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Regular High CBD Marijuana Seeds

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11 Strains

Regular High CBD Marijuana Seeds

The cannabis seeds most people are familiar with are regular seeds. These seeds are created from a natural cannabis breeding process. When regular seeds are planted, there is a 50 percent chance that it will turn male. Likewise, there’s also a 50 percent chance that it will turn female.

High CBD strains have a long history around the globe. It was around 2900 B.C. that Chinese Emperor Fu Hsi referred to marijuana as having medicinal benefits. At the turn of the era, in 1 A.D., Ancient China text also referred to cannabis as being beneficial for over 100 ailments.

It wasn’t until the year 1611 that Jamestown settlers brought cannabis, including high CBD strains, to North America. Once brought overseas, it became widely available. Between the years of 1745 and 1775, it’s also believed that George Washington grew hemp.

By the 1840s, marijuana was widely accepted as mainstream medicine. Unfortunately, in 1911, Massachusetts became the first state to outlaw cannabis. Many states joined in, and the prohibition on cannabis was fully in effect.

Today, legalization is spreading throughout North America, and around the globe. As it does, more people are beginning to search out cannabis products, including high CBD strains, to help them with many ailments. Still, it’s important anyone that wishes to use marijuana speak to their doctor first.

Here are some of our most popular regular high CBD marijuana strains:

White Widow - Probably the world's favourite weed. Winner of the 1995 Cannabis Cup, it is among the most popular varieties on coffee shop menus in Holland.

Ice - A special cross of Afghan, Northern Lights, Skunk and Shiva, Ice is an excellent commercial strain due to the fact it remains short, harvests big and is very strong. Its flowers are intensely covered with white crystals.

Crystal – A cross between White Widow and Northern Lights, two of the best strains in the world. Very strong and glittering with THC, this is an excellent medical strain that is popular as a sedative and painkiller.

Strawberry Cough - A very productive plant of high value as a medicinal herb. Bred for its euphoric, anti-anxiety high, this mostly Sativa (approx. 75% Sativa, 25% Indica) produces a comfortable and enjoyable, yet powerful, experience.

Amnesia Haze - An amazingly long-lasting and powerful psychedelic smoke with a sweet and fruity taste. For its potency, you won't find many better strains.

Buddha – An uplifting and energetic but clear high due its tremendous levels of THC and low CBN levels. While the taste is sweet and exotic, Buddha is not a strain for beginners.

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