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Monthly Archives: February 2017

  • Maximising Light Efficiency Indoors

    Lighting is one of the biggest issues for indoor growers. Not only are there certain light cycles that must be strictly adhered to, but when the lights are on, the plants need as much light as possible – and that’s where reflectivity comes in. Continue reading

  • Collecting and Storing Pollen for Breeding Marijuana Plants

    When it comes to growing marijuana, it’s typically the female plants that get all the glory. Females produce buds for consuming and seeds for growing, but male plants have their role in the process, too. Continue reading

  • Flavouring Your Weed

    Ask any smoker and they’ll tell you that they love the taste of weed. There’s something about it that’s just not like anything else, and it’s so satisfying. But lots of smokers and growers also like to play around with their pot and sometimes, that includes trying to flavour it. Continue reading

  • F1, F2, S1 – What do They Mean for Your Weed?

    Once someone has become a master grower, they can then work towards being a master breeder. While growers are simply taking seeds and growing them into beautiful plants, they are growing something that nature, or someone else, has actually created. Continue reading

  • A Guide to Low Stress Training Cannabis (LST)

    Low stress training (LST) is a plant training method used by cannabis growers which can gently manipulate a cannabis plants shape and height. The main benefits of low stress training (LST) are control over shape, including colas and growth sites and larger yields.

    Continue reading

  • How to Super Crop Your Cannabis Plant

    Super cropping is a plant training technique commonly used on cannabis plants. The purpose of super cropping a cannabis plant is to increase it's yield significantly. The plant is deliberately stressed or 'hurt' by removing upper growth. This allows lower leaves to get the same amount of light as higher leaves, which then produces more growth sites and better bud yields. These are the biggest benefits of super cropping. Continue reading

  • Bob Marley - Unravelling the Mystery of the Reggae Legend

    With songs like No Woman, No Cry, Jammin’, and Buffalo Soldier, the word ‘musician’ might be the first one to cross your mind when you hear the name Bob Marley. But Bob Marley was so much more, including a philanthropist, known Rastafarian, and political activist. And some say it’s those activities that may have been ultimately responsible for his death. Continue reading

  • 5 Tips on How to Sex Marijuana Plants

    Sexing a marijuana plant is really just finding out whether they are male or female. This is very important information for two reasons. The first is that female plants are the only marijuana plants that will produce the buds growers are looking for; males are reserved solely for fertilization and creating seeds. Continue reading

  • All You Need to Know About the Northern Lights Strain

    Northern Lights, known as Nl on the strains periodic table, is one of the most famous marijuana strains of all time. Even those that haven’t consumed it have at least heard about it, and are waiting for the day they’ll be able to try it for themselves. Nearly a pure indica, Northern Lights buds are packed tightly, but not so tight they’re susceptible to mold and rot; and they’re covered in resin and golden hairs. Being a heavily indica-dominant strain, Northern Lights brings a very sedative high, making it perfect for those suffering from insomnia or anxiety. Continue reading

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