other hand, if the humidity is too low, you can add a humidifying pack that will release moisture into the container.

What is the best way to store pre-rolled joints or blunts?

If you want to keep your pre-rolled joints or blunts fresh and potent for longer, it's important to store them properly. Just like with dried cannabis buds, the ideal humidity range for storing pre-rolled joints or blunts is between 59% to 63%. However, since you have already rolled these into joints, they require a slightly different storage method.

If possible, try to use a container that is just big enough to hold your pre-rolled joints or blunts without squishing them. This will help maintain their shape and prevent any damage.

In addition to using an airtight container, you may also want to consider adding a humidity pack specifically designed for cannabis. This will help to regulate the humidity level inside your container.

Why you shouldn't store weed in the fridge

While vacuum sealing is a great method to store weed for extended periods, it's essential to avoid storing your buds in the fridge. You may think that putting your stash in the refrigerator will keep it fresh and cool, but it can have the opposite effect.

The main issue with storing weed in the fridge is moisture. Fridges are designed to remove moisture from their contents, which can dry out your cannabis buds, making them brittle and lose potency. Additionally, the fluctuating temperature and humidity levels inside a fridge can cause mold growth on your buds and once this takes hold of a bag of bud it will spread, quickly ruining your entire stash.

Why you should label your bud with a date

One additional tip that is often overlooked is to label your stash with the harvest date and storage date.

If you are storing multiple batches you can then make sure you smoke through your oldest batch first keeping the rest fresh for longer.


Are plastic or glass containers better for storage?

While both plastic and glass containers can be effective for storage, glass jars are generally considered the better option.

This is because glass jars offer superior protection against UV light, which can break down cannabinoids and terpenes over time. Additionally, glass jars don't contain any harmful chemicals that can leach into your bud like some plastics do. To ensure optimal conditions for your flower, choose a glass jar with an airtight seal to control humidity levels and keep out any static that could affect potency.

How long can weed stay fresh if stored in a glass mason jar?

If stored correctly inside a glass Mason Jar weed can easily stay fresh for 12-18 months.

How long can vacuum sealed weed stay fresh?

If a vacuum sealing machine is used and a professional sealing bag weed can stay fresh in a vacuum sealed bag for around 2 years.

Are humidors good for storing weed?

While typically used for cigars, humidors offer excellent protection against moisture and temperature fluctuations, ensuring that your cannabis remains stable and safe for longer periods. Make sure to clean your humidor regularly and control the humidity levels inside it to prevent any growth of mold or other harmful microorganisms.


In conclusion, proper storage of weed is crucial to maintain its potency and freshness. The ideal temperature for storing dried cannabis bud is between 60-70°F (15-21°C), while the ideal humidity level should be around 59-63%.

Using humidity packs can help regulate moisture levels when storing for long durations. You should store pre-rolled joints and blunts inside airtight containers, this will prevent them from drying out.

Vacuum sealing buds in plastic bags is another effective method for longer storage with very little odor.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your weed stays fresh and potent for longer periods.