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Top 10 Stoner Movies, Part 1

Stoner movies may never win an Academy Award but for potheads, there’s no better way to spend an evening. There are really just two requirements for our top ten list: they need to be funny and there needs to be a lot of pot-smoking. These top movies have both.

10.) Reefer Madness

This movie, made in the 1930s, was originally meant to be for parents of teen-agers, warning them of the dangers of smoking marijuana. It involved high school students that take drugs from a “pusher” and then run into all kinds of disasters, from hit and run accidents, to manslaughter, suicide, attempted rape, and even hallucinations. We bet that director Louis J. Gasnier never would have guessed before releasing it that instead of being taken as a serious warning, potheads instead found it hilarious, quickly placing it in the satire category rather than the tale of caution it was intended to be.

9.) Dude, Where’s My Car?

Dude wheres my car_resultAshton Kutcher and Seann William Scott play two stoners that run into a situation most everyone can relate to: after a hard night of partying, they wake up unable to remember anything that happened the night before. Jesse (played by Kutcher) has lost his car and he and his buddy Chester (Scott) are on a search to find it. The two stoners embark on an adventure to find Jesse’s car and run into hilarity along the way. From aliens that tell them the universe will be destroyed, to the transsexual stripper with a suitcase full of money, it’s one laugh after another. But the funniest part of the movie has got to be when they meet the dog that smokes a huge blunt before revealing some of his own wisdom.

8.) Half Baked

Half Baked_resultDave Chappelle plays the lead stoner in this movie, Thurgood Jenkins, when he and some of his pothead friends need to sell weed for their friend, Kenny’s, bail money. Kenny was arrested for feeding a diabetic horse junk food, ending in the untimely death of the horse, and his bail totals $100,000. It’s all fun and games until a local drug lord, Samson Simpson (played by Clarence Williams III) finds out about the competition and sets out to squash it. If you need even more than the comedy and abundance of weed in this movie, it might help to know that Snoop Dogg makes an appearance as Scavenger Smoker.

7.) The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski_resultIn this film, Jeff Bridges plays Jeff Lebowski, otherwise known as “The Dude.” His life pretty much consists of wearing his bathrobe, laying on his couch, and smoking as much weed as he possibly can – with a bit of bowling thrown in now and then. Life is pretty lax until someone mistakes him for another Jeff Lebowski, the millionaire known as “The Big Lebowski.” Once that happens, he’s kidnapped, one of his bowling buddies is killed, and his life is shaken up in a major way. Not to fear though, at the end of the movie the confusion is cleared up and The Dude is back on his couch where he belongs.

6.) Friday

Friday_resultOn a Friday night two homies, Craig Jones (played by Ice Cube) and Smokey (played by Chris Tucker) are supposed to sell weed for the drug dealer Big Worm. Instead, they end up smoking it all themselves and need to come up with the $200 by 10:00 that night. The movie has tons of great comedy, an iconic hip hop artist, and a boomin soundtrack, making this undoubtedly one of the best stoner movies of all time.

MSNL Team / 22nd September 2016

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