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Feminized High CBD Marijuana Seeds

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Feminized High CBD Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana is well-known not only for its relaxation purposes, but for its medicinal qualities too. The medical strains of marijuana you'll find on this page provide cerebral highs without any paranoia or other psychoactive effects. Whether you’re looking for something to sooth your body or stimulate your mind, the high levels of THC or CBD in these strains will help satisfy your medicinal needs.

They are also all feminized – in other words, bred to almost certainly ensure the growth of female plants. Feminized marijuana seeds produce female cannabis plants which, in turn, produce buds. This means that growers can cultivate as many strains as they need, often within a short timeframe or with limited space.

Look out for some fantastic deals on feminized medical marijuana seeds, where you can get as much as 50% off some incredible strains of weed, and take advantage of 'Buy 1 get 1 free' offers. Our range of feminized medical seeds will continue to be updated as new and exciting strains catch our attention, so make sure you keep checking back.

Here are some of our most popular outdoor feminized strain seeds:

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized - A particular favourite of west coast rappers and medical patients alike, Girl Scout Cookies has rapidly risen to become one of the most popular strains of the past few years. She is an absolute must for any cannabis connoisseur.

Cannatonic Feminized - The low levels of THC and very high levels of CBD mean that this strain will not get you ‘high’ in the traditional sense. This means it’s excellent for use as medication without having to combat the more psychoactive effects that most marijuana has.

THC Bomb Feminized – This female plant produces massive buds with an insanely high THC level – so it’s not just a clever name. THC Bomb Feminized is ideal for commercial growers, and is also good for medical use. A real award-winning gem.

Grandaddy Purps Feminized - The latest purple strain to add to our collection, the legendary Grandaddy Purp is an indica dominant variety producing an awe-inspiring aroma and taste. It stays true to its lineage, remaining short and bushy, and producing multiple bud sites glistening in THC.

Caramelicious Feminized - A sweet and tasty indica dominant strain renowned for its medical use. A three-way cross of Maple Leaf indica, Blue Black and Afghan Kush, Caramelicious Feminized produces fat, sticky, resinous buds.

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