The importance of cleanliness in your grow room

Every grower wants their marijuana grow room to operate at the ultimate performance at all times. While this includes things like fans, lights, and possibly even liquid for hydro-grown
plants, it all begins with a good clean before you even set up your first piece of equipment. After that, it will take regular maintenance to keep your grow room clean and tidy. This is important, because the cleanliness of your grow room will determine everything else, from how well your plants thrive to the yield you’ll see from your crop.

Why cleanliness is important

Grow rooms can become dirty and unkempt very quickly, and this can do damage to your plants. Here are some things you can do to help keep your grow room clean, and why it’s so important to keep on top of it.

  • Arrange pots in neat, tidy rows. Keeping all your plants together will give the area a cleaner look, but it also gives them equal access to light and air.
  • Use under-trays for any and all pots. Under-trays will collect excess moisture that drains from the plant, keeping it off the floor and ensuring that humidity levels don’t rise too high.
  •  Clean spills immediately. If under-trays overflow or you simply spill water on the floor, clean it up immediately. Leaving it to sit will negatively impact humidity levels, encourage mould and bacteria to grow, and be generally unsafe.
  • Prune your cannabis plants and remove dead leaves. Dead and dying leaves decay, prevent good future plant growth, and can also be a breeding ground for bacteria. Clean up any old leaves that have fallen on the floor or inside the pots right away to keep your plants healthy and thriving.
  • Use a filter over your air intake vent. This will ensure that no pests enter the room from outside.

Sterilizing your grow room

It’s true that your grow room should be sterile before you start growing plants, but it’s also important not to get carried away. Bleach is a great sterilizer and can and should be used on the floors, walls, and vents before equipment is set up. If you’ve already used the grow room for one crop and are about to start another, it’s also important to clean the equipment, pots, flats, and anything else you’ve used with bleach in order to sterilize it for the new crop. However, remember that one teaspoon of bleach to a gallon of water will be a very effective sterilizer without contaminating the future crop.

Once the room has been sterilized and cleaned with the mild bleach solution, allow it to completely air dry before bringing any equipment or marijuana plants in. In addition to keeping your grow room clean, you also need to remember to keep yourself clean. Shower if possible to remove any spider mites or bacteria you might be carrying, but most importantly remember to change your clothes. Ideally you should have one or two sets of clothes that are used for the grow room only, to prevent anything from outside entering the room.

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