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The Best Things to Do While Stoned

Being stoned is really fun all in itself. However, that doesn’t mean smokers don’t sometimes find themselves in a rut. If you’ve binge-watched way too many series recently, it might be time to get up off the couch. While lazy days are fun, doing other activities while high can enhance the entire experience. Listed below are several different ways to pass the time when high, and enjoy that high even more.

When deciding which one to do, it’s important to take present company into consideration. For example, if you’re with friends, journalling may not be the best choice, as it’s not really a group activity. Likewise, the strain used will also influence which activity you’ll enjoy most. Mediation and yoga may sound great after smoking an indica strain, but may be a bit too chill after smoking a sativa strain.

The best things to do while stoned

The list of things to do while stoned is endless. Here are a few ideas to try so next time, you can enjoy your high so much more.


Marijuana of course, gives people the munchies. So, since you’re eatingEating while stoned anyway,why not create new recipes and discover your inner chef? Marijuana also makes food seem more pleasurable. Use this time to really savour and enjoy what you’re eating. It’s amazing how relaxing eating slowly can be.

Watch a Movie

Watching a movie or something on television can become a bit of a rut, but it doesn’t have to. This is an enjoyable activity even when you’re not high, so being stoned can certainly bring something new to it. Consider watching something that provokes deep thought, or a funny movie that will be much more appreciated by a stoned audience.


Having sex while stoned can bring something entirely new to the experience. People tend to be less self-conscious about their bodies, and may even discover things about their partner they didn’t notice before. Cannabis lube can also put a fun spin on it for couples.


Meditating is difficult for many people when they are sober. It can be boring, Meditationand letting go of all thoughts is often challenging. However, being stoned makes it so much easier. Pick a comfortable spot, and a good sativa or indica strain that will help you as you go searching through your thoughts. Then, just relax and enjoy.

Play video games

Again, another enjoyable activity while sober or high. Marijuana can make people more determined, particularly when trying to beat their own high score. The animation and graphics can also seem much more vibrant and engaging. Plus, sometimes there’s nothing better than a little competitiveness among friends.


Many people hate the thought of exercise while they are sober, but being high can make it so much more fun. Go on a hike while stoned and you’ll notice things you never did before. Or, crank up some tunes and dance around your kitchen to release endorphins, or happy hormones. Whatever form of exercise you choose, it’s important to make sure it’s fun for you.

Create art

Create some artMarijuana is known for getting the creative juices flowing. Even if you’re not an artist, now is the time to tap into that creativity. Get out some finger paints and canvases, or just buy some adult colouring books and markers. You’ll be amazed at how relaxed you are after just a few minutes. Plus, if you do this activity with someone, they’ll be much more likely to open up. It’s a great way to get into some pretty deep conversations that are also especially fun when high.

Creative writing

Writing can be just as cathartic as painting, drawing, or colouring, particularly when you’re high. Again, those creative juices will fill your head with the best plots, characters, and story lines. If song-writing is your thing, pick up a guitar and start picking something out. Or, just start a journal to keep track of all your crazy stoned thoughts. These can be fun to revisit the next item you’re high!

Go see a performance

This shouldn’t be just any performance, though. Think the circus, Cirque deLight show Soleil, or any event that has a lot of bright colours and movement. The action will keep you intrigued for hours, and you’ll be talking about “that trippy show” for years to come.

Go online

Regardless of whether you prefer Wikipedia to social media, or the other way around, there’s something for everyone online. And it all comes in different formats, too. Spend a relaxing hour or two watching cat videos. Or, learn more about any topic that fascinates you. You’ll be surprised at how fast the time goes, and may even become a bit more knowledgeable for it.


Do some yogaYoga is all about stretching while focusing on the breath and the earth. This activity alone can make a person feel incredibly relaxed. When high though, it can be even easier to really focus without feeling silly. YouTube is also full of yoga videos, so you don’t even have to leave your house if you’d feel self-conscious in a class.

Take a hot bath

Taking a hot bath is the epitome of pampering, and it is a very enjoyable activity while high. You can include whatever will help you relax, such as candles, soft music, or a book. Take the time to really focus on you and feel all the sensations. They will be much more noticeable when you’re high.

Listen to music

Music is an instant mood-booster, and will also boost any high. Whether you pull out your favourite playlist, or head over to a pub to take in some live music, it will all make for a better high. Soon you may find yourself dancing to the music, which will also enhance your high.


Being stoned can open you up to new experiences, and make you see things differently than you did before. However, it’s important to remember that different people will like different things. The most important thing to remember when looking for something to do when high, is that it’s fun and enjoyable. After all, that’s what being high is all about!


MSNL Team MSNL Team / 8th March 2019

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