Weed Seeds – From Medicinal to Recreational

Cannabis seeds are seeds from the cannabis plant, a plant that can be either male or female, depending on the reproductive organs found on each plant. When growers buy weed seeds, they are more often than not looking for female weed seeds. These are the seeds that produce the flowers and buds needed to produce the recreational and medicinal effects.

Once seeds have started to flower, they will show reproductive organs. Male plants will produce sacs of pollen, which they will then release in order to pollinate any surrounding female plants. Once that happens, the female plants will then produce seeds, which can be either male or female. In some cases, typically is a plant has been exposed to stress, male and female organs male-female-preflowers-e1359642819212_resultcan grow alongside each other, creating a hermaphrodite plant. Because hermaphrodite plants have the pollen sacs of male seeds, these plants can also pollinate female plants.


Feminized Weed Seeds

Many seed distributors will sell “feminized” seeds. These are seeds that will produce all female plants, so the grower doesn’t have to guess and keep an eye on plants, making sure male plants are pollinating the females. In order to feminize seeds, distributors and seed producers will spray the plant with a specialized solution, creating seeds that will produce plants that are almost identical to the female plant from which they came. For this reason, these seeds are also sometimes referred to as “clone seeds” or “cloning by seed”.

Auto-Flowering Weed Seeds

Another common term among growers and distributors is “auto-flowering” seeds, and in some cases even, auto-flowering feminized seeds. In order to understand what auto-flowering seeds are, one must first understand a bit about the life cycle of a marijuana plant.cannabis-plant

Marijuana plants have two stages of growth – the vegetative stage and the flowering stage. During the vegetative stage, the plant will grow in height and width, and will produce the pointed leaves that are so distinctive of a cannabis plant. During this stage, the plant requires a lot of light, usually about 18 to 20 hours of light a day. After the vegetative stage, the amount of light the plant receives is reduced (as it would be toward the end of a spring – autumn season outdoors,) to about 12 to 14 hours of light each day. Once the plant enters this photoperiod, they will enter the flowering stage and start to produce flowers and buds.

Auto-flowering seeds on the other hand, will automatically transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage depending on their age, not on the amount of light they receive. This is because these seeds come from the cannabis ruderalis species, and so their genetics determine that they will in fact, produce auto-flowering plants. Growers and smokers will sometimes find an auto-flowering version of their favorite strain, even though that strain is not known for coming from an auto-flowering species. When this happens, a breeder has cross-bred an auto-flowering strain with another strain, producing a hybrid that gives growers the best of both worlds.

Buying Weed Seed

Of course, when interested in growing weed seeds, you have to first know where to find them; and the answer to that depends greatly on the region in which you live. Growers and other individuals can find weed seeds for sale just about anywhere online, although most of these are located in the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, and Canada, as the laws in these countries are more relaxed than others. Those that live in these countries will most likely easily be able to receive their seeds, but in other countries, especially the United States, it could be more difficult. In places where weed seeds and marijuana are legal in either medicinal or recreational form, dispensaries will also carry seeds of many different strains.

Marijuana seeds Weed seeds

When purchasing seeds, it’s important to make sure they come from a reputable distributor or seed bank. Always make sure the seeds have been allowed to fully mature before they were harvested, and that they have been stored properly in a dark, cool place for no longer than 24 months. Most importantly of all, make sure the seeds come from a highly reputable breeder, and one who has taken the time to ensure that the seeds and resulting plants are also highly stable, and very healthy.

Buying weed seeds is the first step towards the very exciting journey of growing marijuana plants, and it’s an important one. In order to get healthy and productive marijuana plants, growers have to start with the very best, highest-quality seed.

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