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Is marijuana vaping the future?

There are many ways to consume cannabis, such as smoking, eating, dabbing and recently vaping. Vaporisers have become more readily available thanks to the internet and are easier to control when it comes to consuming marijuana. Vaporizers safely heat the cannabis to a controlled temperature at which the substances given off are turned into vapor which is then sucked through the tube attached in order to achieve the desired level of intoxication.

Types of vaporizers

Vaporizer pens or ‘vape pens’ are the most popular type of marijuana vaporizer as they are much more subtle and portable than standard vapes. Vaporizer pens come in three different varieties themselves: e-cigarettes with THC e-liquid, wax/oil concentrate and dry herb pens.

The e-cigarette kind works the same as a standard e-cig, just with cannabis oil rather than your chosen flavour. You can use a regular e-cigarette or pre-engineered e-cigs which vaporize THC when it reaches the required temperature to give off the best results.

Dry herb pens are the least effective type of pen as they are much less evolved. These usually work better with larger vaporizers as it is difficult for a small device that can successfully vaporize dry herbs.

Wax and oil vaporizer pens are another popular choice of pen. It removed the lengthy process of heating up the metal aspect of the vaporizer. The wax and oil vaporizer makes it effortless to use and gives exact results every time you use it.

Portable vaporizers are small and compact to carry, just like the vape pens, however they are much more powerful. There are two types of portable vaporizers: conduction and convection. Conduction is where your weed is heated up by being in contact with something that is already hot. Convection is where hot air is blown over your weed to heat it up. The oils and vapour are then carried to the user’s mouth via a tube.


Desktop vaporizers are becoming less popular due to the inconvenience of them not being portable and far from discreet. They are commonly used in the home amongst friends and are extremely powerful.

Is it safer than smoking?

Vaporizing is now accountable for 41% of all consumption of weed, with joints coming in at 29%. In all arguments that are against smoking cannabis, you’ll find that vaporizing is always said to be the healthiest and safest form of consumption. This is because when you smoke marijuana, you will typically be using tobacco with it. When you consume weed through a vaporizer, you are cutting out the smoking element which, in turn, is healthier for you to be inhaling as the smoke aspect is cut out.

However, this doesn’t mean that it is safer. Vaporizers tend to have a stronger effect so it is advised to take shallow, shorter hits. This can be argued that you may not be able to tell how much you are about to consume which can therefore lead to you smoking too much and ‘whiteying’. If you are smoking marijuana in joint form, you will usually be using tobacco with this as well, which weakens the high that you’ll get, making it easier to control.

Is vaping more favourable?

As previously mentioned, vaporizing has over-taken the popularity of smoking weed with statistics favouring them. With the vaping industry growing more and more every year with new businesses popping up all over the place, it isn’t a surprise that people are becoming curious about them leading to purchases. However, it really comes down to preference as smoking weed has been around for years and some people won’t stray from it. Others will be more willing to try new ways to get their kicks as time goes on. Because of its loyal following, smoking joints will always remain popular - however vaping looks set to welcome new individuals into the fold.

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