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Top 5 Marijuana Tech Products

Even though cannabis has been harvested for thousands of years, modern growers who want to get the most out of their seeds can use marijuana technology to help work wonders with their weed.  Here is a list of five our our favourite marijuana tech products (and why we think they’re great).

  1. Seedo Box from Seedo Labseedo-fridge

Whether Donald Trump likes it or not, cannabis is going mainstream and much of this growth has been fuelled by medical users, who want effective relief for their conditions.  Some of these users are perfectly happy to get their medication from dispensaries, some users would be perfectly happy to get their medication from dispensaries, if there were any nearby.  Some users, however, prefer to grow their own weed at home, at least in principle.  In practice cannabis, even the autoflowering strains, can be a bit of a challenge to novice growers, particularly in this day and age when urban living often limits people’s exposure to gardening in general.  Seedo Box uses marijuana technology to bring marijuana growing to the masses.  Seedo Box is essentially a grow bubble into which users drop a seed or clone and - leave it.  The Seedo Box pairs with an app which you can use to monitor your precious plant, but otherwise, you just use one of the included growing plans or upload a growing plan of your choice and wait for your plant to be ready.  It’s the ultimate labour saving device for weed growers and because the environment is totally sealed, smells stay in and pests stay out, thus eliminating the need for pesticides.

  1. Magical Butter Machinehow-much-image

Making cannabutter is easy enough but it’s a (low and) slow process and can leave your kitchen smelling of weed for quite some time afterwards.  This may cause a problem with your nearest and dearest.  Step forward the Magical Butter Machine.  As a rule of thumb, we tend to prefer to avoid single-use kitchen gadgets, on the grounds that they can easily start to take over a kitchen and never get used, but this one we can find (cupboard) space for.  In addition to making it easy to make cannabutter, it also takes away the smell, which can be a very important consideration for the harmonious sharing of kitchens.

  1. Grow Apps

There seems to be an app for everything these days and you’ll certainly find plenty of marijuana grow apps out there.  It’s hard to pick a single “best app”, because everyone will have their own needs, wants and preferences, but we’ve picked out three we really like.

Best for beginners - Simleafscreen520x924

If you’ve never tried growing weed before, you might want to have a try with this cannabis-growing simulator to see how you get on before you try using real seeds.

Best for those with some experience - Cannabis Pocket Reference

This is the electronic equivalent of the “pocket guide” books which are still popular today.  The big difference is, of course, that being in digital format, it can pack in a whole lot more information than you could feasibly put in a pocket-sized book.  Even experts could benefit from this.

Best for experts - Growtronixgrowtronix_co2_base_system-500x500

This is a fully-featured automation system for serious growers and is priced accordingly.  It’s way out of reach of those who just want to grow half-a-dozen plants for their own use, but if you want to try larger-scale growing then this could be a vital piece of marijuana technology.Lumi Grow - LED Systems.

  1. Lumi Grow - LED Systemslumigrow-325

LEDs are a classic example of what you could call “investment” marijuana technology.  They are (currently) expensive to buy (compared to the alternatives) but they are very economical to run and their minimal energy requirements help make your growing space feel less like a sauna (and also reduce the risk of fire).  Lumi Grow LED systems are smart LEDs, which take this one step further by optimizing the characteristics of the light for maximum results.

  1. Trim Daddytrimdaddy

Properly done, trimming is beneficial to your cannabis but may be horrendous on your poor hands.  Trim Daddy is the daddy when it comes to speed, efficiency and, basically, pain-free trimming.  Trim Daddy is already proving a big hit with serious growers and its price point makes it a feasible option for small-scale growers too.  This could be great news for medicinal cannabis growers who are growing their weed to deal with issues in their hands and arms.

MSNL Team MSNL Team / 25th August 2017

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