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The truth behind marijuana

Despite the popularity of marijuana, there is still a substantial amount of misinformation and confusion regarding the substance. A study published by the Pew Research Center in 2014 demonstrated this, suggesting that many individuals did not know whether cannabis was more dangerous than alcohol or were confused about the effects of this material on society.

However, the research also showed that attitudes towards legalisation were changing – with 52% of Americans now backing this compared to 12% in 1962. Furthermore, 76% of people believe that individuals convicted of minor possession should not be sentenced to time behind bars.

Therefore, more needs to be done to help clear up the misinformation surrounding marijuana – and this is why The Emerald Conference is so important.

Explaining the science of marijuana

Taking place on January 23rd in San Francisco, The Emerald Conference brings together thought leaders in the marijuana industry to discuss, explore, and determine the effects this material has on laboratories, dispensaries, producers, as well as policymakers.

“There is a lot of collaboration within the industry right now”, stated Cliff Beneventi, the Director of Operations at Emerald Scientific, “but also a lot of misinformation regarding the science around testing marijuana – a hugely important subject. That’s what our conference is about.”

Although this gathering will hopefully be the first of many, and touches on a variety of scientific fields, this one specifically focuses on testing. This is an important initial step as the consequences of trial and error – including costs, reproduction, and standardisation – is something which affects everyone; from growers to consumers.

As a result, by bringing their knowledge to the table, these individuals can form a collective understanding of the best ways to better inform the marijuana industry. In theory, this means that everyone will benefit.

Josh Wurzer, Laboratory Director of SC Laboratories in Santa Cruz, is one of the industry experts arriving at the conference. Discussing the chemical components of cannabis, his talk will look into the effects of each ingredient and how they’re all essential:
“I feel this is an important topic, because there are so many active ingredients in cannabis to be aware of and many of them beyond THC and maybe CBD are poorly understood.”

Explaining the importance of the conference, Josh stated: “More and more we are learning that cannabis has the potential to be an even more powerful medicine than was previously thought. It certainly deserves careful scientific scrutiny.”

He added, “Conferences like the Emerald Conference really lift the discussion up compared to a lot of other festivals and conferences that focus more on cannabis culture.”

What does this mean for the marijuana industry?

Although the cultural aspect of marijuana is still extremely important, the effects of this conference can only lead to more sensible, and well-informed, discussions about cannabis. At the end of the day, this benefits both growers and users.

Consequently, this should lead to better cultivation, strains, and results.

More information about The Emerald Conference – and its speakers – can be obtained through the organisation’s website. Click here for further details.

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