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Top 10 Outrageous Claims Made Against Marijuana

“This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs.” Who can forget these words, spoken while watching an egg being fried to a crisp in a cast iron pan? Of course, anyone who’s enjoyed the occasional (or not so occasional) toke knows that this anti-drug campaign took things a bit far, implying that doing any type of drugs – even one as harmless as marijuana – will leave you brain dead.marijuana myths


That 1987 public service announcement is like so many in the way that, while the creators had the best of intentions, they had no actual facts to back up their claims, and relied on fear mongering instead. Here are the top 10 most outrageous claims made against marijuana in some of the most popular anti-pot propaganda throughout recent history.

10.) You will disappoint your parents.Marijuana mythsSo okay, most parents today will still most likely feel a little bit of disappointment at finding your stash in your bedroom. It’s also likely that over time, they’ll get over it. What’s not likely? The chance that she’ll find you dead after you’ve overdosed on marijuana.


9.) Marijuana is associated with the devil.

Moment of bliss? Concentrated sin? Did the creators of this anti-pot propaganda really think that they were make marijuana sound unpleasant when they wrote this?

marijuana myths

8.) Marijuana will turn you into someone else completely.

You can see it right there on the cover. She goes from being an innocent child with perfect posture to a woman who shows her cleavage while lying down in “drug crazed abandon.” Oh, what will become of today’s youth?

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7.) You’ll kill people.

The folks behind this ad obviously thought that since they were talking to potheads they needed to keep it simple. If you smoke weed, you’ll become a murderer. Obviously.

marijuana myths


6.) Marijuana is seriously, seriously addictive.

But seriously. Is there anything worse than teen-age dope addicts?



5.) You’ll become a sex maniac.


Well, we can agree that marijuana is not recommended for children, probably because the smoke will get in their eyes. But, do we really need to be worried an eruption of wild parties and weird orgies just because we sparked a joint? Probably not.


4.) If you don’t die or become a murderer after smoking marijuana, you’ll probably go insane.

Marijuana warning poster

Yes, beware of that rolled cigarette the friendly stranger is trying to hand you. It could contain a “killer drug” that is sure to bring on insanity. Especially if they slip it in your teapot.


3.) Marijuana leads to a life of crime.

Okay, we can probably get on board with the fact that a lot of musicians smoke “reefers”. And that’s across all genres, not just swing bands. But look closer, and we just can’t agree with the fact that you’ll also likely rob people, kill police officers, or jump from windows.



2.) You will no longer be control of your own actions.


Women have to be especially careful of this. That must be why marijuana is “public enemy No. 1!”


1.) You’ll never fulfill your dreams if you smoke marijuana.

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Apparently this ad came out before Michael Phelps’ career began.

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