A cannabis tincture is extract made from cannabis that is stored in a glass jar with a dropper for application.

How are Cannabis Tinctures Used?

One of the biggest benefits of cannabis tinctures is that they are so easy to use. This is thanks to the dropper application tinctures come with. Using this method, there are three main ways to use a cannabis tincture.

The first method is to place a dosage directly into your mouth and swallow. You can do this and wait a few minutes. This will take a little longer for the effects to be felt.

drop your desired cannabis tincture dosage under your tongueThe sublingual method of using a cannabis tincture is similar to placing it directly into your mouth. With the sublingual method, you drop your desired dosage under your tongue. Wait for 30 seconds, and then swallow. This will get the tincture into your bloodstream faster, meaning you’ll feel the effects sooner. With this method, it’s easy to try one dose, wait several seconds, and then take another if you don’t feel the desired effects.

You can also add a weed tincture to your favourite foods such as salad dressings, pasta, or even your favourite beverage. Using a tincture this way will take the longest to feel its effects. You’ll likely have to wait as long as you would after taking an edible. However, it’s a great way to be proactive and stave off those munchies.

Benefits of Cannabis Tinctures

There’s a reason cannabis tinctures have become so popular lately. There are so many benefits that come with them.

  • Few calories: An average dose of tincture has about seven calories. Those that like to add it to their meals for example, will find eating it with salad has far fewer calories than eating a weed brownie.
  • Discreet: Instead of having to hide out to smoke a joint or vape, tinctures can simply be dropped in the mouth. They have no smell, so no one realises what you’ve done. Additionally, the bottles tinctures comes in are relatively small. They can be stored anywhere, and look like any other medicine.
  • Accurate doses: It’s practically impossible to tell how much you’ve had with edibles. Even when smoking or vaping, it’s easy to take it too far. Tinctures on the other hand, particularly when using the sublingual method, are felt very quickly. When taken this way, the effects of tinctures typically last longer, too.
  • Easier than smoking: Those with asthma or other lung conditions for example, may be unable to smoke or vape dried flower. Tinctures allow people to get the same effects even easier.

How to Make Cannabis Tincture

Making a cannabis tincture sounds very complex. However, it’s not at all. Simply make sure you have some high-quality flower, and a few other pieces of basic equipment. You’ll need:

  • At least half an ounce of dried marijuana flower
  • Alcohol, the highest percentage possible
  • A marijuana grinder
  • Cheesecloth
  • Mason jar
  • Glass drops bottles
  • Baking sheet
  • Aluminium foil
  • Glass measuring cup
  • Gloves

Another benefit of tinctures is that they are very easy to make at home. This is particularly true if you don’t have equipment or tools to make things such as other concentrates at home.

The method:

1.) Cover the baking sheet with aluminium foil. Preheat the oven to 230 degrees Fahrenheit.

2.) Break up your cannabis into small pieces. Do not grind them at this point. Just break off small nuggets and place them onto the aluminium foil.

3.) Place the baking sheet into the oven for 110 minutes.

4.) After removing the cannabis from the oven, allow it to cool until you can handle it easily.

5.) Grind up the cannabis. As you do, empty it into the mason jars.

6.) Fill the mason jar with the alcohol until it is fully submerged.

Fill the mason jar with the alcohol7.) Place the lid on the mason jar and secure tightly. Place the entire jar into the freezer anywhere from four days to two weeks. Remove the jar every day and shake it before returning to the freezer. This will remove components from the tincture you don’t want, such as chlorophyll.

8.) When you’re ready to remove your tincture from the freezer, strain it through cheesecloth into a glass measuring cup. There will come a point that the liquid will no longer easily pass through the cheesecloth. Wearing the gloves, squeeze any remaining liquid from the cheesecloth into the measuring cup.

9.) Carefully pour your tincture into a glass dropper bottle. You can also leave the tincture in the mason jar, as long as it’s kept in a cool and dark place. If the tincture is exposed to air, light, or heat, its potency will decrease.

The recipe above is a simple one, and certainly great for beginners to use. However, it is not the only recipe out there. Master Wu’s Green Dragon tincture recipe for example, simmer the jar in a steam bath for 20 minutes. This is a great alternative for those that don’t want to wait days or weeks to use their tincture. On the other hand, the Modern Green Dragon tincture recipe only requires you to shake the mason jar before straining and storing.

The recipe you ultimately settle on will depend on your own personal preference. However, the above recipe is a good one to start with until you feel comfortable with tinctures.


Those who haven’t ventured into the world of tinctures may think they’re too overwhelming. However, cannabis tinctures are actually one of the least intimidating ways to use marijuana. They are much easier to make at home than products such as wax or shatter. With so many benefits, it’s a wonder not more people are using and making their own tinctures.