Vaporizers, often known a ecigarettes, have become very popular with tobacco smokers either as a stepping stone to giving up or as a way of continuing to smoke tobacco with fewer harmful effects.Vaporizers can also be used for ingesting CBD and/or THC oil and this has a lot of potential for users who dislike smoking (perhaps finding it to harsh on their throat) but want their medication to act quickly (e.g. to provide immediate pain relief) and therefore can find themselves somewhat frustrated by using cannabutter in food.

Understanding CBD and THC oils

As their name suggests CBD and THC oils are oils which channel the two cannabinoids for which marijuana is best known.  CBD oil is steadily moving into the mainstream, essentially the fact that it lacks the psychoactive properties of THC can help to make it more acceptable to lawmakers.  It has a variety of health benefits ranging from its ability to treat antibiotic-resistant infections, to providing relief from joint and muscle pain, to minimizing spasms and seizures, including epileptic fits.  THC by contrast is best known as an all-around pain reliever and as a means to address mental and emotional conditions, such as PTSD.

How to use cannabis oils in a vaporizer

Vape pen with CBD oilFor simplicity, we’ll just refer to cannabis oils from now on since the procedure for using either oil in a vaporizer is basically the same.  The absolute simplest method is simply to buy a disposable vape pen, which you literally use and throw away.  While this may be handy for very occasional use, it can work out expensive over the long run and it’s hardly an environmentally-friendly option.

The next step up from this is buying pre-filled syringes, which you simply empty into your reusable vaporizer. Again, this is convenient and has the advantage of meaning that you can invest in a high-quality vaporizer for a better overall experience. To ensure that you are getting the best piece of kit for your needs, its always recommended to buy straight from a reputable vape shop such as Vape Superstore.

Pre-mixed blends offer a balance of convenience and costs (and produce less plastic waste).  Another benefit of this approach is that is that the companies which produce them can add flavours to make them taste more attractive (or less unappealing depending on your point of view).  In its natural state cannabidiol products tend to have an earthy and/or grassy flavour, which, rather like skunk, divides opinion.

The last option are “vape additive” products, which are essentially concentrated solutions designed to be added to your choice of eliquid.  These offer maximum flexibility and are an

economical choice for regular users.  When choosing an eliquid with which to blend these products, remember to take into account their natural taste.  In other words, you’re looking for a flavour of eliquid which will blend well with the earthy/grassy flavour of cannabidiol products, since this is, literally, a matter of individual taste, you may need a little trial and error to get it right.

Getting the balance right

While the medical effects of marijuana remain consistent regardless of the means by which it is used, the exact dosageCannabis Vapourizer required to achieve that effect will vary according to the means by which it is ingested and will also vary from person to person.  Because of this, the best approach is generally to start with a very small dose, give it time to work (although vaporizing does tend to get quick effects) and then decide if you need more.

Points to keep in mind

Buy you cannabis oil from a reputable source.  The popularity of vaping both nicotine products and cannabis products is such that it has seen the arrival of companies who are simply jumping on a promising bandwagon without really knowing or caring about the products they sell.

Assuming you have bought high-quality cannabis oil, remember it really is a strong product, particularly if you opt for concentrated oils.  We repeat, start very gently and work your way up if you feel you need to.

Remember to store your oils in a safe place, well away from children and/or pets.  Cannabis oil is medication and needs to be treated as such.