Keep It Under Wraps

Nobody likes a bad smell. The problem is that one person's delicious aroma can easily be another person's disgusting stench. Add to this the fact that odours can easily linger on clothes and other textiles (such as bags) and it's easy to see why it's a simple matter of courtesy that individuals keep strong-smelling items literally “under wraps”, unless they're sure that they're in the company of like-minded people.

This was the idea behind Abscent bags. They combine discrete good looks on the outside with advanced odour-absorbing technology on the inside. In particular, each and every bag is double-lined with carbon material - designed specifically to effectively filter out odours other people may find unpleasant. The bags are sealed with industrial-standard Velcro that helps to ensure both the smell and the contents are kept securely contained.

The smaller sizes are mainly intended for use as bags within bags. The zips and external textiles are all water resistant. You are assured of extra confidence that the contents will be kept safe if it starts to rain or if a water bottle or similar leaks inside your bag.

Smellproof Stealth Smellproof stealth

Abscent bags are both designed and manufactured in North America where they have developed a dedicated fan base in the past 5 years. As a result of their growing popularity and demand the ABSCENT collection is now available in Europe.

One of the reasons Abscent bags are so popular is their commitment to the highest standards of quality/production. Each bag is rigorously tested to ensure that they will always stand up to anything life throws at them. With regular plastic bags there's always a risk of tearing without any obvious reason. Sometimes a rip is simply the result of regular use, as the bag essentially has as much as it can take. Abscent bags are designed to last the course. They are durable enough to stand up to long-term use and to be trusted with your most precious belongings.

Abscent toiletry bag Toiletry bag with hidden skills..

Abscent bags come in a range of sizes from small pouches, (which are ideal for use in toiletry bags or wash pouches) to larger bags for those undertaking longer trips. Abscent bags mean that you can travel, worry-free, within your own country's borders. If you're off to a social event, like a festival, you can stop fretting about complaints from other festival-goers who don't appreciate your favourite scents the way you do. If you're heading off to the great outdoors to enjoy some, hopefully undisturbed, quality time to yourself, you will be free from the worry that everything in your rucksack will come back smelling of your favourite scent. No matter how much you like it, you don't necessarily want everything about you to smell of it until you have a chance to wash it, particularly if you have to go about in public, e.g. to do some shopping or use public transport. Other people may very well not appreciate your taste in (aromas).

In short, if you're considerate enough to treat other people with the politeness you'd like them to show to you and/or if you want a convenient and secure way to carry scented items, Abscent bags are a great investment.

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