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Vaping CBD E-liquids: Benefits and More

CBD e-liquids are not just one of the newest, but also one of the biggest trends to hit the cannabis scene, and for good reason. Just like eating or smoking CBD, vaping CBD can bring a host of benefits. But those who are interested in vaping the beneficial cannabinoid must inform themselves before purchasing CBD e-liquids. Not all of these e-liquids are created equal, and in order to make sure you’re getting the best possible, there are a few things to know first.

Benefits of Vaping CBD E-liquidsvaping-cbd-e-liquids

On its own, CBD has many benefits. It can help people manage their depression, ease anxiety, fight chronic pain that comes from fibromyalgia and arthritis, as well as help treat a number of diseases and disorders, including Crohn’s disease and post-traumatic stress disorder. There is also some evidence that CBD can also help with certain addictions, and has helped many people quit smoking.

Up until just recently, in order to get any of these benefits people had to smoke or eat marijuana in order to feel the effects of CBD. But vaping CBD e-liquids has changed all of that.

This can be considered a much healthier way of ingesting CBD because smoke is not being inhaled into the lungs, which can be dangerous and could possibly exacerbate some conditions, such as asthma. But in addition to just being a healthier delivery system, these e-liquids have many more benefits as well.

CBD E-liquids from Vape Superstore

Two of those are the flavor and aroma that comes from e-liquids infused with CBD. Because there is very little aroma, vaping CBD is much more discreet. And e-liquids are also available in very short vaporizers, which can also be more discreet than smoking a joint or bowl in public.

But just because CBD e-liquids may not smell as potent as cannabis high in CBD, the taste of these liquids is phenomenal. Whether you like the taste of strawberries, vanilla, mint, or more, you can find a liquid high in CBD in just about any flavor you fancy. It’s not long after people try CBD for the first time that they quickly have a new flavor.

Another benefit CBD liquids have to offer is that they work much faster than other delivery methods. Eating CBD can take up to an hour before the effects are felt, and that can be a very long time when someone is suffering from anxiety or in severe pain.

But while there are many benefits to consuming CBD liquids, and many people hopping onto the trend of doing so, it’s important to know that not all CBD liquids are created equal.

What to look out for when buying CBD e-liquids

Currently there aren’t very many regulations pertaining to CBD vape products, which means manufacturers can set their own standards and manipulate the liquids they’re selling to help them and gain an even bigger profit. Not all manufacturers do this, and many sell a very high-quality product. But it emphasizes that consumers need to know what to look for when buying these liquids.

CBD e-liquids should be homogenous, meaning that one liquid should be uniform, and look the same throughout. Separation can happen very easily in these liquids due to the fact that, CBD can be difficult to mix in with vaporizer liquids, much the same way that oil has difficulty mixing with water. When this happens, it can be difficult to control, or even know, the exact dosage of CBD you’re vaping, so it’s best to get one that does not separate.

vaping-cbd-e-liquidsChoosing an e-liquid that is homogenous will also mean that it likely does not contain any vegetable glycerin, and that’s a good thing. Vegetable glycerin can ruin a good vaporizer, particularly those that use a cotton wick to absorb the liquid. The oil will be much more likely to dry out and harden on the wick, destroying the vaporizer, which means no vaping until you get a new one.

While checking out the liquid to make sure it hasn’t separated, you should also look at the clarity of it. E-liquids are sometimes cloudy when they should be clear. If the liquid is cloudy it could be tainted and it definitely won’t be as healthy as using clear liquids.

One of the biggest problems with CBD e-liquids is that some manufacturers want to collect more profits by reducing the amount of CBD that is actually in their liquids. And when this is the case, vaping CBD won’t be as effective. The only way to combat this is to use a manufacturer that has tested their CBD to make sure there is as much CBD in it as the label claims. Any reputable manufacturer won’t mind providing these test results to customers that ask to see them. And before you start vaping, you should make sure that you do ask to see them.

Manufacturers also shouldn’t be hesitant to show you further documentation regarding their CBD e-liquids. If asked for it, they should be able to provide documentation verifying that the liquid is not contaminated, meaning that it does not contain pesticides, residual solvents, or heavy metals.

CBD has become so popular because of all the benefits it has to offer. And vaping is a great way to consume it. But before purchasing CBD e-liquids from anyone, it’s important to make sure that it’s high quality and that it’s not going to ruin your vaporizer, or your health. And all manufacturers should be willing to assist buyers in doing just that.

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