Marijuana Seeds For Beginners

Our range of marijuana seeds for beginners have been handpicked because they are the easiest strains to grow. They are robust, versatile and forgiving cannabis plants that are ideal for growers of all experience levels.

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What makes good cannabis seeds for beginners?

Easy to grow: Beginner strains should make growing marijuana easy. This typically means a strain that is forgiving, easy to maintain without complicated training techniques and one that can be grown indoors.

Size: Some cannabis strains particularly sativa dominant strains can grow incredibly tall. This makes them difficult to maintain when you are growing them indoors with limited space. The easiest cannabis strains to grow are typically autoflower or indica varieties, these are normally shorter and better suited to indoor grow spaces.

Location: Cannabis seeds are not a one size fits all plant, the best beginner marijuana seeds for your grow also depend on location. If you are growing outdoors and live in a hot, humid climate then sativa dominant strains may be the more suitable option. However, for those of you growing in cooler climates, then indica or autoflowers might perform best.

What are the best easy to grow seeds?

Regular, feminized, autoflower, sativa or indica; What are the best weed seeds for beginners to grow?

Regular seeds can grow into either male or female cannabis plants often causing issues for beginners. Sativa strains can grow incredibly tall and often need lots of maintenance, although for those of you growing in hot, humid climates sativa strains may be the preferred choice. Generally feminized, autoflowering and indica seeds are considered the best strains to grow for beginners. Lets take a look at why....

Why are autoflowers beginner friendly cannabis seeds?

As a beginner its important to choose a strain that is easy to cultivate at home. But you also want to choose a strain that fits the bill and produces the kind of weed that you want. That's where autoflowering seeds come in, while ordinary sativa strains can grow tall making them difficult to grow for newbies, autoflowering sativas give you the option of growing a sativa indoors which is what makes them an ideal marijuana seeds for beginners.

  1. Fast Growth Cycle: Unlike feminized and regular cannabis strains that take longer to mature, autoflowers are specifically bred with ruderalis genetics to speed up their growth cycle. This means that from seed to harvest, beginners can expect a turnaround in roughly 8-10 weeks.
  1. No Light Cycle Management: Traditional cannabis plants transition from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase based on changes in their light cycle. Autoflowers, however, flower based on age, not light exposure. This eliminates the stress and complexity of managing and adjusting light schedules, making the process simpler for beginner growers.
  1. Compact Size: Because of their genetics, most autoflowers grow to a compact size. This is particularly beneficial for growers with limited space, such as those using small indoor grow tents, balconies or closets. Their discreet size also makes them less conspicuous for outdoor growers concerned about privacy.
  1. Less Maintenance: Autoflowers are generally less finicky than their photoperiod counterparts. Their hardy nature means they can thrive even if not given constant attention, reducing the margin of error for beginners who are still learning how to grow weed.
  1. Year-Round Cultivation: Because autoflowering plants don't rely on specific light cycles to flower, they can be cultivated at almost any time of the year. This gives you more flexibility and is especially useful if you are in a region with unpredictable weather patterns.
  1. Resilient to Pests and Diseases: Through selective breeding, our autoflowering strains have been developed to be robust and resistant to common cannabis pests and diseases. This resilience further reduces the challenges a beginner might face during the cultivation process.
  1. Less Nutrient Demands: Autoflowers are smaller and therefore need a lot less nutrients. You can even grow in autoflower using just organic soil and still yield a decent amount of bud per plant.
  1. Versatility: The adaptability of autoflowers means they can thrive in various environments. Whether grown indoors under LED lights or outdoors in natural sunlight, autoflowers offer a level of versatility that makes them the ideal choice for a first time marijuana grower.

What makes feminized seeds easy to grow?

  1. Guaranteed Female Plants: Feminized seeds are specifically bred to ensure they produce female plants. Since only female cannabis plants produce the sought-after buds rich in cannabinoids, growing with feminized seeds ensures a fruitful harvest without the risk of male plants interfering.
  2. Elimination of Male Plant Hassles: With feminized seeds, growers don't need to constantly monitor their plants for male traits or worry about accidental pollination. This reduces the risk of a crop producing seeds instead of buds, which is particularly crucial for beginners unaware of the subtle differences between male and female plants.
  3. Space Efficiency: Every plant in the grow space will be a bud-producing female when using feminized seeds. This ensures that every square inch of the cultivation area, especially in limited spaces, is utilized efficiently without wasting resources on unwanted male plants.
  4. Simplified Cultivation Process: By eliminating the need to identify and remove male plants, beginners can focus on honing their basic cultivation skills, such as feeding, watering, and lighting, without the added layer of gender identification.
  5. Consistent Crop Quality: Feminized seeds often result from careful breeding processes. As a result, they tend to produce plants with consistent traits, ensuring that beginners get a reliable quality and potency from their harvest.
  6. Cost Efficiency: For beginners operating on a budget, every seed counts. Feminized seeds ensure that money isn't spent on male plants that will eventually need to be discarded.
  7. Flexibility in Training Techniques: With the assurance that each plant will flower, growers can confidently apply training techniques to maximize yield. Even if beginners stick to low-stress training (LST), knowing each plant will produce buds can be motivating.

Which is easier to grow indica or sativa?

When comparing the ease of cultivation between indica and sativa cannabis strains, indicas are often chosen as the best pot seeds for beginners. They grow shorter and bushier which makes them better suited for indoor grow setups where there is limited space. Their compact size not only ensures that they fit comfortably beneath your grow lights but also offers discretion for outdoor growers keen on maintaining a low profile. Indicas are also more forgiving in nature, have shorter flowering times whilst still being able to compete with sativas on yield. This makes them ideal for those in regions with limited growing seasons or for growers that want a fast turnaround. On the other hand, sativas, do have some characteristics that may appeal to certain growers. They are native to tropical regions, which means they can handle, humid conditions and naturally have a better mold resistance. However, their tall growth and longer flowering periods can also make them more challenging to manage.

What makes indica seeds easier to grow

  1. Tolerant and Robust: Indicas are heartier than sativas, capable of withstanding harsher climates and conditions. This forgiving nature makes them more resilient to potential mistakes that beginners might make in the cultivation process.
  2. Shorter Flowering Period: With an average flowering time of just 8 weeks, indicas mature faster than sativas, which can take up to 14 weeks. This quicker turnaround means a faster harvest and reduced chances of encountering issues during the longer growth cycle.
  3. Compact Growth: Indicas are typically smaller and more compact than sativas, making them ideal for limited spaces, especially indoor growing. Their dense bud production in a smaller plant structure simplifies maintenance and monitoring.
  4. Unique Therapeutic Traits: Strains like Alien Technology, while having a moderate THC content, deliver unique effects cherished by both beginners and seasoned consumers. Their potential wellness benefits and distinct fragrance enhance the overall growing experience.
  5. Ideal for Quick Harvests: Not only do indica plants grow faster than sativa dominants, but their shorter growth cycle means growers can reap their rewards sooner, making them perfect for those eager to enjoy their produce quickly.

How does climate affect your strain of choice?

When you are choosing a strain for your first grow, particularly if you are growing outdoors, you should also take into consideration the climate and geographical location. Sativa strains, which trace their origins to tropical regions, are better suited to growing in hot, humid climates, thriving under prolonged sunlight and high humidity. On the other hand, indica strains are native to cooler, mountainous regions, and grow bushier and more compact, making them ideal for areas with shorter summers and colder temperatures. Autoflowering strains, with their short growth cycles, are particularly well-suited for cooler climates where the growing seasons are short, but still allowing enough time to harvest before winter. Therefore, understanding the local climate also plays an important factor when you are choosing the right cannabis strain.

What is a good strain for a beginner to smoke?

For beginners venturing into the world of cannabis, choosing a strain hinges on desired effects and individual tolerance. It's advisable to opt for strains with lower THC content (typically under 15%) to sidestep potent psychoactive effects which can sometimes cause unease in novices. High CBD strains, like Harlequin and ACDC, or balanced hybrids like Blue Dream, provide a more even-tempered experience, offsetting THC's intensity. Whether seeking relaxation often found in indica strains, the energetic vibes of sativas, or a balanced feel from hybrids, it's essential to select based on personal preferences and always start with moderation.

Mold resistant strains can make growing weed easier

For novice cannabis cultivators, contending with mold can be a daunting challenge. Yet, the choice of strain can make a significant difference. Some cannabis varieties have naturally developed a higher resistance to mold, making them a more forgiving choice for those still fine-tuning their growing conditions. Mold often thrives in environments with high humidity and minimal warmth, and can particularly target densely budded plants where airflow is limited. Beginners, who might not yet have perfected their cultivation environment, can inadvertently create a haven for mold. Choosing mold-resistant strains offers a safety net, reducing the risk of losing a crop to this common issue. Whether you're cultivating indoors or out, opting for mold-resistant seeds is a proactive step to ensure a healthier and more successful harvest.

Indoor or outdoor growing for beginners

For novice cannabis growers, outdoor cultivation offers a simpler, cost-effective introduction to the plant's natural growth patterns, relying on natural resources like sunlight and rain. Indoor growing, while providing more control over environmental factors, requires a higher initial investment and a steeper learning curve due to the need for equipment and understanding of light cycles and ventilation. Thus, while indoor growing offers year-round cultivation and potentially higher yields, outdoor growing might be a more straightforward and budget-friendly choice for those just starting out.

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