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Top Ten Albums to Enjoy While Smoking - pt 1

The first in our two part series looking at some of the most popular (and most "out there") albums to listen to whilst you have a smoke.


KK by Kula Shaker

Kula Shaker were one of those bands that never quite seemed to fulfil their early promise, at least not in the opinion of the critics. Notwithstanding this, their quirky blend of Britpop and eastern mysticism brought them some degree of commercial success and a loyal core fan base. Their first album, K, released in 2000, is arguably worth buying just for the track Govinda, which may be the ultimate song to listen to when smoking.



(The) Voyager by Mike Oldfield

Released in 1996 when the world was still in thrall to Riverdance, this album is probably best described as new age meets Celtic. It's primarily instrumental and is the perfect soundtrack for any time when you just want to lie back and be in the moment.

Legend by Bob MarleyBob Marley Legend

It may be a complete and utter cliché, but that's probably because it's so obviously true people have stopped thinking about it. Weed has been a key part of Jamaican culture for centuries and so it's only fit that there is at least one Jamaican album on this list and of course if there is one musician represents Jamaica to the world at large it's Bob Marley. Legend contains 16 of his greatest hits to enjoy while raising a joint in honour of the great man.

Animal Totems by Arvel Bird

Arvel Bird describes himself as a Celtic Indian and is nicknamed Lord of the Strings for his skill on the violin. His music interprets traditional Native American and Celtic themes and is both respected by those familiar with these cultures and accessible to those new to them. It leads the listener into a spiritual journey and is therefore perfect for relaxation, meditation or simply enjoying with a reflective smoke. For those unfamiliar with his work, there are clips of his music on his website, where you can buy his albums. They are also stocked by some major retailers.

Labyrinth: Music From the Motion Picture by Trevor Jones and David Bowie

LabyrinthA bit like Bob Marley, David Bowie has to have a place on any list of stoner albums. We picked this one partly because it's Bowie really just having fun and partly because it's connected with a classic film. For those who've seen the film, this collection will take you back “down in the underground” for you to relive this beautiful story with all its vivid details and touching, emotional moments. For those who haven't, fear not, this still stands as a Bowie album in its own right, in fact focussing on the music alone may help you to notice details which are submerged in the film's action. We still think you should find the film and watch it though.

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