Anyone that consumes cannabis knows that there’s more than one way to do it. Consumers have their choice these days between smoking it, vaping it, using a concentrate, or even eating it. Of course, the concept of weed edibles is not new. People in the 60s and beforehand were experimenting with things like pot brownies and pot butter.

Today though, the weed edibles scene has exploded. Gone are the days of only being offered baked goods. Now you can find edibles in lollipop form, gummy bears, salad dressings, and more. If you’re one that’s interested in eating your weed rather than smoking it, there is an endless amount of cannabis edibles on the market. And you can make them in your own home, too!

Originally posted on 5th April 2019, Updated on 24th January 2022

There’s a reason edibles are so popular today. In fact, there are many.

The first and foremost for many consumers is the fact that they are so much more potent than vaping or smoking a joint. The composition of cannabis actually changes when it has to pass through the digestive system. This provides a much stronger, more potent high.

weed jellies

Another reason why eating marijuana is so attractive to some is because it’s healthier. When eating weed, there are none of the toxic chemicals that are present when pot is combusted. These chemicals, many of them carcinogens, are produced when marijuana is ignited. Without that ignition, there are no carcinogens that contribute to diseases such as cancer.

Edibles are also sometimes less aromatic than smoking weed, but it depends on how they are obtained. Those purchased from a dispensary certainly will not carry the same odor. Those made at home though, are often enough to drive others out of the house.

How cannabis makes you stoned 

So, it’s clear that eating marijuana makes it much more potent than smoking it. But with either method, how does cannabis actually make you stoned? To understand why edibles are so potent, you must first understand these mechanics.

While smoking a joint, you’ll inhale THC deep into your lungs. This cannabinoid will then travel to the heart, which will pump it into your bloodstream, which takes it to the brain. This happens within just a few minutes of taking a puff. You then start to feel stoned and soon experience many side effects. These can include getting the munchies, wanting to stay on the couch, or having red eyes.

This process only occurs when you smoke a joint though, or rip from a bong. When you eat marijuana, a much different process takes place. This is what makes edibles so potent.

What makes weed edibles so potent? 

When eating cannabis, you’ll still consume THC. However, it’s the path that THC takes that makes the high so much more potent. When edibles are consumed, THC must first go through the digestive tract. Here, the THC is absorbed and eventually transferred to the liver.

In the liver, that THC is converted into 11-hydroxy-THC. This cannabinoid may be lesser-known, but it is a powerhouse. 11-hydroxy-THC is the sole reason edibles are so much stronger than other consumption methods. Once the liver metabolizes all of the 11-hydroxy-THC, it then travels to the brain where it breaks the blood-brain barrier and produces the psychoactive effect.

Not only is the high that comes with edibles more intense, it also lasts longer than it would if you smoked or vaped your weed. Edibles are known to have lasting effects for six to eight hours.

Sative VS Indica Edibles: What's the difference?

sativa vs indica

Just like flowers, vapes, or concentrates, edibles can be specially formulated to be either sativa or indica dominant. To do so, home edible makers or manufacturers just need a strain-specific base, to begin with.  Whether an edible is made with raw flower infused into oil or butter, or with an extraction like distillate, strain-specific and characteristic-specific effects are achievable. 

The difference in effects is the same as it would be with any other cannabis product. With a sativa edible, you’ll experience a more potent energetic, and focused buzz. Consequently, with an indica edible, you’ll experience a more potent relaxation and sedative buzz. 

This distinction allows consumers to better tailor their edible routines to the time of day. In general, sativa edibles are preferred for daytime use while indica edibles are preferred for the night. Regardless, knowing edibles’ dominant characteristics and traits can help enhance the experience overall by knowing what to expect in effects. 

Best Sativa and and Sativa dominant strains for cannabis edibles

So, as for sativa and sativa dominant strains - which are the best to make cannabis edibles with? Here are our top choices for sativa edibles based on flavor, effects, and potency. 

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is by far one of the best sativa strains for cannabis edibles for its taste alone. The variety is rich in sugary sweet flavors and has spicy pepper and herbal notes for a complex flavor profile. Plus, with undertones of blueberry, and citrus it’s a strain that’s the perfect compliment for candy or baked goods. Because Blue Dream has moderate levels of THC, and energizing effects it’s also considered a go-to cannabis edible for daytime use. 

White Widow 

White Widow is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid that delivers consumers well-balanced cannabis edible effects ideal for uplifting the mood with elevated potency. The strain is notably covered in a heavy coating of crystal trichomes that produce its high levels of THC averaging from 20-25%. Meaning, cannabis edible newbies should proceed with some caution. The variety has a faint earthy taste, with hints of skunk and citrus, which pairs well with rich flavors like chocolate for sativa cannabis edibles. 

Nitro Lemon Haze

If you’re seeking the most invigorating, and refreshing cannabis edible flavors look no further than, Nitro Lemon Haze. The sativa dominant hybrid has a strong citrus taste that ignites the senses, and effects that equally stimulate the mind and body. Including, the power to boost creativity and produce high levels of energy and motivation for daytime tasks. With potent levels of THC, Nitro Lemon Haze is perfect for small bite cannabis edibles like gummies to avoid overdoing your dose. 

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Best Indica and and Indica dominant strains for cannabis edibles

Of course, there are specific indica and indica dominant strains that are ideal for making cannabis edibles too. Below, are the best go-to varieties for cannabis edibles’ when it comes to flavor, effects, and potency. 

Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG cannabis edibles will send your mind off into space with indica dominant effects. The classic kush strain is notorious for its comforting, euphoric, and dreamy-like high. Even better? The variety’s heavy coating of trichomes makes the cannabis edible that much more powerful and potent, with a unique flavor that’ll be on your mind for days. As Skywalker OG boasts a one-of-a-kind flavor profile of earthiness, diesel, and hints of lemon. 

Purple Punch

When you need an extra punch of potency, Purple Punch is the perfect indica strain for cannabis edibles. The indica dominant hybrid relaxes everyday stresses, with a mellow calmness, while uplifting the mood with euphoric glee. Plus, it boasts a flavor that’s just as desirable. The strain produces tastes reminiscent of a fruity drink or dessert, chock-full of berry sweet flavors and hints of nutty vanilla. A flavor combination that makes Purple Punch perfect for baked goods cannabis edibles like cookies, rice krispies, and beyond. 

Sunset Sherbet

It’s no surprise a tasty variety like Sunset Sherbet makes our list of best indica dominant strains for cannabis edibles. The strain has an unbelievably strong flavor of sherbet, with hints of lemon, orange, and wild berries. A perfect complement for summer cannabis edibles, like lemon bars, hard candies, or gummies, too. On the potency side, Sunset Sherbet is just as strong reaching 20-25% in its flower alone. Upon consuming, you’ll enjoy the strain’s euphoric, relaxing and uplifting effects that’ll help you unwind at night. 


There are so many reasons edibles are becoming increasingly popular today. They’re more discreet, more potent, and more convenient. Once you try your hand at making your own right from the comfort of your own home, you’ll soon find this is your preferred method of consumption, too!